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For men must work and women must weep
For there's little to earn and many to keep

I haven't blogged in a couple of days, I'm aware of that (obiously, since I'm right now pointing it out to you, my dear readers).

School's going on as expected, the tests are a'comin' pretty much now. We had chemistry test tuesday, and that went... well, above my expectations. For nearly not having studied any, and just been on a little bit of the lessons this term, it felt really good.

Especially this one thing... We were supposed to decide what colour the gas of chlorine, bromide and iodine had. And well, how could I know that? So I started guessing.
Linus "Snuggles" *thinking*: "Hm... chlorine. Well, the water in the swimming hall is slightly green... there. And then bromide. Well, in a traffic light, yellow is closest to green. Well then, a wualified guess... Oh Christ, iodine? How could I know. Let's just say purple."

The correct answers? Green, red and purple. Not all too abd guessed.

We also had drama tuesday... I need to do something about that half term I've missed of it.

Well, after school I went t'wards the station to meet Johanna and Fredrik (or what was his name?) from Helsingborg. That was because I sorta... well, they've got this matchmaking project, and since I'm single (very single) I thought that well, why not? So we met so that they could confirm my identity. We went to the Espresso House by the Central Station and had a nice chat for about an hour.

And now for today. We didn't have any English today, equals long morning. So I took the bus as late av 08:30, and just got ten minutes late for Maths. I survived that however, by chatting with Alex and reading Metro.

Next lesson was Spanish. That was cancelled, something that me, Gustav (f or v?) and Arthur noticed when we went down to check about ten minutes after we were supposed to start. So me and Arthur went for hot dogs instead of the whatever-it-was in the cantina. Most of the remainder of the break we hanged out a little with Ems and Natalie, waiting for the others to quit their lessons.

The remaining? Computer science (there are no words what I think of that subject...), Sweidsh and History. Which of course means that as soon as we got out of Computer Science the rest of the day was good. On the Swedish we were supposed to write our analyses of our short stories (me, David and Arthur having a thing by Poe) although I spent it with copying notes for the Civics test tomorrow. And the History lesson was mainly spent with Civics too.

Three other notes of the day are nice to know.
  • The new number of Kattedemokraten (this time called "Kometen Krattade") was released today, with a whole lot of freemasonry-connections. We don't need Wihilo anymore!
  • I went fikaing with Alex, Ems, Emma N and Mengan after school, at some place called "Coffee Point" where we... studied Civics. And stuff.
  • UWC (United World Colleges) was on the school today, I stood there chatting with'em for a while, got their information paper and stuff. And does it sound interesting? Interesting's too small a word. Yes, I will apply for it, even though I'm not completely sure that I'd go even if I'm accepted. But I ain't got nothing to lose by applying. I'll tell you more 'bout that another time.

That's all for these two days. Quote of the days:
Emma N (with cute swedish accent): Jag är ett läskigt monster, kanjag få en kaka?


3 kommentar(er).:

Aleeeex said...

Haha, that quote just so rocks! Oh, and did you hear me and Sophie in history today? "He sent you a text message, that *doesn't* mean you're gonna be pregnant in a year!". That was fun...!

mengan said...

Plus that quote from our Swedish teacher.. "Don't be such a naughty boy Ben!" She's kinda.. special.

Ems said...

hehe I really love that quote :D
oh and it is so funny that Emma can speak skånska so well, i mean i'm swedish and i can't speak skånska :P and then she just gets this perfect skånsk accent in no time at all. unfairness :P
well cya tomorrow ^^


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