en söt liten flicka - lars winnerbäck

Hon är en söt liten flicka som vet vad hon vill,

men hon vill ingenting untan kompisar intill
Och när hon får lite i sig, ja då höjer hon sin röst
vickar på rumpan och är stolt för sina bröst
En söt liten flicka med framtiden framför sig
en stadens stjärna som knullar allt som rör sig
En söt liten flicka den snälla goda fen
som tror att man kan köpa vad som helst för stora bröst och bruna ben

People that haven't noticed that I worship the very Earth that Lars Winnerbäck walks upon are either confused, having their heads up in the sky, or they simply don't know me.

Therefore, this post will be very much in the signs of Winnerbäck. I mean, just look at the intro song... one of the real oldies that Winnerbäck wrote and played with his band Snoddas (and in which one of the members actually was Anders from Swedish comedy-series Anders och Måns) during his time at the gymnasium of Katedralskolan in Linköping. I guess he had an aggressive attitude against bimbos too.

I found a really good wepage about him, or at least about his works. Album covers, tabs, lyrics, everything. And it also featured a department with texts by Winnerbäck, and that immediately gave me an hour of escape from all means of science-homework.

One of the texts got to me more than the others (or I simply was too tired to memorize any more than this first one), and when I today read it again, I figured that I should share it.

Observe, Lars Winnerbäck is from Sweden. In Sweden, we speak Swedish. Thereby the original text is in Swedish. For internationality and great justice I have tried to translate it as good as possible though. So remember, the following text is written by Lars Winnerbäck, but translated into English by me.


"About pornography

When I made my sexual debut I got really turned on as soon as I got to see
a pair of separated legs. I got turned on by nakedness and breasts. I've
learnt how not to get turned on by that anymore. Not in the same way, at least.
Not with the same curiosity and excitement.

Now I see it every day at the store. After midnight on TV. On more than
every second tag on the internet. Every weak a little more, a little

We can't make pornography a question only for the women. We can't let the
porno industry think that there's only female feminists that wants to stop them.
That only women are affected. We are all victims. No one is longer

With tremendous speed and with a convincing power it has invaded our
homes. On the internet you can search for any female celebrity and find, not
only spread legs, but horses and eels and dogs and cats that are having sex, for
real, in close-up.

If you want to click it down a new pop-up appears with further close-ups.
There is no stop.

I am so happy that I lost my virginity eight years ago. Before TV1000 and
internet. When Fibban and Rapport where the only representatives on the subject
of porn. At least that I knew of by then. By then, porn was hard to get. You
couldn't reach the magazines that had a box of their own and almost looked a
little dangerous.

Me and a friend found a magazine in the woods once, and with big eyes we
looked it through, astonished of all the things that our Biology teacher hadn't
told us.

What we saw in the porno-magazine that day I can see all the time now,
without even trying. Without will and without any curiosity at all. My curiosity
has been taken away. The porno industry have replaced it with disgust.

It's got to be hard facing your sex debut nowadays. To be around 15 years
and be in a class with ten, twenty other guys. Hard to know what you really
want. Hard to know that anal sex doesn't come without complications. It looks so
easy, and is compulsory on TV1000. Hard to know if it's something you really
want or if it's just a sick invention from the porno industries.

Because the porno inustry have never told us that it's more fun to have sex
when you're in love. That the breasts never are as wonderful to touch. Porno has
told us about gangbangs and double penetrations. As if it was natural and
even cool. They have never said that it hurts, physically, but above all deep in
your soul.

I've been robbed of my curiosity without even being a consumer of porn.
It's sick. The porno industry has taken it away from me. The curiosity. That's
not fair! Get away and take your double penetrations with you! Get out of my
computer! I can't handle you. I don't think that anyone can. You have insulted
woman. You have insulted man. You have assaulted youth. You haven't even
spared the animals.

Lucky there's radio.

This is Lars Winnerbäck, in Transit, in P3."

Yes, it's actually just a coincidence that it happens to be written by one of my greatest idols. No matter who whould have written it I would have agreed (I guess).

To put all cards on the table: Of course porn can be nice. Heck, I'm a teenage guy. Of course I've watched porn. I don't deny that, that would just be stupid.

But what is really behind the whole porno industry, the whole industry producing movies where blonde girls with unnaturally big (and actually not at all sexy) silicon breasts are screwed in all possible positions according to a so-called script. Well, for the first one can state that most movies are keeping the exactly same schedule in terms of positions and such, as well as silly terms and lines that all involve the f-word in different variations.

It's not too creative, one can state that without watching it.

But the thing that is driving behind all this is a sick ideal that girls and women enjoy practically everything and that they are supposed to not only look but probably think like Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks in order to be good girlfriends and wives.

But to be honest, guys over all of the planet... of course a good-looking girl stripping her clothes of in a video might be hot, but I doubt that she can hold very many interesting discussions. And realizing that you're most likely no too intelligent when doing that takes the whole edge of it.

The ideals are sick.

The money involved in it are of sick amounts.

And heck, it is getting annoying.

Don't believe me? Check the papers any random day. News about Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Linda Rosing usually complains over something. If it's not that the government wants to take her kids since she's been a druggie it is that people only see her outside (no offense BB-Linda, but you were fucking on live TV; sometimes our reputations are only caused by ourselves). ALl of them are bimbos that not in any way makes the world a better place. They are representing a world of surface and weird ideals, and have lifestyles that some girls awe for without seemingly knowing why.

It is sick. Porno is nothing compared to love in real life.

Wisdom enough for today. Cheers to whoever uploaded the Winnerbäck texts, and is Lars Winnerbäck himself for unknown and irrelevant reason would visit this site: Thanks. Thanks for your music, your texts, and all that you are trying to say. You're the king.


fat bottomed girls - queen

Hey listen here,
Now I got mortgages on homes
I got stiffness in my bones
Ain't no beauty queens in this locality (I tell ya!)
Oh, but I still get my pleasure
Still got my greatest treasure.
Heap big woman you done made a big man out-of me!

Now get this!

Oh, (i know),
you gonna take me home tonight (please)
oh, down beside that red firelight
Oh, you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Get on your bikes and ride!

16 days. It's been 16 effin' days since I last updated. Honestly, that sucks. Well, I blame lack of motivation, lack of time, lack of sleep, and an overload of homework to cram in between school and the little spare time that I actually have got. Now I've got both time and a subject though, and thereby I return to the blog. I promise, or I at least hope that I won't stay away from it this long anymore.

Alas, the studies, yes... They are taking a lot of time now. And that's blasted, but what can I do?

Today: 8th of March. Two great happening are occurring on this day:
  • Me celebrating two months with Ems

  • International Women's Day

Not too much to say about first thing. Two months simply, and I met up with her a little earlier this morning. And I even miss her now, even though I saw her just a few hours ago. Well, in averagely 10½ hours I will see her again, and that's very good.

And to the next matter, the International Women's Day (I think that is the correct term for "Internationella Kvinnodagen"). And what is that?

Well, the International Women's Day, hereafter labelled as IWD for simplifying and saving my own energy is a day when women issues and equality between the sexes all over the world are to be given extra attention. I'm not sure if it's given as much attention in nations like e.g. India, Somalia, or why not USA, as in our very own Sweden. For some reason I doubt it. The Swedes are masters in the art to celebrate or recognize things that makes them feel responsible and good.

As you might have noticed if you're a regular reader of my texts, I'm not overly enthusiastic. I'm not bursting out of my shoes through the roof in order to levitate by pink clouds, which might be overly clear. And why? Why don't I want to celebrate a day for women, about women, and recognize all of their rights for one day and think extra of the big issues of equality?

One simple reason: Why would I? In what way would I be guilty to do that during this specific day?

I don't know about you other boys, guys and men out there, but at least I don't feel for being good against women during one day. A year according to the Gregorian calendar has got 365 of these. Shall the remaining 364 days remain as a patriarchy propaganda with women being oppressed?

Let's put it like this. I like women. Heck, I'm a heterosexual teenage guy. And I like one woman really much. A whole lot of my friends are girls, I'm talking to girls regularly and I can laugh just as much and well in the company of girls as in the company of guys.

I have never ever in my life treated someone in a different way because of their sex. And I doubt that I ever will (if I do, kick me: this doesn't include sarcasm, irony or cynicism, I want to spare my legs).

The IWD is in one way a big demonstration of the state of the feminism in the world. It's the women, and not the casual women but the rabid ones, the militant women that brings forward their aggressive messages. Men doesn't really have anything to say in the debate without getting labeled as either dictators, animals or lacking character.

Yes, now I am the one generalizing, but this text is mainly a way to show my opinion against the fanatical feminists that claims that men hit women, because it's in our nature. Wtf? In our nature? Come on. Is it then in women's nature to shop? No, it's something you choose. And no, I'm not putting an equality mark between these two, but note however: No woman in the world has a need somewhere deep in her mind to go shopping for loads of money. It's something they want to do, and something they might feel better by doing.

Men hitting women are basically the same thing. They hit women either because of the influence of some stim or drug, to feel better themselves, or simply because they feel for it. And of course they should have a few slaps in the face in order to wake up. Violence is never right unless when self-defending. The same goes for women hitting men though, that is neither more nor less justified, and anyone claiming the opposite should have a really good excuse for it.

I've also a few times heard the argument that "All men are pigs". When then kindly asking whichever girl it might have been why they think that way (don't ask me why they were talking to me at all if they would be correct) the answer is usually: "All that I have met have been that way, so I assume that all others are that way too." Is it really possible to say that without meeting all men in the world? I've only met one guy from Dalsland, and he was deaf. Does that mean that I can regard all guys (or people at all) from Dalsland as deaf? Of course not. get a grip of yourself, it's no good way to whine to proclaim the entire male population of the Earth as any sort of animal.

Yes, I might seem hostile, and I am. I am hostile at people treating other people in an unfair way because of sex, and for that part also religion, race, appearance or ethnicity, among other things. I despise people proclaiming the patriarchy, just as much as I despise the people that want women to rule the world and men to be the oppressed ones.

We are all humans for [insert word regarded as curse] sake. Is that so hard for parts of the world and its population to get?

All from me for this time.


Edit: After being informed by all-around English-pro David I have changed "International Women Day" into "International Women's Day". Thank you David, for contributing to a blog free from grammatical errors and typos.


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