the last dj - tom petty

And some folks say there gonna hang him so high
'cause you just can't do what he did
There's some things you just cant put in the minds of those kids
as we celebrate mediocrity all the boys upstairs wanna see
How much you'll pay for what you used to get for free

I've been lazy, I've been tired, I've been having somewhat of a life. And because of that, my blogging died a little bit, at least temporarily. I haven't blogged since wednesday, wednesday people! That's lousy. I guess. But anyhow, I've been sleeping instead, I've been awfully tired by logical reasons. If I don't get me eight hours of sleep every night, I'm screwed the day after. Sleeping on the bus ain't comfortable nor worth it, since it's only a little more than an hour.

I can barely believe that I'm saying that... only a little more than an hour. I've gotten used to that time on the bus, and I feel a little happy everytime I can see the outskirts of Lund on the other side of the bus window. My life has really taken quite a turn now. From biking a few minutes to a school that I just waited for the end of, to a busride of infinite time to a school that I almost long for. Or at least I long for the feeling of being in a big (well...) city together with people whose company I enjoy. That's nice.

Well, I'm not sure I recall anything from Thursday really. Or well, the day started with computer science and continued with a civics test on the contitutions of USA, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. So then me and a few others went to a place to buy a card for David, whose birthday was friday.

After school I went to Ystad, of course, and this time I got there (well) early. Meeting with the presidium of the Youth Council. That went well, and I've got a few days when I need to take some time from school to do certain stuff here. That sucks a little at least, but it's pretty much needed.

Gaah... just Thursday this far?

Well, I've had a wonderful Friday, and a good Saturday too that I'll tell you about in a while, but now I'll go down to eat instead.


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Ems said...

bon apetit ^^


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