att fånga en fjäril - lars winnerbäck

Så kan vi sjunga tillsammans om
en längtan som aldrig blir still
för alla oss som aldrig vet vad vi vill
Det finns en sång och en dröm
om en lycka så öm för oss som alltid ska till
Att fånga en fjäril

Good day today, very good day. At least partly, but a good day! And good day to you, fellow blog readers.

A day starting with Computer Science can never be optimal. God that's pointless... and boring, awfully boring. Truly, madly, deeply, suicidally boring. To start a day with a long bus ride and then sit in front of a friggin' computer for one and half an hour is deeply annoying.

I survived it though, as the clever ones of you probably notice since I'm sitting here writing and claiming to be alive. However, the day continued with History, which is of course a very fun subject. A good teacher too. Right now we're reading about the French Revolution, it's a huge contrast in interest between History and certain Hagar-lead lessons that I don't want to mention...

I have to though, since we had Chemistry after our lunch gap. With Hagar. Brr. Or as Arthur calls it, "Happy Hour with Hagar". Brr to the power of two. Or no, three.

Last lesson was Maths, with our pretty unconcentrated teacher Jonas. He's deeply funny though. Everyone that has heard his thoughts about rulers and golden sheep-women knows what I'm talking about.

Of course I've saved the best for last. On the gap today we first ate in the cantina, and then me, Alex, David, Mengan, Ems, Emma, Isabella and Alex Koc (I didn't forget anyone now I hope? If so you've got the right to hit me for my rudeness) went to Konditori Lundagård, my favourite café in this o'glorious town. On our way there Koc took a whole lot of bad pictures (at least id you ask him yourself) and we went in to the church for a little while too. It's a really mighty building, I need to go there sometime and gather my thoughts a little.

However we got to the café, got cookies and drinks and had a nice time. I don't really remember that much though, lack-of-sleep-related amnesia might be the reason.

So now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow we're going to Emma's place to watch Life of Brian, on Saturday it's cleaning day/gingerbread-baking-day, and on Sunday it's Skyltsöndag in Lund that everyone maybe will go to. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

So for now,


4 kommentar(er).:

mengan said...

Haha, your description of our Computer science classes is so true. I actually like Hagar better than our dear Eva, aka The dictator. -_- She'll make Physics even more horrible than what is already is.

Ems said...

haha i thought you liked hagar? *dissapointed*
mm well i need to be off. take care and night night and sweet dreams and sleep tight :P bieee

Alex said...

It was actually Isabella who came up with "Happy hour with Hagar" =D
And hey, you didn't mention when the car splashed water on you =P That was so fun!

Anonymous said... do you know a girl named kristina. I think she is called krissie by most, and I think she in the same school as you. bye


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