down in the river to pray - alison krauss

O brothers let's go down,
Let's go down, come on down,
Come on brothers let's go down,
Down in the river to pray

Yes, I've returned from the woods. But that's not all! Behold,'cause I'm writing from me own computer again! Yes, it's finally working, after executing the old hard drive out in the woods with a very fin gun, a .308 with a Swarovski scope. It felt goood bringing me old nemesis down. If only old Odysseus had that weapon when fighting his Trojans!

Well, I'm home anyhow, and the Christian world is now in the state between the two big finishing events of the year, Christmas and New Years Eve. A nice state of mind, I have to say. Although I'll get so depressed in January... what is the matter with that month and being pointless? Not close to any nice event, and the weather does everything to smight down every least tendency of good mood. Gosh, I should move to the Caribbean...

I feel for writing something long ang deep here, but I'm tired as hell and only have one thing left to do before I get meself some well-earned sleep. And that ain't blogging, but finding a nice girl for a wallpaper on my newly restored computer.


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Alex said...

1) That song was really good
2) Course there's something to look forward to in January: movie nights, random café visits, the break in February and the fact that there are a lot of free days during spring term ;)
3) No mentioning of the bowling and all? =O =P

Good to know you survived the woods anyways! Cya New Years!

Ems said...

Yes I agree with Alex: There are some things to look forward to in january :)
and i am slighly insulted that yesterday is not mentioned at all. All that hard planning doesn't deserve ONE single line atleast? :/ and it was so fun!!
Hum get a pic of a teapot as your wallpaper :D much more interesting. Or even better: A goat with a teapot hat. ohhh now that would be something.
Cya new years!

Snuggles said...

Don't be schizo now girls, this was written the day before yesterday ;)

mengan said...

Hey, my birthday is in January! How can you call that month worthless.. :O xD


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