la camisa negra - juanes

Tengo la camisa negra
porque negra tengo el alma
Yo por ti perdí la calma
y casi pierdo hasta mi cama.

So, yesterday was nice. Friday's are nice! History, P.E. and drama in one day, purely wonderful. Drama's doing really good too, but of course I won't tell you anything, then it wouldn't be as fun, would it? Muha, muha!

Well, Drama first lesson, then P.E., lunch and Spanish, and History for our last lesson. The History lesson was fun, both involvning Stefan forgeting to check if I'm there (as usual), and a few minutes later doing propaganda for invading Spyken. There were also some more or less good jokes.

*When making notes about the French Constitution of 1791, and noting that king Louis XVI was the executive*
Arthur: Yes, the king was after all executed.

*About the war against the Austrians*
Araneya: Can't you bribe a Habsburger by giving him a hamburger?

Rest of PDP: Gaaaah!
Araneya: Hihi...

You get the drill, ey?

Well, we got out of school early today, since we didn't have any biology. So me, David, Ems, Emma and Alex went to ICA, to buy food and stuff for the evening. After a short while we met up with Araneya, so we took him with us.

We bought pizza, Julmust, candy, crisps (yesyesyes, crisps, not chips) and other stuff.

Well, the evening started as usual. Home to Emma, starting to eat candy, and then starting the movie. Today's movie was Life of Brian! Although, after laughing our arses off for a while, David had to leave since he was going to Jönköping, a small suburb to a big forest up north. So we followed him to the station, waved him goodbye, and then got back to Emma's.

So we finished watching the Monty Python majestic masterpiece, and ate pizza and stuff. And all of a sudden, Emma left, and when she came back she had this strange smile. And then Alex and Ems gave each other conspirating looks, and well...

Snugglie: Dammit...

Well, the good part is that three girls jumped on to and sat on me. That ain't too bad of course. But they had make-up. Lots of makeup. Purple, blue, red. Traumatizing, I can tell you.

The following time (three minutes, thirty minutes?) was the desperate fight of a man trying to save both his face and the little dignity he has got left. I'm not sure if I succeeded in any way at all... what do you think girls?

Well, after this little wrestling we all sorta was lying in a big pile, and in a sudden urge for revenge I started tickling them. As the most part of Homo Sapiens I only have two arms though, and thereby only two hands. This lead to the strange happening of me tickling the two girls closest, but having three manically laughing girls lying on me.

This situation is so absurd that one can't do anything but love it.

A little while later, when everyone was practically lying dead and trying to catch their breath, Arthur called. So we went down to the church to get him, and then after he arrived we... well, the first thing we started to do was Twister. This game-from-hell that no male is really supposed to be good at, but it's hell of fun! Not to mention that the gals kept on ending up in very strange poses. Very strange poses. We did one guys-only round too though, with me and Arthur. It didn't go too well though.

Well, after eating a little more candy and drinking the last Julmust, we were all pretty tired. So the rest of the evening circulated around Truth/Truth and weird photos, some of them involving massage tools. (Yes, you are meant to misinterprete that).

And no, I won't mention anything what was said. That is for VIP only, y'know. If you've got the luck to get invited to some of our highly original multi convos sometime, you might hear something though.

And as always, the photos for the friday is up on

So for now,

4 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

First: if you call that a lot of make-up you can't ever have seen girls actually putting make-up on themselves ;)
Second: Ah, crap, I forgot what the second thing was.

Oh well, Friday was fun =D

Snuggles said...

Much or not, girls don't walk around looking like a squished plum.

Ems said...

Nope you didnt succeed at all in saving your face and dignity :P but it was a nice try though, ill give ya that ;) btw that wasnt a lot of makeup hahaha (be thankful it wasnt mwahahaha)and you turned out veeery prettyful indeed so no need to complain ey? Purple most definately is your colour! :D :P
'our highly original multi convos', hehe i like the sound of that :P sounds very VIP. But only special people can get invited there ofcörz
well laterz mate, /hugbug

Challe said...

Jönköping is a very nice town, I like it most when they arrange fencingcompetions! :P


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