military man - gary moore

They have trained your boy to kill
And kill someday he will
They have trained your boy to die
And ask no questions why

This morning, around 04:00 GMT+1, Saddam Hussein was executed. One of the goals that the United States of America had when entering the war is now dealt with. They entered the war on false arguments, that from the beginning to the end were denied by Hans Blix, the Weapons Inspector of the United Nations, and caught Saddam after a while, in a hole somewhere out in the desert. They imprisoned him and held a trial that sometimes felt like a parody, it was like something directed by Al Yankovich from beginning to end. End in this, Saddam was sentenced to death, for one of his many crimes. As earlier mentioned they executed him this morning, the New Iraq started with an execution of a man that didn't have to face all the things he was accused of, and major parts of the world are cheering.

In between of the start of the war and the ending of Saddam's life, many people have died. Iraqi civilians, UN-personnel, American and coalition soldiers. By now, the death toll of American soldiers in Iraq has passed the number of dead people in the attack against World Trade Center at the 11 of September 2001, thereby starting the crusade against terrorism. Iraq is at the brink of war, a civil war devastating for the Iraqi people, the state of Iraq and the whole situation in the Middle East and that might start anytime. Major parts of the Western World have now changed their opinions against the United States, to the negative. It ain't no good PR for a country to invade far-away countries on false basis and with severe casualties.

Papa take a look at your boy
He's a military man
Mama take a look at your boy
He's dying
Mama take a look at your boy
He's fighting
Mama take a look at your boy
He's frightened

I can allow the world to celebrate. That's their choice. But I myself light a candle, look upon a star and wonders what's becoming of this beautiful world of ours.


down in the river to pray - alison krauss

O brothers let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
Come on brothers let's go down,
Down in the river to pray

Yes, I've returned from the woods. But that's not all! Behold,'cause I'm writing from me own computer again! Yes, it's finally working, after executing the old hard drive out in the woods with a very fin gun, a .308 with a Swarovski scope. It felt goood bringing me old nemesis down. If only old Odysseus had that weapon when fighting his Trojans!

Well, I'm home anyhow, and the Christian world is now in the state between the two big finishing events of the year, Christmas and New Years Eve. A nice state of mind, I have to say. Although I'll get so depressed in January... what is the matter with that month and being pointless? Not close to any nice event, and the weather does everything to smight down every least tendency of good mood. Gosh, I should move to the Caribbean...

I feel for writing something long ang deep here, but I'm tired as hell and only have one thing left to do before I get meself some well-earned sleep. And that ain't blogging, but finding a nice girl for a wallpaper on my newly restored computer.


fairytale of new york - the pogues

It was Christmas Eve babe
In the drunk tank
An old man said to me, won't see another one
And then he sang a song
The Rare Old Mountain Dew
I turned my face away
And dreamed about you

Got on a lucky one
Came in eighteen to one
I've got a feeling
This year's for me and you
So happy Christmas
I love you baby
I can see a better time
When all our dreams come true

They've got cars big as bars
They've got rivers of gold
But the wind goes right through you
It's no place for the old
When you first took my hand
On a cold Christmas Eve
You promised me
Broadway was waiting for me

You were handsome
You were pretty
Queen of New York City
When the band finished playing
They howled out for more
Sinatra was swinging,
All the drunks they were singing
We kissed on a corner
Then danced through the night

The boys of the NYPD choir
Were singing "Galway Bay"
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas day

You're a bum
You're a punk
You're an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
You scumbag, you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God it's our last!

The boys of the NYPD choir
Were singing "Galway Bay"
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas day

I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can't make it all alone
I've built my dreams around you

The boys of the NYPD choir
Were singing "Galway Bay"
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas day

On this day of honour, the finest time of the year and the day of happiness and generousity, I give you my favourite Christmas carol. If you don't have it already, download it or have someone download it for you. If you're one rich bastard, buy it!

I've had a truly nice day and I hope that you all, readers and non-readers, have had the same. Tomorrow I'll travel for Markaryd to meet the relatives, and then I'll stay in the woods for a few days. I'll be home by the 29th, and then probably by a working computer!

So, for now:
Merry Christmas!

Snugglie would also once more like to add that he miss his friends. Deeply.


moondance - van morrison

Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'Neath the cover of October skies

New favourite song on the way? Might be, might be, very likely yes, indeed. Good song, I heard it Thursday on the little ceremony in the assembly hall, where there were a number of musical performances. One of Koc' friends sang that song, and he did it really good too.

Well, we got out of school Thursday, as the smarter of you might've figured out. We only had one lesson, History, and Stefan let us cancel it to go shopping or something instead. Thereby I, Arthur, Koc, Alex, David, Ems, Emma, Mengxian and Vix walked in a few shops and also spent a whole lot of time at Café Lundagård. I love that place.

Well, we had a nice time anyhow. And 13:15 we went to the assembly hall for this nice little showing of some musical talent. The principal (or whoatevarr ((I'm not allowed to say "whatever in usual accent for Ems, so I say it in Scottish instead)) his title is) also handed out prices to the winners in Lund Word Championship. The winners were two guys at NV, and not less than three persons from PDP! David, Alex and Dardan in top 3, in that order. Impressive, indeed.

The prices were books.
Alex: David got a book about a drunk and mine is about a girl that doesn't fit in anywhere. We're thinking about taking it personally.
PDP power!

Well, after then going to a classroom where our mentors Stefan and Katarina wished us merry Christmas, and after that a goodbye session down in the basement by the lockers, me and the other Tentacles (Ems, Emma, Alex, David, Vix, Mengxian) went t'wards the station to get transport to glorious Södra Sandby, and Ems' place to celebrate an early Christmas. So we were in Sandby quite early, and spent the time with playing some weird game, looking at pictures, talking the usual sort of nonsense and also some eating.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? Well, if it doesn't, I might clarify that it is.

Food was, pretty much as usual, pizza. The pizzas in Södra Sandby are quite good I've noticed. at least 7.5/10 in grade, Capri here in Ystad still holds the high-score.

After eating, it was Christmas gift-time. We had a thing called Secret Santa this year, it works as following: everyone wrote their names on a note each a few weeks ago, and then it was like, lottery. Everyone got a person that they were going to buy a present for, and that person of course wasn't supposed to know.
So, as following:
I bought for David
David bought for Mengxian
Mengxian bought for Ems
Ems bought for Vix
Vix bought for Emma
Emma bought for Alex
Alex bought for me

Among the present were two squids, half a kilo of truffels and a flying cucumber. Pics can as usually be seen for the evening at, Alex' picture journal. Thw whole thing was very funny, with a whole lot of laughter all the time. I.e. as usual!

No meeting with friends is complete without a film though, so we watched one, this time Starsky & Hutch with Owen WIlson and Ben Stiller. Well, I liked it because of the environment... and the reference to Easy Rider. Thank you, whoever directed it and chose to have that!

When the movie was finished we returned to Ems'r oom and had the usual "Truth/dare". That ain't tradition, it's just an eternal factor when we meet. And ultimately it was time for good-bye, sadly.

Vix and Emma left first with a taxi, and then me, David and Mengxian went to Lund by getting a ride with Alex and her dad. The goodbye was quite sad in one way, I mean now we won't meet until New Years Eve, and that feels awfully far away for the moment. And I won't meet Vix until January.

So guess what?

I miss you guys, a whole friggin' lot! So let's take a chat on the phone tomorrow, ey? Always nice to talk to one another on Christmas Eve!

Well, the past two days have been quite empty. I was to the theatre yesterday for the Christmas show of Sommarteatern (Ha-ha, paradoxal...) and have done Christmas candy and stuff today, but apart from that? Cleaning, reading Michael Moore and watching the Da Vinci-Code with horribly translated subtitles (even though they were in English). Example:
The Holy Grail = the holy grill
Leigh Teabing= Li Tea Bing
Mary Magdalene=Marie Manode

HORRIBLE! But well, 8:- in Shanghai, what can you expect?

Tomorrow it's Christmas Eve. It doesn't look like Christmas outside, but well, no snow south of Luleå from what I've heard. Huzzah. Bing Crosby is probably rotating in his grave.

Cheers, and until next time,
Merry Christmas! And I still miss you guys.

hound dog - elvis presley

Nothin' but a hound dog,
crying all the time

I know I updated it minutes ago, I just had a thing that I so much need to publish...

Alex säger:
what are you doing?
Snuggles. Ska du schemalägga hela livet eller ha din rastlösa frihet kvar? säger:
Looking at photos of pretty girls ^^ In lack of better doings.
Snuggles. Ska du schemalägga hela livet eller ha din rastlösa frihet kvar? säger:
And you?
Alex säger:
hahaha, "photos of pretty girls", hmm, WHAT pretty girls Snugglie?
Snuggles. Ska du schemalägga hela livet eller ha din rastlösa frihet kvar? säger:
Haha, you want names or what?
Alex säger:
hahahahaha, no, it just sounded wrong
Snuggles. Ska du schemalägga hela livet eller ha din rastlösa frihet kvar? säger:
It always does when mentioning internet-[insert adjective] girls-pics in the same context ^^
Alex säger:
Alex säger:
Alex säger:
Snuggles. Ska du schemalägga hela livet eller ha din rastlösa frihet kvar? säger:
Using internet-[insert adjective] girls-pics in the same context and add cucumber sounds indeed wrong.
Alex säger:

I'm tired, and I guess she's also that.


nemo - nightwish

This is me for forever
One of the lost ones
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass

We ended early today. Quite damned early, around 12. As most of you probably figure, that ain't too bad.

So today I've thereby had English, Maths and Spanish. Two of these lessons contained Christmas carols in foreign language, two of them had cookies in some form, and one involved a longer internal discussion within the Drama group.

And since we ended this damned early (equalling damned good!) we had a whole lot of empty time. Thereby, me, David, Ems, Emma, Arthur and Alex went to Espresso House for fika. Well there we met Alex' sister, since she and Alex were going Christmas shopping later. So she joined us, and we sat down in the corner of the basement. We usually end up in the corners.

What followed was two hours of loads of talking. The subjects counted, among other things, togas, Ystad, England, the issue if it's called football or soccer, football teams, text messages on the mobile phone, sexual associations, Arthur's plans to host an orgy in the City Hall...

Yes, a whole lot as you can see.

Tomorrow we end school for this semester. Can't believe I've been here for two months already... It feels like such a long time. Anyhow, tomorrow we, the tentacles, will celebrate an early Christmas at Ems' place. THAT'll be totally awesome.

After that I won't see'em until New Years Eve though. That blows.

The stars were on the sky when I went to my bus today. That is beautiful as always.


i don't like mondays - bob geldof

Tell me why
I don't like Mondays
I want to shoot
The whole day down

Quite bad day, nearly lousy all through. Blesch.

The reason that I haven't blogged lately is that my computer has gotten invaded by the trojans and their damned horses. It only starts a neat blue screen saying "Windows har stängts ner för att skydda din dator" - which translates into "fuck off". After many tries to get it back to life, and also slight necromancy, me and me dad gave up and left it to push up the daisies under me desk.

Since last blog entry, I have among other things done the following:
  • Been to Alex' place for the first time
  • Gone ice-skating two times
  • Frozen averagely seven limbs off in the "winter" cold
  • Celebrated the start of Chanukkah
  • Played Kenickie
  • Played Elwood Blues
  • Played John Cleese in Monthy Python's "The dead parrot"
  • Consumed an unknown amount of julmust
  • Failed to do a graph on a calculator
  • Stated that a frozen mamooth is a better teacher than our Physics teacher
  • Used a whole day with writing a lab report in biology
  • Uncountable fikas
  • Watched 1 hour and 4 minutes of Notting Hill
  • A bunch of other stuff.

Get the point? I've also been busy.

And soon it is Christmas, that is a slight sense of panic. Christmas gifts... bah, I need time.

On Thursdays we'll celebrate an early Christmas at Ems' place in Södra Sandby. Since me buses are fubar I will take the train. So Thursday night I'm going to Malmö! Yay! Blast...

All for today, got things to a'do now.


no surrender - bruce springsteen

'Cause we made a promise,
we swore we'd always remember
No retreat baby,
No surrender

D-day! Studying! Snuggles Café! Restoring the Byzantine Empire!

That concludes my day I guess. Not much real doings. I've got a friggin' biology test to study for, that is tomorrow, although I just... can't. There's like some barrier inside of me that says "Ssrew this, I'm going home" as soon as I open the book.

So what do you do then?

You start playing Europa Universalis and try to create an Empire, of course. Did fairly well, much better than my tries to invade France... a campaign that nearly everyone I know now has heard about quite a few times. A chaotic event that ended up with me being reduced to the English heartland, Ireland being Portuguese, and the French south coast being controlled by Denmark.

Yesterday my group didn't have any Physics, so me and Koc went out on an expedition t'wards Spyken. Hilarious, we stood there laughing at the place for a while, and then explored the neighbourhood. We first found a place called Spyken Frisör (laughter) and after that a Polish delicatess store, in which Koc stood talking to the owner in Polish while I was looking for something to drink.

After walking past a masquerade store (more laughter) we found a basement full of old records and CD:s. I've got a new favourite store in Lund now...

After school I went with Ems, Emma, David and Alex to Lundagård Café, my favourite place. Koc and Araneya walked with us for a while, but they didn't come to the café though.

No real new from the café. Same awfully nice shite, one could say. We discussed quite a few things, I stated that our Physics teacher is a bitch and that Hagar is crazy, very much laugther happened and at least two things that happened there are to be counted as "truly friggin' weird" on the classical "How weird was that?"-scale. In other words, everything was esactly as usual.

In the evening Alex' theatre group was going to have an improvisation evening, so after getting some food we went there. So with Alex on the scene and we others watching, we spent one and a half hour in the wonderful world/word of drama.

After this we went t'wards the station and I returned home to my hole on the South Coast again. When I left with the bus me friends gave me a very interesting goodbye-dance.

And the summary of this day is presented on the top. Over and out, radio silence, whatever. Now I'm going to eat, study (yeah...) and conquer Macedonia (Yeah!).


cover me - bruce springsteen

The whole world's out there
just, tryin' to score,
I, I've seen enough
I don't want to see it anymore
Cover me

This day is spent without going to neither school nor Lund. Alas, no I'm not sick and I haven't dropped out either, but today we've had a meeting with the Youth Council and me being there was quitenecessary since I am the chairman.

Well, I feel a little slow today. Very slow actually. I'll spend the afternoon with ice-cream, TV, vacuum-cleaning and having an interview over the telephone with Allehandan.

Movie night at Alex' this friday. Won-di-ful!


down under - men at work

I come from a land down under
Where beer does flow and men chunder
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover

Ever had that experience of all of a sudden finding an old favourite song of yours that you'd almost forgotten about? It happened me the other day when I all of a sudden found this old thing on my mp3. So I sat the whole morning on the bus, listening to it over and over, trying to remember a time long ago when there were no clouds to be seen.

Well, as all of you people with the capability of reading have noticed, I haven't blogged the last few days. And why? Well, because I've been dog tired almost every day after school/busride-of-Satan, and at the same time my computer's been rather rude against me. I'll hang the twat soon, no problems.

Well, school's going on the same way as before. It's quite nice that I nowadays actually enjoy going to school, I feel happy when I get there and see familiar faces. That's a feeling I can't remember that I've ever had before, so well... Nearly all problems seems to have been solved by now, and that's comforting indeed.

Anyhow, since there ain't very many news from school from the last days, I only have one thing to mention: Me, Maria, Koc and Emma J went to see the freemasoner the other day. That was... interesting.

Yesterday I had royal company here in this glorious hole, i.e. Ems, Emma, Alex, David, Mengan and Vix. The reason for this company was labeled as movie night/sleepover (for everyone except for Vix). First thing for the day was to feed my guests, they had to be satisfied with pan pizza for lunch but didn't seem to mind all too much. After that we went to ICA to get soda and crisps and stuff for the night.

When we got home we figured that it was time to watch the first movie. Now a problem appeared: We had no idea what movie we were going to watch. This led to the happening that Snugglie brought every movie in the house worth seeing, and then make eager recommendations for the best ones. It didn't really matter for me though, I'd seen all shite already. Anyhow, we chose The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher. Yes I know, Kutcher's probably one of the least serious-looking persons in Hollywood, but that doesn't matter really.

Talking about serious. That movie is quite serious and well, I guess it was quite a change from all the comedies we've watched before. It's a pretty good movie though, and after watching it we went down to get dinner: tacos!

And now it was time for me to be kitchen dictator, I tried to do as much as I could by myself. It's actually quite funny being in the kitchen, even though I'm not that good at it. But I managed to fix tacos, and command my guests to not do all too much since I after all was the host. So we had a really nice dinner, sat down eating and talking for a quite long time.

After food it was time for me, the host as you remember, to fix the dishes and stuff. And immediately after that we went up to the TV again, this time in the company of truffles and crisps. We had truffles for a whole friggin' platoon, I tell you. Anyhow, the next movie (after some truth/dare) was The Shawshank Redemption, which I can honestly say is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I believe that the others thought it was quite good too. Even though Ems and Vix got veeery hyperisch during the last 15 minutes of it... Wiie!

Soon after that movie, a time period that also involved some truth or dare, Vix went home. It really sucked that she couldn't stay over the night, but well... ain't much we could do about that. Anyhow, after playing some truth or truth (that is when most people have gone too lazy for dares) we started the third movie: Grease! Which of course meant a whole lot sing-a-long...

After watching that one, eating more truffles and getting a little tired, we moved into my room instead. Four people squished into my bed, two on a madrass on the floor, and then it changed during the night. I think the final configuration was Emma, David and Alex in my bed, Ems and Mengan on a madrass each and me in a chair. I got the worst place, I can tell you.

We spent a few hours just talking and well... tickling. And I'm not entirely sure what was going on in my bed, but I have changed the sheets just for sure. Well, we had quite some truth or truth too, but at one time you're always out of questions, and ultimately we fell asleep.

I can tell all you blog readers out there, here's a good advice: Do not try to sleep in chairs. It's not comfortable at all, I have a terrible pain in my neck and spine, and well. It wasn't good at all.

I woke up at 07:35 and went up. Combed myself, shaved, started cleaning, ate a nice peaceful breakfast... and then I had breakfast on the table for the others when they got up from bed around ten o'clock. Ems went with the 11:30 bus to Lund, so I followed here there, and the time that me and my remaining guests had was spent with billiards and fikaing on gingerbreads.

It's a little funny you know. I feel like one person when having people from Lund and stuff around. And then when I see them leave with the bus some switch's turned off inside my head and the countdown is starting 'til the time I'll see them again.

I had a really nice weekend guys, hope you enjoyed it here too.


my hometown - bruce springsteen

Last night I sat him up behind the wheel and said
"Son take a good
look around
This is your hometown"

Yesterday, monday, wasn't all too good. Why? Because it was monday. But well, it had a few nice moments, got to give it that. For example P.E. as first lesson. Where I, yes, I of all persons in this round water-dominated world played a real marathon... all together four handball games, and of those three in a row. I'm nearly a little proud of meself there, that is like nearly half an hour of constant running.

Well, it went averagely. I scored one goal at least.

Other lessons for the day was Spanish, English and Biology. I had Computer Science for last lesson, but I managed to skip that so that I could get home in a somewhat good time.

And since today was D-day (for the moment d equals "dead") I went from the bus to ÖB, imediately, to get julmust and truffels. I then spent half the night watching Pleasantville and eating/drinking unhealthy things. So when I woke up this morning I had an awful stomachache. But I guess I deserved that.

The morning was spent in total slacky-ness. Walking around without being properly dressed or combed or anything (and no, noone saw me) and well... not doing anything really. Pending from the computer to the kitchen to the bathroom mostly.

A little after lunchtime me mother got home, and by then I was dressed and showered and the whole shite, because now we were going downtown, to buy shoes.


A pair of blackish-greyish basket shoes with some fluffy thing on the inside. I like them already!

I then went to Lokalen, to speak with Richard about friday, Ungdomens Hus and stuff. I'm going to have a speech there for a few minutes, and like receive the key to the house or something... awesome. Or maybe not, but it'll be fun anyhow. And for saturday-sunday a sleepover is awaiting. Woho!

Well, most of the remainder of the day has been without any comment. I went into Ungdomens Hus on the way home to check out details about the disco on friday (no, I don't go to discos, but if they need personnel or anything, I'll be there), and happened to run into a journalist. Although I'm not sure if she was from Allehandan or Skånskan... Weird.

And then I've just been home. I've decided that I'm going to download every friggin' song ever recorded by Bruce Springsteen though.

School tomorrow again. Dying to get there.


summer of '69 - bryan adams

Ain't no use in complaining,
when you've got a job to do

A whole friggin' day of cleaning and homework is awaiting me. Bastardness? Oh yes.

At least my mp3 works again, after me and me dad sat here half the night trying to fix it.


la camisa negra - juanes

Tengo la camisa negra
porque negra tengo el alma
Yo por ti perdí la calma
y casi pierdo hasta mi cama.

So, yesterday was nice. Friday's are nice! History, P.E. and drama in one day, purely wonderful. Drama's doing really good too, but of course I won't tell you anything, then it wouldn't be as fun, would it? Muha, muha!

Well, Drama first lesson, then P.E., lunch and Spanish, and History for our last lesson. The History lesson was fun, both involvning Stefan forgeting to check if I'm there (as usual), and a few minutes later doing propaganda for invading Spyken. There were also some more or less good jokes.

*When making notes about the French Constitution of 1791, and noting that king Louis XVI was the executive*
Arthur: Yes, the king was after all executed.

*About the war against the Austrians*
Araneya: Can't you bribe a Habsburger by giving him a hamburger?

Rest of PDP: Gaaaah!
Araneya: Hihi...

You get the drill, ey?

Well, we got out of school early today, since we didn't have any biology. So me, David, Ems, Emma and Alex went to ICA, to buy food and stuff for the evening. After a short while we met up with Araneya, so we took him with us.

We bought pizza, Julmust, candy, crisps (yesyesyes, crisps, not chips) and other stuff.

Well, the evening started as usual. Home to Emma, starting to eat candy, and then starting the movie. Today's movie was Life of Brian! Although, after laughing our arses off for a while, David had to leave since he was going to Jönköping, a small suburb to a big forest up north. So we followed him to the station, waved him goodbye, and then got back to Emma's.

So we finished watching the Monty Python majestic masterpiece, and ate pizza and stuff. And all of a sudden, Emma left, and when she came back she had this strange smile. And then Alex and Ems gave each other conspirating looks, and well...

Snugglie: Dammit...

Well, the good part is that three girls jumped on to and sat on me. That ain't too bad of course. But they had make-up. Lots of makeup. Purple, blue, red. Traumatizing, I can tell you.

The following time (three minutes, thirty minutes?) was the desperate fight of a man trying to save both his face and the little dignity he has got left. I'm not sure if I succeeded in any way at all... what do you think girls?

Well, after this little wrestling we all sorta was lying in a big pile, and in a sudden urge for revenge I started tickling them. As the most part of Homo Sapiens I only have two arms though, and thereby only two hands. This lead to the strange happening of me tickling the two girls closest, but having three manically laughing girls lying on me.

This situation is so absurd that one can't do anything but love it.

A little while later, when everyone was practically lying dead and trying to catch their breath, Arthur called. So we went down to the church to get him, and then after he arrived we... well, the first thing we started to do was Twister. This game-from-hell that no male is really supposed to be good at, but it's hell of fun! Not to mention that the gals kept on ending up in very strange poses. Very strange poses. We did one guys-only round too though, with me and Arthur. It didn't go too well though.

Well, after eating a little more candy and drinking the last Julmust, we were all pretty tired. So the rest of the evening circulated around Truth/Truth and weird photos, some of them involving massage tools. (Yes, you are meant to misinterprete that).

And no, I won't mention anything what was said. That is for VIP only, y'know. If you've got the luck to get invited to some of our highly original multi convos sometime, you might hear something though.

And as always, the photos for the friday is up on

So for now,

att fånga en fjäril - lars winnerbäck

Så kan vi sjunga tillsammans om
en längtan som aldrig blir still
för alla oss som aldrig vet vad vi vill
Det finns en sång och en dröm
om en lycka så öm för oss som alltid ska till
Att fånga en fjäril

Good day today, very good day. At least partly, but a good day! And good day to you, fellow blog readers.

A day starting with Computer Science can never be optimal. God that's pointless... and boring, awfully boring. Truly, madly, deeply, suicidally boring. To start a day with a long bus ride and then sit in front of a friggin' computer for one and half an hour is deeply annoying.

I survived it though, as the clever ones of you probably notice since I'm sitting here writing and claiming to be alive. However, the day continued with History, which is of course a very fun subject. A good teacher too. Right now we're reading about the French Revolution, it's a huge contrast in interest between History and certain Hagar-lead lessons that I don't want to mention...

I have to though, since we had Chemistry after our lunch gap. With Hagar. Brr. Or as Arthur calls it, "Happy Hour with Hagar". Brr to the power of two. Or no, three.

Last lesson was Maths, with our pretty unconcentrated teacher Jonas. He's deeply funny though. Everyone that has heard his thoughts about rulers and golden sheep-women knows what I'm talking about.

Of course I've saved the best for last. On the gap today we first ate in the cantina, and then me, Alex, David, Mengan, Ems, Emma, Isabella and Alex Koc (I didn't forget anyone now I hope? If so you've got the right to hit me for my rudeness) went to Konditori Lundagård, my favourite café in this o'glorious town. On our way there Koc took a whole lot of bad pictures (at least id you ask him yourself) and we went in to the church for a little while too. It's a really mighty building, I need to go there sometime and gather my thoughts a little.

However we got to the café, got cookies and drinks and had a nice time. I don't really remember that much though, lack-of-sleep-related amnesia might be the reason.

So now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow we're going to Emma's place to watch Life of Brian, on Saturday it's cleaning day/gingerbread-baking-day, and on Sunday it's Skyltsöndag in Lund that everyone maybe will go to. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

So for now,


cannonball - damien rice

Stones taught me to fly,
love taught me to lie
Life, it taught me to die,
so it's not hard to fall
When you float like a cannonball

For once I've got time to blog, so then the question is, do I have the energy? Yes, the writer that dwells somewhere deep within scream for artistic attention, and the blog is the closest I can get to that for the moment.

The last few days have been pretty hectic. Much to do in school above all, and it's getting harder to get up in the mornings for every day that passes. Although you've got to make the most of the hand you're dealt, I don't have any realistic choice. I need to get in there, I want to get in there, and I do get in there. It's just to keep on going.

I'm tired now, dog tired. I was up late, too late for getting up at 05:30 in an easy way at least. I managed and survived that however and sat on the bus writing the book log all the way in to Lund. As usual, might be added.

Bleh, I don't really know what more to mention. I've been to café quite a few times the last days, and yesterday I noted that I don't have any money left. How awfully thrilling. Well, I go there anyway, it's a nice environment.

And yes, I do have other things on my mind to, for the moment it's the whole matter of UWC. To do it or not to do it? That's the awfully complicated question.

Well, going there or not, I'm not sure that I'll get in of course. Ems was kind enough to remind me of that :)

I'm almost dead now, and since I'm totally sure that you want to keep on reading the one and only blog-of-Snuggles, I'll go recharge me batteries.


fairytale gone bad - sunrise avenue

We can’t cry the pain away
We can’t find a need to stay
I slowly realized there’s nothing on our side

I've got so little time over for blogging that I only have time to blog about how little time I have to blog today.

News in short:
  • Alex' place on Friday
  • Ungdomskraft is going downwards by the speed of an avalanche
  • I've got a headache
  • I'm not sure I've got time to sleep
  • UWC's still freaking me out.

Yes, you understand the situation.


hurricane - something corporate

Shake down you make me break
For goodness sake
I think I'm on the edge

Yeah I know, I'm emo as a pear, but still.

I just don't get anything for the moment... I mean, come on? If someone should be able to decide for and understand me, it ought to be... me?

Everything's like dizzy for the moment, I'm not really sure of anything. I just so much need someone to tell me what to do.

wonderwall - oasis

And all the roads we have to walk along are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I would
Like to say to you, but I don't know how

Ah yes, now I'm finished eating and can tell you some of the fridays happenings.

We had drama for our first lesson, and guess what? We're doing progress! Even though Velko wasn't there, but it's working itself out now.

We've obiously changed activity for the friday P.E. SO handball's on mondays (i.e. tomorrow...) and on fridays: badminton! Truly bastardious, I'm really lousy at it. It went *well* anyhow, we didn't die totally of it.

We obviously have a pretty short brake for lunch fridays, I didn't really have time to eat lunch (it didn't look all too good anyhow) so I had two cinnamon rolls, a chocolate and a little candy, and some of Ems' Coke. And then we went to our Spanish.

Well, Spanish lessons are fun, History lessons are very fun, but Biology for last lesson on friday... Come on? It blows.

After school me, Ems, David, Alex, Mengxian and Emma went first to Emma's place to get a few things, and then on to the station. It's five minutes by train to David's place, awfully close. So the evening was spent in glorious Stångby to celebrate David's 16th birthday. Congratulations David!

Most of the evening was spent with Twister, on a big board with 6x6 squares. It was hilarious, check Alex' to watch the pics from this wicked event.

We ate, also. Hamburgers. And chatted with David's kid brother, Jacob. Charming kid actually, and just as old as me sister (eight, that is). We also tried to watch a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, that of course everone's already seen, but it's good enough to see again. It took us quite a while though, so in the mean time we squeezed together (seven persons (when Jacob was there) in a couch made for three persons. This situation of course involves a whole lot of tickling.

We got the movie working anyhow, and after like 45 minutes I was going to get into Lund to get me bus. And well, apart from the observation that there was very many drunk people on the train into Lund, nothing worth mentioning happened during that trip.

And so the clocked tick-tocked, and Saturday came. Which was also the day when I for the first time was going to have people from the class in me crappy town. Well, the day started of with me getting a haircut, walking around downtown and getting amazed of the very small amount of people out on the street, and spitting on NSF-stickers. Bastards, they've got those stickers everywhere. Scum.

Well, by like 12:30 the others (the usual ones) came, and we went out for a walk in the novembery city of Ystad. Up to the Main Square via Snuggles Café and the other places along Stora Östergatan, by the Church of Santa Maria, down by the theatre and then along the harbor up to ÖP-grillen again. Then we got into Lokalen (belonging to Ungdomskraft) for soda and a few laughters.

After that we began the long walk to my place, and from there we went up to ÖB to buy candy, soda, and whatever. We found After Eight and truffels and a bunch of other stuff. I just so got to go there again soon.

Well, we at first sat in my room chatting, and then by 17:30 the pizzas arrived, all the way from Pizzeria Capri! Wonderfullness, I like that place. So then instead we ate for a while, being social and civilized. It's always nice with dinner guests.

The movie for the night was And now for something completely different: The best of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Partly because Ems' never even heard about them before I introduced the phenomenon, but mainly because they're totally friggin' hilarious. So there we were, me, Ems, Emma, Mengxian, David and Alex, and then my brother in a red hat.

After enjoying one hour and 28 minutes of The Dead Parrot, The Lumberjack Song, The Hungarian Phrasebook and a whole lot of other things, the clock was closing on to the time when the others had to go home. So we watched a little of Americas Funniest Home Videos on Channel 5, and then started walking t'wards the bus stop. I wouldn't say we had a good margin, we were only one minute early and according to the time table three minutes late. So we said good bye, and when they went away with the bus I went out for a little walk into the night of my hometown, with very mixed feeling about it.

Sunday sucked, as usual. D-day, with d as in "dead". I.e. as usual.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend guys! Nothing's ever boring nowadays. //Your very own Snugglie


the last dj - tom petty

And some folks say there gonna hang him so high
'cause you just can't do what he did
There's some things you just cant put in the minds of those kids
as we celebrate mediocrity all the boys upstairs wanna see
How much you'll pay for what you used to get for free

I've been lazy, I've been tired, I've been having somewhat of a life. And because of that, my blogging died a little bit, at least temporarily. I haven't blogged since wednesday, wednesday people! That's lousy. I guess. But anyhow, I've been sleeping instead, I've been awfully tired by logical reasons. If I don't get me eight hours of sleep every night, I'm screwed the day after. Sleeping on the bus ain't comfortable nor worth it, since it's only a little more than an hour.

I can barely believe that I'm saying that... only a little more than an hour. I've gotten used to that time on the bus, and I feel a little happy everytime I can see the outskirts of Lund on the other side of the bus window. My life has really taken quite a turn now. From biking a few minutes to a school that I just waited for the end of, to a busride of infinite time to a school that I almost long for. Or at least I long for the feeling of being in a big (well...) city together with people whose company I enjoy. That's nice.

Well, I'm not sure I recall anything from Thursday really. Or well, the day started with computer science and continued with a civics test on the contitutions of USA, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. So then me and a few others went to a place to buy a card for David, whose birthday was friday.

After school I went to Ystad, of course, and this time I got there (well) early. Meeting with the presidium of the Youth Council. That went well, and I've got a few days when I need to take some time from school to do certain stuff here. That sucks a little at least, but it's pretty much needed.

Gaah... just Thursday this far?

Well, I've had a wonderful Friday, and a good Saturday too that I'll tell you about in a while, but now I'll go down to eat instead.


three fishers - stan rogers

For men must work and women must weep
For there's little to earn and many to keep

I haven't blogged in a couple of days, I'm aware of that (obiously, since I'm right now pointing it out to you, my dear readers).

School's going on as expected, the tests are a'comin' pretty much now. We had chemistry test tuesday, and that went... well, above my expectations. For nearly not having studied any, and just been on a little bit of the lessons this term, it felt really good.

Especially this one thing... We were supposed to decide what colour the gas of chlorine, bromide and iodine had. And well, how could I know that? So I started guessing.
Linus "Snuggles" *thinking*: "Hm... chlorine. Well, the water in the swimming hall is slightly green... there. And then bromide. Well, in a traffic light, yellow is closest to green. Well then, a wualified guess... Oh Christ, iodine? How could I know. Let's just say purple."

The correct answers? Green, red and purple. Not all too abd guessed.

We also had drama tuesday... I need to do something about that half term I've missed of it.

Well, after school I went t'wards the station to meet Johanna and Fredrik (or what was his name?) from Helsingborg. That was because I sorta... well, they've got this matchmaking project, and since I'm single (very single) I thought that well, why not? So we met so that they could confirm my identity. We went to the Espresso House by the Central Station and had a nice chat for about an hour.

And now for today. We didn't have any English today, equals long morning. So I took the bus as late av 08:30, and just got ten minutes late for Maths. I survived that however, by chatting with Alex and reading Metro.

Next lesson was Spanish. That was cancelled, something that me, Gustav (f or v?) and Arthur noticed when we went down to check about ten minutes after we were supposed to start. So me and Arthur went for hot dogs instead of the whatever-it-was in the cantina. Most of the remainder of the break we hanged out a little with Ems and Natalie, waiting for the others to quit their lessons.

The remaining? Computer science (there are no words what I think of that subject...), Sweidsh and History. Which of course means that as soon as we got out of Computer Science the rest of the day was good. On the Swedish we were supposed to write our analyses of our short stories (me, David and Arthur having a thing by Poe) although I spent it with copying notes for the Civics test tomorrow. And the History lesson was mainly spent with Civics too.

Three other notes of the day are nice to know.
  • The new number of Kattedemokraten (this time called "Kometen Krattade") was released today, with a whole lot of freemasonry-connections. We don't need Wihilo anymore!
  • I went fikaing with Alex, Ems, Emma N and Mengan after school, at some place called "Coffee Point" where we... studied Civics. And stuff.
  • UWC (United World Colleges) was on the school today, I stood there chatting with'em for a while, got their information paper and stuff. And does it sound interesting? Interesting's too small a word. Yes, I will apply for it, even though I'm not completely sure that I'd go even if I'm accepted. But I ain't got nothing to lose by applying. I'll tell you more 'bout that another time.

That's all for these two days. Quote of the days:
Emma N (with cute swedish accent): Jag är ett läskigt monster, kanjag få en kaka?


fadeaway - bodeans

Don't Runaway
Midnight Hideaway
Don't you - Fadeaway!
'til the Morning light

The main thing of the morning was that the bus was late. This was since the 399 towards Ystad had like... slipped of the road, and was thereby vlocking half the road. Wonderful, but it didn't really matter to me in any way.

I was in Lund by nine, a little irritating since we doesn't start 'til ten to ten. So, I picked up three free (three free, hihi) newspapers and perked meself reading in the basement. Well there I helped a fella out with one thing to, but that's not public I guess. ^^

So then for the first lesson we had handball on P.E. I met up with Velko by the gym, and then managed to survive one and a half hour of this... stupid (?) game. I didn't have the ball very much though, I mostly ran-ran-ran.

Not much more to tell for a while. Food in the cantina, bought some candy, managed to get to the fourth floor with Arthur and Emma for our Spanish without dying totally. And our Spanish-teacher kept on her campaign for making the students work tith others than people they know... That's fun though, I love me Spanish class!

Remaining lessons was English, Biology and Computer Science. English was interesting, we had this theme about school shootings. Biology was fun, just because. And Computer Science rocked, since it was cancelled because of malfunctioning computers. Or, we cancelled it during the lesson because of that...

Which led to me, Ems, Alex, David and Arthur going to Gräddhyllan for a short fika before going home.

I've also spoken to Jing today. No trip this time at least. Another time, another place...

Cheers, I'll see you tomorrow!

erie canal - bruce springsteen

Low bridge, everybody down!
Low bridge, for we're comin' through a town!
And you'll always know your neighbor,
You'll always know your pal,
If you've ever navigated on the Erie Canal.

Yes, I know, I've been an increibly bad blogger this weekend. And why? Because I was so completely tired yesterday. Awfully. truly madly deeply. Maybe not physically, but at least mentally.

And no, I haven't caught a depressed mood. I just felt a little empty and slow.

So, I spent the day downloading (Buhu, please don't kill me FBI) music for me new Media Library. Since I totally killed me comp the other day, it's now more or less empty of everything. Starting it up yesterday I had nothing, no Media Player, nor Messenger, nor music. So, it was just to start the task of trying to resurrect the old Library. However I seem to be a pretty lousy necromancer, of the songs I've got now there's only few I had before. Bodeans, Eldkvarn, Vreeswijks verision of Bellmans Epistlar, The Seeger Sessions of Springsteen... A whole lot of good music.

Well, saturday was pretty boring. But that doesn't matter, since the friday completely rocked.

For the first: D-day! Wonderful. So I got into Lund to meet David, Emma Notkin, Ems, Alex and Mengxian by one o'clock. The day was labeled as "shopping day"... And guess what? H&M was the first place.

Obviously those Victor&Rolf-clothes sold out pretty fast. Not a trace of it. Not to me surprise nor frustration though. However, me and David managed to escape, so we went to some kind of book store instead.

The girls stayed at H&M pretty long, and after that Gina Tricot awaited. That was luckily over pretty fast though. So we went to the second hand-shop. How can one not love a second hand shop? Well, after trying thousands of things (and the two Emmas bought one weird hat each...) we went on for a café. Guess what? We didn't find any. They were all crowded. So the last resort was Pink&Purple, the place were all girls in Lund (probably) buys their graduation dresses... It wasn't as horrible as the other places at least.

So then we were off to get dinner. We ordered to big pizzas at Ciao Ciao by the Central Station, and got a whole lot of soda, candy, chips and stuff at ICA. I meself bought two "Energy Activators" by the name of Cult. Hehe.

The rest of the evening is impossible to describe in words. Nearly. Well, we were at Emma N:s place, a really nice apartment, and after eating a little pizza we started the main activity: watching EuroTrip!

Mad Maynard: You beep at me? We'll beep at you you' French bastard, all over your fuckin' nose!

Cooper: This isn't where I parked my car...

Scott: Fiona!

Bert: What a fucking loser, I'll videotape this.

I can go on forever.

I can also add that this movie is one of the reasons that I speak British... Well, someone came up with the bright idea that we should go backpacking in Europe after graduating. So now I'll write it down here in me blog, so that we won't forget to. Savvy?

Well, the rest of the evening was weird. I can't nor will describe it, see for yourselves: and look at the tenth of november.

That's all for now, a new week awaiting tomorrow. Now I'll watch Grease.


idaho - bodeans

There's another brazen day,
things kinda move that way
Good Lord above, now he don't have to fuss
not for good hardy people like us

The reason for an all to abruptly finished blog post yesterday is that I ahd to flee to my chemistry test.

Yesterday was mostly about that one thing: The chemistry test. And as usual, everybody (except for Arthur) seemed totally freaked out. Velko might have been most freaked out. w came up with the theory:
Velko: Like, in chemistry, positive and negative connects, and that means that if you think positive before a test, you'll do negative, and the other way around.
Linus "Snuggles": Alright, then we'll check the most freaked out person, that's you Velko, and the least freaked out, that's Arthur, and we'll see who does best on the test.
Velko *nervously, almost jumping*: Heehee, yeah sure. It is like with relationships, guys are always negative and the girls are always positive.
Linus "Snuggles": And guys always ask girls positive questions, to which the girl's give negative answers.

Yes, I guess you get the drill. I got home early too, I was home by 1623 hours, the earliest since... God knows when.

Johanna contacted me via text message yesterady too: The matchmaking progress might be working. Which leaves me with a slight dilemma... Since if I happen to find someone probably needs money, and at the same time i MIGHT need money for a certain trip in december. I need to know how it'll be about that, and soon.

I also "killed" me computer yesterday, cleaning it totally and re-installing Windows. A hard work getting the shite working again, and my Internet connection is off for some reason, and by that I'm sitting by me dad's computer now.

In a while I'll take the bus into Lund to meet the others, but before that: Breakfast!

Now, you all have a good friday people.


en kungens man - mimikry

Ja herrarna blir hjältar, och folket det blir dömt
Och vi som ser hur allt går till får veta att vi drömt

So, for some reason I forgot blogging yesterday. And perhaps that is good, since my blogging is getting a little manic for the moment.

Yesterday was above all a long day. A very long day. Our first class, English, was cancelled so all of a sudden we had loads of free time. I used this time to finally get me my food card-photo taken. It was a really weird start of the day, because on the next lesson, maths, I felt extremely tired and hungry. And that was still our first lesson, and we had yet another before lunch.

Spanish is quite okay here, my teacher is a lot better than my last one. She's also come to the conclusion that me and emz might be "a little too good friends to sit next to each other" during those lessons. Yes, that can be misunderstood probably, but apparently we don't work anything during the lessons. Depending on who you ask, of course.

And then something totally typical; wednesday noon, I'm hungry as hell, and for the first day I've got a food card. So far so good, but what is the food for the day? Soup! Blasted soup!

Since me, Emz, Emma N, David and Andreas were on the computer science monday afternoon, we had a huge gap. So me, the two Emmas, and Dardan and Araneya went to Café Lundagård for a little fika. That was nice, even though Dardan and Araneya were supposed to be on a lesson. But come on, computer science? It's so basic it's tragic. No matter what, the café is nice and the time there was nice. The only remaining lessons for the day were Swedish and History, which equals fun. At least a little. As Stefan, our teacher said;
"You don't need any boose tonight, after a long day in school everything's funny!"

The definite quote of the day. After school me, David and Alex went to the café for studying, me thereby slowly executing my economy.

The bus ride home was as usual in most ways. I spent most of it reading and talking to Linnea on the phone, since I've figured that those 80 minutes on the bus can get quite lonely.

I need an answer, and soon! This waiting is freaking me out.


almost unreal - roxette

Sometimes I feel, strange as it seems,
You've been in my dreams all my life

Aaargh, what a day. I'm tired, I'm confused, and I've got a weird feeling for the moment that I won't try to explain. I feel weird, that's all...

It's been a long day, and I've spent the most of it thinking and worrying, and the rest to try to stay awake. It's not been a day all too good, as you can hear... but of course, it hasn't been bad either. We've had quite a few laughs, as usual! But chemistry for last lesson just kills me.

And I still haven't got me food card! The first day I take myself time to go to the Arts Insitution to get my photo taken, guesss what? Before I've even found the place were the art teacher resides, I find out that he has gone home for the day. Splendid.

I visited Konditori Lundagård after school. I'm in love! I at least think I've got a new favorite café. I stayed there for a while, writing a letter. Nice environment, really.

I spent the most of the bus ride home talking to Jing. Nice, very nice. It's the closest I get to having company on the bus. And now I'm trying to call her, but she won't answer. It is a little bit annoying, and I don't want to seem all too manic, but what can a man do? I am like that, even though I don't like it.

Half of the problem is solved, I'm halfway there. Now let's just see if the second half works out too.


* Radio Silence *

What? What's happening? Has ol' Snugglie abandonded the blog format he stole from a good friend as well as fellow blogger?

No he hasn't, he's not much of a man of change in this case. The true fact is that his computer is being a real bitch towards him, and has now disabled his speakers from him, making him listen to the damned radio! I haven't been listening to the radio outside of the period 23:30-08:00 since... ever, probably. It blows pretty much. "Balls!", as Ben would have expressed it.

So you'll have to do without any "lyric of the day" today. Sorry folks, this shite won't happen again. I'll kill... hrm, fix my comp tomorrow afternoon, this evening I'm:
  1. Tired.
  2. Bound to finish my presentation about the Russian language.
  3. All messed up mentally. In a positive way!
  4. Feeling for answering a letter I got today. Not just any letter, but the cutest one I've ever recieved, for sure.

As you can see, I'm unable to try to do something I don't really know, i.e. computer stuff. I'll try tomorrow instead.

Well, this day has just been so totally... monday, in every damned way. First lesson o' the day was computer science, wonderful. A subject that I'll study for the upcoming five-ten weeks or something, and not until after that I'll start with physics. Balls! Well, the lesson started, and I realized pretty fast that I didn't remember my login. Way to go, Snugglie! Not just that, neither had I got my Fronter login.

So our teacher gave me an evil glare and told me to go get it at the IT-technician then. And so did Alex Koc, since he came to the conclusion that he had threwn away his fronter-login-information-paper.

And so we went. And of course he wasn't there. He was at a meeting or something. So we returned to KV and our computer science. I spent the remainder of the lesson sitting by David's computer, like watching him "work" and stuff.

The next lesson was, as you know, P.E. We were at Idrottshallen today, playing handball. Hypothesis: Handball is boring. Prediction: Playing handball without really being able to might hurt you. Conclusion: Handball still blows. Although we had pretty much fun. I've also noted that a team with me, Alex Koc and Arthur could be one of the worst ever placed on a court, Christ, did we laugh during the exercises?

I survived. Other activities for the school day - lunch at Lundafalafel, big kebab. Spanish. Gap, spent in the library watching the others finish their biology reports, and with me reading a book called "101 ways to flirt". Yes, I AM desperate. After that biology, me sitting with Velko in the back of the classroom more or less laughing our asses off.

Things said on a PDP biology lesson:

Teacher: If the observation is "We are all very tired", what might the reason be?
Alex Koc: We're IB students, noone expects us to sleep.
Araneya: We might be night active werewolves!

Teacher: What could we do as an experiment to test this?
Alex Koc *responding to his own*: Try putting someone from Handelsprogrammet on IB, see if they'll get any sleep!
Linus "Snuggles" *'bout the werewolves*: Well, if anyone in here can't be killed in any way except by a silver bullet, that's definitely a werewolf.

Velko: Hm, the observation is that "Dogs are sometimes seen breathing heavily with their mouths open". What is our prediction?
Linus "Snuggles": If you close the mouth of the dog it won't breath that heavily.
*Girls in front of us giggling*
Linus "Snuggles": What?

You get the point.
Immediately after the biology half the class was supposed to have computer science (yes, again). The ones that showed up was me, David, Andreas, Emma N and Emz. It blows, still. Although this time I had my login, but please, it's just so boring that my feet hurts.

This long day had the five of us to end class at five o'clock. And I've had the nicest bus ride I can remember to get home today. The first thing I did getting on the bus was calling Linnea. I just love talking to her. She's gotten me letter now too, hadn't read it when I called though. I'm glad that I've found my way back to the hand-written word.

Talking about handwritten word... By six o'clock, pretty much on the minute, I got the phone up again and called Jing, as earlier decided. This was the second time I talked to her, heard her voice. The first time though was just a short, half-a-minute chat on a break in my earlier life as an Ystad-student. So we chatted, for something like half an hour. She has a really nice voice you know, she sounds so nice and kind. I'm so glad I had the guts to call her (my phonephobia seems to be coming towards an end), and I... well, I'll call her soon again, that's for sure.

And what awaits me at home? Why, a letter from her! As a response to my letter to her last week. And yes, this is that cute lil' letter that I mentioned earlier in this blog post. I've read it a couple of times now. It feels nice reading a letter again, it's been such a long time.

What's up for schedule for remainder of the evening, before an early time for bed? Well, not that much really. I'll try to do some more of my presentation, but I won't be able to finish it 'til tomorrow, not with the computer in this damn state of mind. Well, I'll have it finished for wednesday instead.

The star of the day goes to Jing. Not just because she lit up my day a little, or a quite big deal, but because of something at least I thought was something done with chivalry. I leave you a reference to her blog to read what, you might find out for yourself (link to her blog is in the left hand column in this blog, under the headline "Links"). Poor people exist for getting other people feeling bad. That's the way it ought to be! It takes so little to help sometimes, I can't see why not to do it. The next time you see a street musician standing in the cold wind, trying to make some money, then give him that cookie you just bought. Just do it.

I wonder if it's just me imagination... but I'll be damned if the girls in Lund (or at least at Katte) ain't cuter than the ones in Ystad. Wiie!

Once again, thanks to my two favorite gals for lightening up me day and me life!

Cheers people, tomorrow I'll kill me computer, write a letter, and make two calls.

you're the inspiration - chicago

Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me sayin'
No one needs you more than i need you

Now, you should all know that it's not often that I share my written works, partly since there isn't very much, but there is just so much power in the hand-written word than in the typed one. So what you're about to read is my first hand-written notes published on the internet, I hope you enjoy it.

So, if you're sitting alone out in the woods, feeling all empty and non-existing, i.e. total lack of inspiration, what can you write about? Nothing I figured, and wrote about my lack ov inspiration.

(Unfortunately for my english-speaking readers, it's in swedish, but hey, I'm not even sure I have any...)

Hygget, någon gång runt 17:30; I skogen existerar ingen tideräkning.

Inspiration är lika flyktigt som energi vunnen med socker. ena sekunden är den så tydlig och konkret att du hade kunnat ta den i din famn och i nästa stund står du där och famlar i intet.
Går det egentligen att skriva om brist på inspiration utan att ha någon motivation? Nej, antagligen inte, såvida man inte har ett överflöd av något än viktigare: motivation! Att ha inspiration utan motivation är som att köra bil utan fötter (eller rättare sagt försöka), du må ha goda förutsättningar men i realiteten är det slöseri med tid.
Att skriva med motivation utan inspiration är samtidigt som att visserligen ha sina ben i behåll, men man är utan den där bilen. Därmed så funkar det visserligen, men det går så otroligt mycket trögare och tar dig inte alltför långt i det långa loppet.
Det enda riktiga alternativet är i båda fallen att åka kollektivtrafik, det vill säga att planka någon annans idé mer eller mindre rakt av.

Inspirationen kan vara allt emellan ett envetet kvicksilver som hela tiden tycks glida en ur händerna till en allt igenom underbar känsla av att vara uppfylld, levande och helt och hållet spirituell och livfylld.
På andra sidan finner vi tomhet, hopplöshet, och, om det vill sig riktigt illa, djup depression. En gnagande känsla av att inte räcka till, att inte kunna uppnå sin kapacitet. Uppgivenhet och självförakt, och slutligen dör den lilla känsla man väl hade om det så gällt löpning, spng, skrivande eller vilja att förändra världen. Ingen musa lever för evigt, åtminstone inte utan en hjälpande hand.
Detta enerverande tillstånd av "inspirationsbrist" eller vad det än må kallas, finns i mig ofta nuförtiden. Alltför ofta om jag får säga det själv, vilket jag ju får då det är jag som skriver. Det är hursomhelst inget jag uppskattar. Likväl bedriver det prenumeration på mitt medvetande.
Denna av speciellt mig så besjungna inspiration är och förblir dock sällsynt. De enda gångerna jag varit/är uppfylld av det är efter en teaterföreställning för två somrar sedan, samma sommar när jag hörde "Watching the stars" av Brolle Jr för första gången, och varje gång jag ser en viss flickas leende.
Och då har jag mått bra, då har jag varit lycklig och känt att jag rlr mig på rätt spår.
Men ack så sällan!
Ack så sällsynt!
Så det är väl nu dags att på allvar börja leta efter min flydda musa. Någonstans, och någon gång nu snartär det dags att återfinna henne och få reda på vad jag egentligen ska göra med det enda jag verkligen kan; skrivandet.

Svar till: "Jag skiljde mig från musan, men hon fick bilen."

Yep, that's all I've got. I want some comments on this, folks!

And finally, since I've been evul enough for a while and also've been impolite enough (probably?) I'll mention Sophie in this blog post: Sophie.

See you tomorrow I guess.


don't look back in anger - oasis

Step outside the summertime's in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out

So I'm back again, and the first place I visit when returning is of course my blog and me ol' comp. Nothing interesting about that line, although now you know I'm back and that there's no fuckin' impostor or something trying to fake my very existence.

Hm, when thinking it over that seems just plain weird. However, I'm back after three and a half day up in the woods, i.e. Glimåkra. Or to be very accurate, outside of Glimåkra. Depressing, I know, but I grew up there. So I guess that a little nostalgy won't kill me. My lack of a finished biology report, as well as the knowledge to do one, probably will however.

I've noted that I'm getting to like these long bus trips more for every time. At least when I'm in a certain mood for it. On my trip up to Glimåkra Busstation (Ystad-Kristianstad, Kristianstad-Broby, Broby-Glimåkra) I had time for the following:
  • Reading two chapters in Från Vittsjö till världen by Fridolin
  • Write a letter
  • Call Linnea and have a really nice chat
  • Read three separate newpapers
  • Do some maths
  • Survive on nothing but Sprite and Extra Lakrits

You understand me... Full of happenings and adventures. Well, not really, but I at least don't get bored to death.

But that's what I get in this town. C'mon, I don't even feel happy when I get home again, not in any way? This is freakin' depressing.

Well, what do a man do for three days in the forest? Well, he avoids getting an overdose of family activities and goes out for long walks on his own every now and then. Mostly around the shift of day/evening, around dusk. It was too cloudy to see the sun, but I noticed when it got darker anyhow.

But this inspiration, or more accurately the lack of it... It's annoying, it's eating me from within! As soon as I hold pen and paper in my hand, my head just gets more empty for every tick and tock on the clock. It is like trying to bike without having any legs. Or trying to jack off without having any hands, depending on what mood you're in.

My life feels good again, it does. But there are still things that are fucked up and/or twists my mind. And I don't have the slightest idea how to solve them. How fucked up ain't that? And Christ, why do I keep having the f-word everywhere? This is annoying me, truly.

And as a closure I hope that Elfsborg will beat Djurgården tonight, so that they'll get their gold. But I wouldnät complain if our lousy team (MFF) wins over AIK either, that would be even better. But maybe it wouldnät be an all too good idea to call Jing if AIK gets their asses beaten up by Malmö? Well, that's a later question.


blowing in the wind - bob dylan

How many roads must a man walk down,
before you can call him a man?

Ok, so now I'm leaving, for real. I'll see you either saturday or sunday.


man in black - johnny cash

Well, there's things that never will be right I know,
And things need changin' everywhere you go,
But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right,
You'll never see me wear a suit of white.

I've actually abandoned my black outfit today. Mostly because of my lack of black clothes, I'll have to extend the content of my wardrobe sometime.

Now, some of you may have noticed that I haven't left as I earlier announced, so before I'm labeled as a bastard for a long time forward, I can say that the weather has sort of stopped me. By around 10 o'clock this morning my dear mother called me and said that she, together with dad, had come to the conclusion that I souldn't go out for a long bus ride with a snow storm so close. Well, fine with me, and all of a sudden I have a completely blank day in front of me.

This far? I went to ICA to buy som breakfast, but that's pretty much all. I'll have a calm day today, I've got someone to call before the evening and I've got someone to write.

So I guess I'll now hike out on a expedition downtown, to get to Snuggles and have a hot chocolate or something like that.


rawhide - blues brothers

Move 'em on, head 'em up
Head 'em up, move 'em on
Move 'em on, head 'em up

It's nice to wake up being all alone in a house. Not all too creepy really, and no bastard brother waking you up by nine o'clock.

I had my breakfast/lunch=brunch by about 11:30, after having a long discussion with multiple people however I was the most lazy or the more hungry (the kitchen is one floor down see...) and it took me an hour to realize that I was pretty damn hungry. So I had meself two meatball/chili sauce-sandwiches in front o' the tv, watching "Out of Africa" with Meryl Streep and Rob Redford.

Hours of mental decline followed, as I fell deeper and deeper into my computeric behaviour, being one with the screen and none for the world. And then Richard called me and reminded me that the presidium of the Youth Council was going to have a meeting by four... So I hurried downtown, had the meeting and on my way home I first visited the station to refill me dad's bus card, and I also visited ICA to buy After Eight and Coke (in glass bottles!).

I had meself a pizza by 1900 hours and then went down to Jo-hel's place. We started off watching a dvd of "Stockholm Live" and quickly decided that we doesn't like this country much at all ( they were making fun of national stereotypes see) and we also went to Al-Humidis to do some serious candy-shopping.

Our activity for the night was bullshit and cinema. The movie was World Trade Center and it started at 21:15. It was quite good actually, it was a long time since I felt that Oliver Stone really had something to tell, but this turned out pretty good. There weren't any conspiracy theories or stuff. But there were some really nice dialogues.
Officer, to McLoughlin & his group: "This is crazy. First the plane into the first tower, and now another one hit the second tower. And Israel has gotten bombed with nuclears. The whole world has been turned upside down!

Oh well, me and Joel had a few laughs, even though the serious subject. Or maybe because of, I don't know.

When I got home (after biking downtown with Joel shouting "Allah akhbar" every now and then) I had this really strange feeling. I felt like singing, but I didn't have any voice, I felt like writing but didn't have any words. It was like really wanting to love someone, without having a subject for that love.

Anyways, it was better than the uninspirational swamp I've been stuck in for all too long.

I had a long and interesting discussion with Alex now tonight too. Thanks.

Tomorrow (today?) I'll go up to the woods. I'll see you again in a few days!


the boys are back in town - thin lizzy

Guess who just got back today?
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven't changed, haven't much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy

Another day has passed in the story of my life, and this chapter began when my mother and my brother left home for the woods. That is Glimåkra, of course. This time I managed to get two and a half day at home. SO what do you do with a whole lot of free-time in Ystad? Yeah that's right, you go to Lund!

I met up with Emz, David and Alex by half past two at the station. I had been in town since ten to two, because of my fucked-up buses. That doesn't matter however; now we had five and a half hour of empty time until the only planned thing for the day, bowling at eight o'clock (although I wasn't going to that, I prefered taking an early bus home) så we started walking. That's always a good start.

We happened to walk by H&M, and me and David made the severe mistake to let the girls drag us in there. So then followed a cavalcade of Emz and Alex in least to say weird clothes. Some of it got documented on foto too, of course by the manically photoing Alex, whose camera still has a broken display. Which of course makes it even funnier! However, this strange expedition lasted for about an hour I would guess, I'm not sure really. After a while we got out at least.

The next stop was "Mormors café", close to the station. I'd give the place about 2.5/5 at the almighty café-scale, not good neither bad. We had a fun time there though, and when we left we realized: "Oh. It's gone dark."

We still had some time before the bowling, about three and a half hour frankly, so we went to another clothin store, but this time a second hand store! And that was fun, I can tell. For the first, the first thing that me and David found was these leather jackets. Motorcycle-jackets in the colours of black, red and white, truly beautiful. Or perhaps not beautiful, and truly not in the right sizes, but cool at least.

We found a whole lot of other junk/clothes there too... Most things were stuff that looked either fascinating or totally horrible. Like purple machester jeans. Or yellow, for that part. Or a jacket that made you look like a party baloon.

For the moment I really miss those photos... but I'll get'em for you tomorrow, don't worry 'bout that. ANyhow, we tried all the biker jackets too, just for fun, and Alex actually found a skirt that looked good. She didn't buy it though.

After the second hand experience we went for dinner, at a pizzeria next to Mårtenstorget.
*Chatting 'bout what we'd take for a meal*
E: What do you say, shall we split a family pizza?
A & D: Yeah, sure.
L: He, totally not, I'll have one for meself.
A: SO what are we going to have then?
*They chat for some minutes and at last decides for a Hawaii, family-size*
L: Or by second thought, I'll have a cheeseburger.
A: Oh Gosh, that's just so typical you, Snuggles.

Yes people, Snuggles is me. From now on my official nickname, sorta. Of course inherited from café Snuggles here in town, which I've labeled to be the only positive thing 'bout this town.

Sp, we had our dinner and had quite a few laughs too. By 19:15 we went for the station from where I'd take the buss home, and David and Alex where going to take their bikes. So we stood there chatting for a while, then said goodbye, and then I went for the terminal. I bought a pack of gum for the bus trip, and on my way out I met Julia, from my former class. It was nice seeing her, and nice talking to her too. We didn't take the same bus however.

And well on the bus I called, as earlier promised, my mum to tell her that I was on the bus, that I was alive, and that nooone had mugged me, and stuff. You know, mums.

When the bus got to Dalby I made a decision for myself, turned my mp3 off and before I got to think anymore I picked my phone up again and rang Linnea. I don't know what's wrong with me calling people really, but when she answered all doubts dissappeared. We talked for about fifteen minutes and... well, I'll probably call her tomorrow (today?) again. We had/have so much to talk about, and I've truly missed her. <3

Tomorrow I'll meet Joel by the evening for "finsk deppafton" or something. That'll be nice.


easy livin' - uriah heep

Easy livin' and I've been forgiven
Since you've taken
Your place in my heart

Okay, so I promised to say something about Saturday too. And by this time a'day, I don't feel like being an ass anymore, so I'll write something.

I spent the first third of the day cleaning, the second third wondering where T'res was, since she hadn't called me or anything, and the third third (?) being with T'res.

There ain't much to say about the claening I guess, but when T'res contacted me by like 14:10 or something, she had just a'woken. I'm not that surprised really. Anyhow we decided to meet downtown by the square, and then went for a little walk. The usual way sorta, the places worth walking by here. Down by Gågatan, in to buy something at Al-Humidis, continuing down to Österleden and then t'wards the station. By Pressbyrån we met Wendel and Björk, that are sort of just like when I met'em last time. No surprise, I guess.

Up by the square again, and there we first met Jacob Koc and then Joel. Fun! And by like 18.30 or something we went home to my place for first dinner and then Blues Brothers. Well, what's there more to say? Watching Blues Brothers, and then I walked her home since she probably doesn't know the eay by herself.

My only comment for the day today is that sundays still suck, no matter if you're on PDP or not.

Tomorrow; Lund and potentially bowling with Alex, Emz and David.


brothers in arms - dire straits

Now the suns gone to hell, and the moons riding high
Let me bid you farewell, every man has to die
But its written in the starlight and every line on your palm
We're fools to make war on our brothers in arms

To start with friday, we had drama as first lesson. We mostly rehearsed different things, and since I'm not sure how much I have the power to tell, and at the same time feels a little for being an ass since I hate sundays, I won't tell you very much.

We spoke about grades however, and since I'm relatively new here (I've only been here for two weeks as you know...) I'm stuck with a G. That might change however, since me and Velko probably are going to do something especiale. That might be fun.

We had basketball on P.E., and it sucked pretty hard really. I'm at least five inches short of being able to like basketball. I believe we won one game however... Ah Christ, ain't anyone here able to play football? And then I mean football-football, the game where you kick at a ball with your foot. I refuse to say the s-word...

I still haven't got any food card, so I wen for kebab at Lundafalafel. Very nice actually.

Other lessons for the day was a cancelled Spanish-class that was spent together with Ems, Emma N and potentially someone more in the library, a history class that was pretty ok, and a boring biology class. Cells, cells, cells, if I ever happen to come across a cell I'll strangle it.

So after school me, David, Ems, Emma N, Alex (Alexandra that is) and Mengxian went by bus to the glorious metropolis of Södra Sandby, i.e. Ems' place. We started the evening with eating apple pie, a truly good start.

After eating the pie we got introduced to Bob by Emma, and after that the phrase "It's a fucking milk package!" was repeated by me an un-countable number of times. However, both me and Bob survived the evening, at least for this time.

Our activity for the evening was to watch a movie, so the next happening was "Get six persons to choose one movie out of averagely 300". Eventually it came to be Johnny English even though everyone except for David already had seen it. That didn't really matter though, and we had fun watching it.

There is an explanation whye some of the pics look weird though. Alex's the one taking the pics, and the display on her camera is sort of broken. So thereby she was taking photos manically, without knowing the result. Quite fun, actually.

From the left, Alex, David, Mengxian, Ems and moi, with Emma N taking the photo.

By averagely 21:30 we went out, since my bus was leaving for Lund by 21:49. So we got to the bus stop without (very many) accidents, and when I got on the bus I noticed that me bus card for some stupid reason doesn't work after fridays 20:00. So I paid the 12 crowns to get to Lund, said goodbye to the others, and left.

When I got to Lund I had a nice problem in front of me; for the first, I needed money for the bus home. For the second, I didn't know where the cash machine was on the Central station. I figured that sincie it is a station though, there's got to be one here. Pressbyrån and all other places of mine were closed, so I went in to a restaurant and asked two not all too sober gentlemen 'bout the way.

I got me money, and then spent a whole lot of time sending text messages. You know, fifty minutes on a station and after that seventy-five minutes on a bus can get pretty lonely. So me and Anna had this really nice conversation. She's a nice girl, I miss her actually.

Another person that I miss is Linnea. I need to talk to you someday soon now honey, it's been all too long.

And as my last stand I demand a great snow storm in this part of the country.
(I'll write about saturday another time, since there is nothing interesting to say about this sunday anyhow).


el condor pasa - simon & garfunkel

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail,
Yes I would
If I only could,
I surely would

Yesterday was... well, not entertaining, but at least I got to stay in town and avoid the freakin' bus.

The day was spent mostly at the VIP-room in Österporthallen, the one belonging to IFK Ystad. The area of discussion was "Ungdomens Hus", the... youth-house, or whatever; how's it going to be arranged, what's going to happen there, et cetera. The whole day was spent in that spirit, and I also got to be in the paper, Skånskan.

After this little event I went with Joel and Beata to Snuggles.
Joel (about the cookies of Snuggles): That's not a cookie, it's a fucking pie.

Nice afternoon however. After being on the café, I went with Terese to Österportstorget to get my bike, and then we stood there talking for like an hour or so. Nice, and also I'm going to see her on Saturday.

And the day today has been pretty random, mostly. Took the bus by 8:30, no extraordinary thing there. Had civics for the first lesson, where I got my history test back (even though Dardan had checked up my reult yesterday).
Stefan: This is REAALLY really good considering the circumstances, the others had two weeks and you had an evenning, this is reeeeally good.

Cheers, Stefan. Well, after that we had lunch so I went with Dardan, Araneya, Jacob and Ben to eat falafel and kebab. Not all too bad really, better than the school cantina.

The most part of the remaining gap I was talking to Alex Koc (we have three Alex's in class, and by them one Alexander and two Alexandra, see) 'bout Europa Universalis, and goofs of that... Pretty nerdy perhaps, but anyhow; second lesson, chemistry with Hagar. It was completely boring, to no surprise. We learned how to use the "Lewis Structure" when writing about ions. My very own opinion was that it wasn't all too useful.

Linus *pointing finger to Alex' head, shaped like a gun*: The only time I'll have any use of this is if a north-corean terrorist attacks me, puts a gun against my head and screams "Draw HCl using the Lewis Structure NOW muddah-fukkah, or I'll blow your brains out!" And what are the odds of that happening?

Last lesson was maths. Me, Emms and David had a hell of a time.

As you probably notice, I'm God awful tired now. Movie night tomorrow, see you at saturday.


cover me - bruce springsteen

The whole world's out there just
trying to score
I've seen enough, I ain't gonna
see it anymore, cover me.

So, been a bad blogger yesterday, and didn't write anything. How bad of me. Anyhow, the day started like most other days, up early, taking the bus almost even earlier, and then arriving in Lund 75 minutes later.

Okay, so these buss-tours sucks donkey-dick. But it's worth it. For the first I prefer the buses in front of the train, bigtime. And secondly, it takes me to a place where I once again have got the ability to smile. I know it sounds completely dorky, but I enjoy this place here, and I enjoy the feeling of a new city.

I'm not sure if I remember that much of yesterday, really. It was raining, and the first lesson was P.E. at Högavallsbadet. Unfortunately, I couldn't participate because of... well, the damn do I know.

Anyhow I didn't participate, and neither did Sophie or Alex Koc. So we went back to school to sit in the library, where Sophie was... studying maths I think, while I and Alex were discussing the freemasonry and stuff. Very much conspiracy theories, it's a wonder I managed to survive the day without freaking out.

The upcoming lessons were in following order Spanish, English and Biologu. The Spanish is quite fun actually, I've been talking a lot to these three people whose names I sadly don't recall, but they're nice anyhow.

On the evening I had this totally weird discussion on MSN together with Alexandra, Dardan, David, Emma and Mengxian... And I won't mention anything more about that.

And then for today. The day started once again with rain. But this time it was bigtime, especially when I got to Lund. The streets were more or less flooded... And then this wonderful morning continued with our maths teacher being half an hour late because of some UN-happening in the aula. And if we had been informed of that, I could have taken the bus an hour later or something. Total crap. After the maths however, we had swedish with the slitghtly antique and confused lady that is our teacher. There were a few presentations of foreign languages, first japaneese and after that vietnamese, and finally polish were Alex Koc tought us to say thing like "We blow everything up", "You look like a goat" and stuff like that. You probably get the level of it, I've today decided that polish is fun.

I've also decided that I'll do a shorter presentation about russian after the holiday...

We've also had drama today. Of course, it's all confidential and I can't give any details, but what I can say is that it was fun. Arthur and Maria was pure comedy, especially... This drama class is probably hurting my brain, but I can live with it.

After that we had this huge gap on like one hour and forty minutes (in IB-measures, that IS much) that was spent in the library. As usual, of course. At first, me, Sophie and Emma N sat by ourselves, Sophie still studying her math (and indirectly reminding me that I'm tragically far behind in the mathematics) while me and Emma were reading. I found this ol' book about swedish criminals and read the chapter about my potential relative, the old dynamitard Harald "Bildsköne" Bengtsson. I just love those histories, and even though I'm not as sure as my grampa that we're related to him, it's still kind of cool.

So after a while we joined Dardan, Araneya, Mengxian and Emma E, also in the library. After starting a smaller chaos with my mistake with showing that I had a double Daim, Dardan and Araneya went away and it was me and the girls left, as usual. So we got into these deep, philosophical questions...

"What if nothing really exists?"
"What if the things I see look totally different to somebody else, without us knnowing it?"
"What if the world's falling with the sun downwards all the time?"
"What if the world's upside down?"
"What's up and down anyway?"
"What if the whole school is made of cheese?"

I'll stop there, You just see for yourselves.

Last lesson was BIOLOGY! I bet you can all imagine how I'm really jumping up and down, thrilled to get to learn the mysteries of the nature.

Truly, biology's boring sometimes. In some weird way, me, Sophie and Emma managed to have fun anyway. Not just have I been proclaimed "evul", they've also started worshipping the Carrot Man.

Well, after biology class, I took the bus home and here I've sorta just existed. haven'tdone anything important, really.


errol - australian crawl

Oh, Errol
I would give everything, just to be like him

Ever had that feeling that you're life seems so empty and boring comparing to a certain persons'? Well, at least that feeling comes to me regularly. There's always something fascinating in dreaming about some other persons life, even if it's Errol Flynn, Arnold Scwarzenegger or just the guy on the other side of the street. The grass is always greener at the neighbour's place.

I'm not sure that I have anything really exciting to tell about this weekend. I spent like half of my time awake yesterday with T'res, and the rest of the time by I computer. First I went to Snuggles with her, taking a fika, and then by the evening I went home to her to watch "Walk the line". We've discovered that Joaquin Phoenix doesn't have an appearance of his own, he just looks like other people all the time. And mostly, he looked like other people than Johnny Cash, that he was supposed to play.

And today I've spent almost all of my time by the computer. Cheerful, isn't it? I freaking hate sundays. Their very existence puts me in a mood where I'm able to kill something fluffy and put it on a pole in the garden.
Anyhow, I was out walking with T'res now by the evening, and we... well, sat by our Emo Bridge, we walked a little, and then we sat by the monastery for a while. I realized that the church and the monastery are two pretty mystic buildings. I think I'll search inspiration there in the future, it might prove useful.

Tomorrow it's back to school, and back to my 75 minute bus. Is it woth it? It is worth it.


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