the boys are back in town - thin lizzy

Guess who just got back today?
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven't changed, haven't much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy

Another day has passed in the story of my life, and this chapter began when my mother and my brother left home for the woods. That is Glimåkra, of course. This time I managed to get two and a half day at home. SO what do you do with a whole lot of free-time in Ystad? Yeah that's right, you go to Lund!

I met up with Emz, David and Alex by half past two at the station. I had been in town since ten to two, because of my fucked-up buses. That doesn't matter however; now we had five and a half hour of empty time until the only planned thing for the day, bowling at eight o'clock (although I wasn't going to that, I prefered taking an early bus home) så we started walking. That's always a good start.

We happened to walk by H&M, and me and David made the severe mistake to let the girls drag us in there. So then followed a cavalcade of Emz and Alex in least to say weird clothes. Some of it got documented on foto too, of course by the manically photoing Alex, whose camera still has a broken display. Which of course makes it even funnier! However, this strange expedition lasted for about an hour I would guess, I'm not sure really. After a while we got out at least.

The next stop was "Mormors café", close to the station. I'd give the place about 2.5/5 at the almighty café-scale, not good neither bad. We had a fun time there though, and when we left we realized: "Oh. It's gone dark."

We still had some time before the bowling, about three and a half hour frankly, so we went to another clothin store, but this time a second hand store! And that was fun, I can tell. For the first, the first thing that me and David found was these leather jackets. Motorcycle-jackets in the colours of black, red and white, truly beautiful. Or perhaps not beautiful, and truly not in the right sizes, but cool at least.

We found a whole lot of other junk/clothes there too... Most things were stuff that looked either fascinating or totally horrible. Like purple machester jeans. Or yellow, for that part. Or a jacket that made you look like a party baloon.

For the moment I really miss those photos... but I'll get'em for you tomorrow, don't worry 'bout that. ANyhow, we tried all the biker jackets too, just for fun, and Alex actually found a skirt that looked good. She didn't buy it though.

After the second hand experience we went for dinner, at a pizzeria next to Mårtenstorget.
*Chatting 'bout what we'd take for a meal*
E: What do you say, shall we split a family pizza?
A & D: Yeah, sure.
L: He, totally not, I'll have one for meself.
A: SO what are we going to have then?
*They chat for some minutes and at last decides for a Hawaii, family-size*
L: Or by second thought, I'll have a cheeseburger.
A: Oh Gosh, that's just so typical you, Snuggles.

Yes people, Snuggles is me. From now on my official nickname, sorta. Of course inherited from café Snuggles here in town, which I've labeled to be the only positive thing 'bout this town.

Sp, we had our dinner and had quite a few laughs too. By 19:15 we went for the station from where I'd take the buss home, and David and Alex where going to take their bikes. So we stood there chatting for a while, then said goodbye, and then I went for the terminal. I bought a pack of gum for the bus trip, and on my way out I met Julia, from my former class. It was nice seeing her, and nice talking to her too. We didn't take the same bus however.

And well on the bus I called, as earlier promised, my mum to tell her that I was on the bus, that I was alive, and that nooone had mugged me, and stuff. You know, mums.

When the bus got to Dalby I made a decision for myself, turned my mp3 off and before I got to think anymore I picked my phone up again and rang Linnea. I don't know what's wrong with me calling people really, but when she answered all doubts dissappeared. We talked for about fifteen minutes and... well, I'll probably call her tomorrow (today?) again. We had/have so much to talk about, and I've truly missed her. <3

Tomorrow I'll meet Joel by the evening for "finsk deppafton" or something. That'll be nice.


2 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

haha, well, it was so you =P And I might buy that skirt but I want to think about it =)
Today was a fun day!!

emz said...

yeah I agree with was really you :P

and the second hand store was awesome..don't forget to tell me what the one is ystad is like :)


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