erie canal - bruce springsteen

Low bridge, everybody down!
Low bridge, for we're comin' through a town!
And you'll always know your neighbor,
You'll always know your pal,
If you've ever navigated on the Erie Canal.

Yes, I know, I've been an increibly bad blogger this weekend. And why? Because I was so completely tired yesterday. Awfully. truly madly deeply. Maybe not physically, but at least mentally.

And no, I haven't caught a depressed mood. I just felt a little empty and slow.

So, I spent the day downloading (Buhu, please don't kill me FBI) music for me new Media Library. Since I totally killed me comp the other day, it's now more or less empty of everything. Starting it up yesterday I had nothing, no Media Player, nor Messenger, nor music. So, it was just to start the task of trying to resurrect the old Library. However I seem to be a pretty lousy necromancer, of the songs I've got now there's only few I had before. Bodeans, Eldkvarn, Vreeswijks verision of Bellmans Epistlar, The Seeger Sessions of Springsteen... A whole lot of good music.

Well, saturday was pretty boring. But that doesn't matter, since the friday completely rocked.

For the first: D-day! Wonderful. So I got into Lund to meet David, Emma Notkin, Ems, Alex and Mengxian by one o'clock. The day was labeled as "shopping day"... And guess what? H&M was the first place.

Obviously those Victor&Rolf-clothes sold out pretty fast. Not a trace of it. Not to me surprise nor frustration though. However, me and David managed to escape, so we went to some kind of book store instead.

The girls stayed at H&M pretty long, and after that Gina Tricot awaited. That was luckily over pretty fast though. So we went to the second hand-shop. How can one not love a second hand shop? Well, after trying thousands of things (and the two Emmas bought one weird hat each...) we went on for a café. Guess what? We didn't find any. They were all crowded. So the last resort was Pink&Purple, the place were all girls in Lund (probably) buys their graduation dresses... It wasn't as horrible as the other places at least.

So then we were off to get dinner. We ordered to big pizzas at Ciao Ciao by the Central Station, and got a whole lot of soda, candy, chips and stuff at ICA. I meself bought two "Energy Activators" by the name of Cult. Hehe.

The rest of the evening is impossible to describe in words. Nearly. Well, we were at Emma N:s place, a really nice apartment, and after eating a little pizza we started the main activity: watching EuroTrip!

Mad Maynard: You beep at me? We'll beep at you you' French bastard, all over your fuckin' nose!

Cooper: This isn't where I parked my car...

Scott: Fiona!

Bert: What a fucking loser, I'll videotape this.

I can go on forever.

I can also add that this movie is one of the reasons that I speak British... Well, someone came up with the bright idea that we should go backpacking in Europe after graduating. So now I'll write it down here in me blog, so that we won't forget to. Savvy?

Well, the rest of the evening was weird. I can't nor will describe it, see for yourselves: and look at the tenth of november.

That's all for now, a new week awaiting tomorrow. Now I'll watch Grease.


4 kommentar(er).:

yank said...

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Alex said...

Yaaay, free commercial ;)

ems said...

hehe I came up with the idea that we should go backpacking in Europe after gradutaing, although I've had that idea for ages and I DO indeed to do it ;) Let's just convince the rest, ey?

Alex said...

I've already promised someone else to do that =( Is there anything else we can do? Or at least something fairly cheap? ;)


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