cover me - bruce springsteen

The whole world's out there
just, tryin' to score,
I, I've seen enough
I don't want to see it anymore
Cover me

This day is spent without going to neither school nor Lund. Alas, no I'm not sick and I haven't dropped out either, but today we've had a meeting with the Youth Council and me being there was quitenecessary since I am the chairman.

Well, I feel a little slow today. Very slow actually. I'll spend the afternoon with ice-cream, TV, vacuum-cleaning and having an interview over the telephone with Allehandan.

Movie night at Alex' this friday. Won-di-ful!


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Anonymous said...

hum well atleast you didnt have to do the boring mole experiment :P be grateful.very grateful.
yeah I'm ooking forward to the movie night aswell :D We'll be a lot of ppl though haha. ah well the more the merrier or something like that ^^

Ems said...

gah that was anonymous person was me....

Alex said...

Yay, movie night =D
There will be a lot of people, but not *that* many, and since several of them usually don't come I just figured it'd be nice to ask them =) Just the tentacles on new years though ;)

Ems said...

well i didnt mean that in a negative way ^^" ofcourse it's nice to ask people, i hate leaving people out :)
new years will rock our socks :D


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