almost unreal - roxette

Sometimes I feel, strange as it seems,
You've been in my dreams all my life

Aaargh, what a day. I'm tired, I'm confused, and I've got a weird feeling for the moment that I won't try to explain. I feel weird, that's all...

It's been a long day, and I've spent the most of it thinking and worrying, and the rest to try to stay awake. It's not been a day all too good, as you can hear... but of course, it hasn't been bad either. We've had quite a few laughs, as usual! But chemistry for last lesson just kills me.

And I still haven't got me food card! The first day I take myself time to go to the Arts Insitution to get my photo taken, guesss what? Before I've even found the place were the art teacher resides, I find out that he has gone home for the day. Splendid.

I visited Konditori Lundagård after school. I'm in love! I at least think I've got a new favorite café. I stayed there for a while, writing a letter. Nice environment, really.

I spent the most of the bus ride home talking to Jing. Nice, very nice. It's the closest I get to having company on the bus. And now I'm trying to call her, but she won't answer. It is a little bit annoying, and I don't want to seem all too manic, but what can a man do? I am like that, even though I don't like it.

Half of the problem is solved, I'm halfway there. Now let's just see if the second half works out too.


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Challe said...

To have chemestry as last lesson is everything apart from good. We got it as a last class at tuseday, starting at 14.45 and ending 16.00. It's nothing to look forward to, without doubt.


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