nemo - nightwish

This is me for forever
One of the lost ones
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass

We ended early today. Quite damned early, around 12. As most of you probably figure, that ain't too bad.

So today I've thereby had English, Maths and Spanish. Two of these lessons contained Christmas carols in foreign language, two of them had cookies in some form, and one involved a longer internal discussion within the Drama group.

And since we ended this damned early (equalling damned good!) we had a whole lot of empty time. Thereby, me, David, Ems, Emma, Arthur and Alex went to Espresso House for fika. Well there we met Alex' sister, since she and Alex were going Christmas shopping later. So she joined us, and we sat down in the corner of the basement. We usually end up in the corners.

What followed was two hours of loads of talking. The subjects counted, among other things, togas, Ystad, England, the issue if it's called football or soccer, football teams, text messages on the mobile phone, sexual associations, Arthur's plans to host an orgy in the City Hall...

Yes, a whole lot as you can see.

Tomorrow we end school for this semester. Can't believe I've been here for two months already... It feels like such a long time. Anyhow, tomorrow we, the tentacles, will celebrate an early Christmas at Ems' place. THAT'll be totally awesome.

After that I won't see'em until New Years Eve though. That blows.

The stars were on the sky when I went to my bus today. That is beautiful as always.


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Alex said...

Have fun in the forest =P New Years will rock! But I'll miss you guys!

emma said...



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