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I come from a land down under
Where beer does flow and men chunder
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover

Ever had that experience of all of a sudden finding an old favourite song of yours that you'd almost forgotten about? It happened me the other day when I all of a sudden found this old thing on my mp3. So I sat the whole morning on the bus, listening to it over and over, trying to remember a time long ago when there were no clouds to be seen.

Well, as all of you people with the capability of reading have noticed, I haven't blogged the last few days. And why? Well, because I've been dog tired almost every day after school/busride-of-Satan, and at the same time my computer's been rather rude against me. I'll hang the twat soon, no problems.

Well, school's going on the same way as before. It's quite nice that I nowadays actually enjoy going to school, I feel happy when I get there and see familiar faces. That's a feeling I can't remember that I've ever had before, so well... Nearly all problems seems to have been solved by now, and that's comforting indeed.

Anyhow, since there ain't very many news from school from the last days, I only have one thing to mention: Me, Maria, Koc and Emma J went to see the freemasoner the other day. That was... interesting.

Yesterday I had royal company here in this glorious hole, i.e. Ems, Emma, Alex, David, Mengan and Vix. The reason for this company was labeled as movie night/sleepover (for everyone except for Vix). First thing for the day was to feed my guests, they had to be satisfied with pan pizza for lunch but didn't seem to mind all too much. After that we went to ICA to get soda and crisps and stuff for the night.

When we got home we figured that it was time to watch the first movie. Now a problem appeared: We had no idea what movie we were going to watch. This led to the happening that Snugglie brought every movie in the house worth seeing, and then make eager recommendations for the best ones. It didn't really matter for me though, I'd seen all shite already. Anyhow, we chose The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher. Yes I know, Kutcher's probably one of the least serious-looking persons in Hollywood, but that doesn't matter really.

Talking about serious. That movie is quite serious and well, I guess it was quite a change from all the comedies we've watched before. It's a pretty good movie though, and after watching it we went down to get dinner: tacos!

And now it was time for me to be kitchen dictator, I tried to do as much as I could by myself. It's actually quite funny being in the kitchen, even though I'm not that good at it. But I managed to fix tacos, and command my guests to not do all too much since I after all was the host. So we had a really nice dinner, sat down eating and talking for a quite long time.

After food it was time for me, the host as you remember, to fix the dishes and stuff. And immediately after that we went up to the TV again, this time in the company of truffles and crisps. We had truffles for a whole friggin' platoon, I tell you. Anyhow, the next movie (after some truth/dare) was The Shawshank Redemption, which I can honestly say is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I believe that the others thought it was quite good too. Even though Ems and Vix got veeery hyperisch during the last 15 minutes of it... Wiie!

Soon after that movie, a time period that also involved some truth or dare, Vix went home. It really sucked that she couldn't stay over the night, but well... ain't much we could do about that. Anyhow, after playing some truth or truth (that is when most people have gone too lazy for dares) we started the third movie: Grease! Which of course meant a whole lot sing-a-long...

After watching that one, eating more truffles and getting a little tired, we moved into my room instead. Four people squished into my bed, two on a madrass on the floor, and then it changed during the night. I think the final configuration was Emma, David and Alex in my bed, Ems and Mengan on a madrass each and me in a chair. I got the worst place, I can tell you.

We spent a few hours just talking and well... tickling. And I'm not entirely sure what was going on in my bed, but I have changed the sheets just for sure. Well, we had quite some truth or truth too, but at one time you're always out of questions, and ultimately we fell asleep.

I can tell all you blog readers out there, here's a good advice: Do not try to sleep in chairs. It's not comfortable at all, I have a terrible pain in my neck and spine, and well. It wasn't good at all.

I woke up at 07:35 and went up. Combed myself, shaved, started cleaning, ate a nice peaceful breakfast... and then I had breakfast on the table for the others when they got up from bed around ten o'clock. Ems went with the 11:30 bus to Lund, so I followed here there, and the time that me and my remaining guests had was spent with billiards and fikaing on gingerbreads.

It's a little funny you know. I feel like one person when having people from Lund and stuff around. And then when I see them leave with the bus some switch's turned off inside my head and the countdown is starting 'til the time I'll see them again.

I had a really nice weekend guys, hope you enjoyed it here too.


4 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

This weekend rocked so bad!!!! =D=D=D

mengan said...

Yep, we had tons of fun this weekend :D I demand another sleepover soon!

Ems said...

yeah it was a truly nice weekend :D and i agree with majbritt:another sleepover soon! most definately. this sleepover rocked my socks (and i only use that expression when i really mean something :P)
and that was a very lövely entry :) thank you.

Araneya said...

Nice blog:D Sitting here when I ought to sleep (fuck sleeping @ ten) and reading this and listening to some good music. And I'm enjoying it quite alot! Thank you very much for not making me sleep.


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