my hometown - bruce springsteen

Last night I sat him up behind the wheel and said
"Son take a good
look around
This is your hometown"

Yesterday, monday, wasn't all too good. Why? Because it was monday. But well, it had a few nice moments, got to give it that. For example P.E. as first lesson. Where I, yes, I of all persons in this round water-dominated world played a real marathon... all together four handball games, and of those three in a row. I'm nearly a little proud of meself there, that is like nearly half an hour of constant running.

Well, it went averagely. I scored one goal at least.

Other lessons for the day was Spanish, English and Biology. I had Computer Science for last lesson, but I managed to skip that so that I could get home in a somewhat good time.

And since today was D-day (for the moment d equals "dead") I went from the bus to ÖB, imediately, to get julmust and truffels. I then spent half the night watching Pleasantville and eating/drinking unhealthy things. So when I woke up this morning I had an awful stomachache. But I guess I deserved that.

The morning was spent in total slacky-ness. Walking around without being properly dressed or combed or anything (and no, noone saw me) and well... not doing anything really. Pending from the computer to the kitchen to the bathroom mostly.

A little after lunchtime me mother got home, and by then I was dressed and showered and the whole shite, because now we were going downtown, to buy shoes.


A pair of blackish-greyish basket shoes with some fluffy thing on the inside. I like them already!

I then went to Lokalen, to speak with Richard about friday, Ungdomens Hus and stuff. I'm going to have a speech there for a few minutes, and like receive the key to the house or something... awesome. Or maybe not, but it'll be fun anyhow. And for saturday-sunday a sleepover is awaiting. Woho!

Well, most of the remainder of the day has been without any comment. I went into Ungdomens Hus on the way home to check out details about the disco on friday (no, I don't go to discos, but if they need personnel or anything, I'll be there), and happened to run into a journalist. Although I'm not sure if she was from Allehandan or Skånskan... Weird.

And then I've just been home. I've decided that I'm going to download every friggin' song ever recorded by Bruce Springsteen though.

School tomorrow again. Dying to get there.


2 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

That goal you scored was nice =)
You've had truffles... I'm so envious ;)
And yay! Sleepover this weekend will rock!

Ems said...

naww yes ofcourse school is lövely :P im sorta dying aswell :P haha
Hum and that disco thing sounds...interesting XD but it is nice of you thogh to volunteer as personel though. aa...


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