military man - gary moore

They have trained your boy to kill
And kill someday he will
They have trained your boy to die
And ask no questions why

This morning, around 04:00 GMT+1, Saddam Hussein was executed. One of the goals that the United States of America had when entering the war is now dealt with. They entered the war on false arguments, that from the beginning to the end were denied by Hans Blix, the Weapons Inspector of the United Nations, and caught Saddam after a while, in a hole somewhere out in the desert. They imprisoned him and held a trial that sometimes felt like a parody, it was like something directed by Al Yankovich from beginning to end. End in this, Saddam was sentenced to death, for one of his many crimes. As earlier mentioned they executed him this morning, the New Iraq started with an execution of a man that didn't have to face all the things he was accused of, and major parts of the world are cheering.

In between of the start of the war and the ending of Saddam's life, many people have died. Iraqi civilians, UN-personnel, American and coalition soldiers. By now, the death toll of American soldiers in Iraq has passed the number of dead people in the attack against World Trade Center at the 11 of September 2001, thereby starting the crusade against terrorism. Iraq is at the brink of war, a civil war devastating for the Iraqi people, the state of Iraq and the whole situation in the Middle East and that might start anytime. Major parts of the Western World have now changed their opinions against the United States, to the negative. It ain't no good PR for a country to invade far-away countries on false basis and with severe casualties.

Papa take a look at your boy
He's a military man
Mama take a look at your boy
He's dying
Mama take a look at your boy
He's fighting
Mama take a look at your boy
He's frightened

I can allow the world to celebrate. That's their choice. But I myself light a candle, look upon a star and wonders what's becoming of this beautiful world of ours.


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Ems said...

Woah that was very beautifully written. Not at all what I expected when you told me you were writing an entry. But very touching and deep. Made me actually think for a while. And not just plain thinking but serious and real thinking. And yes, it made me a bit teary; you've got a point and it's very true as well, and that combined with your writing skills... Definately one of your best entries so far that I've read :)

Alex said...

I agree with Ems that that was very well-written. Also; executing him during a muslim holiday!? Now, that'll only make people who thought he was right think of him as a victim even more.

mengan said...

Definitely one of your best entries, yes. We need more blogging like this on the internet.


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