moondance - van morrison

Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'Neath the cover of October skies

New favourite song on the way? Might be, might be, very likely yes, indeed. Good song, I heard it Thursday on the little ceremony in the assembly hall, where there were a number of musical performances. One of Koc' friends sang that song, and he did it really good too.

Well, we got out of school Thursday, as the smarter of you might've figured out. We only had one lesson, History, and Stefan let us cancel it to go shopping or something instead. Thereby I, Arthur, Koc, Alex, David, Ems, Emma, Mengxian and Vix walked in a few shops and also spent a whole lot of time at Café Lundagård. I love that place.

Well, we had a nice time anyhow. And 13:15 we went to the assembly hall for this nice little showing of some musical talent. The principal (or whoatevarr ((I'm not allowed to say "whatever in usual accent for Ems, so I say it in Scottish instead)) his title is) also handed out prices to the winners in Lund Word Championship. The winners were two guys at NV, and not less than three persons from PDP! David, Alex and Dardan in top 3, in that order. Impressive, indeed.

The prices were books.
Alex: David got a book about a drunk and mine is about a girl that doesn't fit in anywhere. We're thinking about taking it personally.
PDP power!

Well, after then going to a classroom where our mentors Stefan and Katarina wished us merry Christmas, and after that a goodbye session down in the basement by the lockers, me and the other Tentacles (Ems, Emma, Alex, David, Vix, Mengxian) went t'wards the station to get transport to glorious Södra Sandby, and Ems' place to celebrate an early Christmas. So we were in Sandby quite early, and spent the time with playing some weird game, looking at pictures, talking the usual sort of nonsense and also some eating.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? Well, if it doesn't, I might clarify that it is.

Food was, pretty much as usual, pizza. The pizzas in Södra Sandby are quite good I've noticed. at least 7.5/10 in grade, Capri here in Ystad still holds the high-score.

After eating, it was Christmas gift-time. We had a thing called Secret Santa this year, it works as following: everyone wrote their names on a note each a few weeks ago, and then it was like, lottery. Everyone got a person that they were going to buy a present for, and that person of course wasn't supposed to know.
So, as following:
I bought for David
David bought for Mengxian
Mengxian bought for Ems
Ems bought for Vix
Vix bought for Emma
Emma bought for Alex
Alex bought for me

Among the present were two squids, half a kilo of truffels and a flying cucumber. Pics can as usually be seen for the evening at, Alex' picture journal. Thw whole thing was very funny, with a whole lot of laughter all the time. I.e. as usual!

No meeting with friends is complete without a film though, so we watched one, this time Starsky & Hutch with Owen WIlson and Ben Stiller. Well, I liked it because of the environment... and the reference to Easy Rider. Thank you, whoever directed it and chose to have that!

When the movie was finished we returned to Ems'r oom and had the usual "Truth/dare". That ain't tradition, it's just an eternal factor when we meet. And ultimately it was time for good-bye, sadly.

Vix and Emma left first with a taxi, and then me, David and Mengxian went to Lund by getting a ride with Alex and her dad. The goodbye was quite sad in one way, I mean now we won't meet until New Years Eve, and that feels awfully far away for the moment. And I won't meet Vix until January.

So guess what?

I miss you guys, a whole friggin' lot! So let's take a chat on the phone tomorrow, ey? Always nice to talk to one another on Christmas Eve!

Well, the past two days have been quite empty. I was to the theatre yesterday for the Christmas show of Sommarteatern (Ha-ha, paradoxal...) and have done Christmas candy and stuff today, but apart from that? Cleaning, reading Michael Moore and watching the Da Vinci-Code with horribly translated subtitles (even though they were in English). Example:
The Holy Grail = the holy grill
Leigh Teabing= Li Tea Bing
Mary Magdalene=Marie Manode

HORRIBLE! But well, 8:- in Shanghai, what can you expect?

Tomorrow it's Christmas Eve. It doesn't look like Christmas outside, but well, no snow south of Luleå from what I've heard. Huzzah. Bing Crosby is probably rotating in his grave.

Cheers, and until next time,
Merry Christmas! And I still miss you guys.

3 kommentar(er).:

Ems said...

'whoatevarr' hehe that might actually become one of my favourite words instead of being the word i loathe the most... maybe ;P . It is all in the accent! hahaha
Good to hear that you enjoyed Sandby :) I had a wonderful time as well. But then again, everywhere is nice with you guys (McDonalds and Burger King are excpetions ofcourse! XD)
(and I did warn you about the DVDs ;P)
We definately have to talk on the phone tomorrow. Maybe I can get those conversatins with a lot of people to work. We shall see. That would rock though.
Mmm now I think I shall continue talking to you on msn.
MERRY XMAS!!! /hug

viktoria said...

i didnt talk to you foo. did you forget me? emma and emma called me YAAAAAY im popula! aha jk. miss youuu 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

Alex said...

I just had time to talk to you like ten minutes and then we never actually talked again later =P Talked to Ems, David and Emma pretty much though. Tried calling you Vix, but I didn't get any answer, just an answering machine, and Mengxian's phone was switched off. Yeah, the Secret Santa ROCKED! Oh gosh, it rocked SO BAD! Hahaha, I laughed so hard I fell off a chair and broke it... Since most of us had slept enough for once we had the energy to laugh all the time and not just almost all the time ;) TEAPOT! Miss you too, cya New Years! (it'll be SOOOOO fun!)


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