easy livin' - uriah heep

Easy livin' and I've been forgiven
Since you've taken
Your place in my heart

Okay, so I promised to say something about Saturday too. And by this time a'day, I don't feel like being an ass anymore, so I'll write something.

I spent the first third of the day cleaning, the second third wondering where T'res was, since she hadn't called me or anything, and the third third (?) being with T'res.

There ain't much to say about the claening I guess, but when T'res contacted me by like 14:10 or something, she had just a'woken. I'm not that surprised really. Anyhow we decided to meet downtown by the square, and then went for a little walk. The usual way sorta, the places worth walking by here. Down by Gågatan, in to buy something at Al-Humidis, continuing down to Österleden and then t'wards the station. By Pressbyrån we met Wendel and Björk, that are sort of just like when I met'em last time. No surprise, I guess.

Up by the square again, and there we first met Jacob Koc and then Joel. Fun! And by like 18.30 or something we went home to my place for first dinner and then Blues Brothers. Well, what's there more to say? Watching Blues Brothers, and then I walked her home since she probably doesn't know the eay by herself.

My only comment for the day today is that sundays still suck, no matter if you're on PDP or not.

Tomorrow; Lund and potentially bowling with Alex, Emz and David.


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