fake tales of san francisco - arctic monkeys

And as the microphone squeaks
a young girl's telephone beeps
Yeah she's dashing for the exit
and she's running to the streets outside
"Oh you've saved me," she screams down the line
"the band were fucking wankered
And I'm not having a nice time."

Cold, cold, cold. And rain. And cold on the bus, and a headache as the result of having tried to sleep to make the long, dull minutes tick by faster.

Global warming doesn't always feel like a bad idea.

Math test received back today with acceptably good results -- Biology test waiting tomorrow, immediately in the morning. 8:15 I am going to demonstrate my wide-spread knowledge in genetics. How good that I'm great in Biology and have loads of energy, or that would really suck.


Anyhoo, since I've run oyut of study-material for the test, I'll try to spend the evening either with Gordon Freeman or Godfried d'Ardennes. If it wasn't for my computer, I don't know what I would spend all spare time with.

hier kommt alex - die toten hosen

Jeder Mensch lebt wie ein Uhrwerk
wie ein Computer programmiert.
Es gibt keinen, der sich dagegen wehrt,
nur ein paar Jugendliche sind frustriert.
Wenn am Himmel die Sonne untergeht
beginnt für die Droogs der Tag
In kleinen Banden sammeln sie sich,
gehen gemeinsam AUF DIE JAGD.

If I had more readers, I would most likely upset some reactionary fellow by even refering to a song that's probably glorifying the violent, slightly crazy character of Alexander DeLarge, whose existence we owe Anthony Burgess credit for. Crazy or not, rapist or not, violent, megalomaniacal, Beethoven-loving or not, I love A Clockwork Orange.

Good news today. The Kennedys have announced their support for Barack Obama, the enormously charismatic senator from Illinois whom I strongly endorse, without him ever knowing it. Technically it is none of my business, since I am a European living in Europe and probably never even will live in the US of A. But since they are so determined to control the world they indirectly control me as well, and thus it is as much of my concern as of anyone else.

Anyhow, the Kennedys have, as stated, decided to endorse Obama's campaign. By the Kennedys I mean Caroline and Edward "Ted" Kennedy, the daughter and the youngest brother of the one and forever only John F. Kennedy. Ted Kennedy is one of the heaviest voices in American politics, and maybe his endorsement will be just enough to tip the scale to Obama's favour rather than Clinton's. I've always liked Bill Clinton, but Hilary is not even close to Obama in my book.

Change, that's what he is talking about. And even I, sitting here on the other side of the puddle and knowing jack about American health or education politics -- more than knowing that there is something rotten in it -- believe him.

He gets my vote, if I would have had one.

fuss & bother - the nipple erectors

Because you're looking for fuss 'n' bother, oh yeah
Don't come tryin' to start a fight
'cause you think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread
You might be a hit with all the girls
But that won't help you when I break your head, 'cause

Just one look at your face
Just one look at your face
Just one look at your face
I got to get out of this place

What? I've got an irregularity in blogging? Well, of course I do. What is there to do about that, more than by magic erasing my homework and forum-lurking?

Truly... it takes a man like Shane to have had a band called The Nipple Erectors. Although they changed their name to The Nips later, surely due to pressure from certain moral institutions.

The days go on in the same pace as usual.
homeworkignoringhomeworkwritingontheforumgoingtobed. The forum is a rather new part of the daily routine though; the writing does me good. Escapism in its purest form is when you initiate it yourself.

The irregularity is bound to continue,

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