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Oh, Errol
I would give everything, just to be like him

Ever had that feeling that you're life seems so empty and boring comparing to a certain persons'? Well, at least that feeling comes to me regularly. There's always something fascinating in dreaming about some other persons life, even if it's Errol Flynn, Arnold Scwarzenegger or just the guy on the other side of the street. The grass is always greener at the neighbour's place.

I'm not sure that I have anything really exciting to tell about this weekend. I spent like half of my time awake yesterday with T'res, and the rest of the time by I computer. First I went to Snuggles with her, taking a fika, and then by the evening I went home to her to watch "Walk the line". We've discovered that Joaquin Phoenix doesn't have an appearance of his own, he just looks like other people all the time. And mostly, he looked like other people than Johnny Cash, that he was supposed to play.

And today I've spent almost all of my time by the computer. Cheerful, isn't it? I freaking hate sundays. Their very existence puts me in a mood where I'm able to kill something fluffy and put it on a pole in the garden.
Anyhow, I was out walking with T'res now by the evening, and we... well, sat by our Emo Bridge, we walked a little, and then we sat by the monastery for a while. I realized that the church and the monastery are two pretty mystic buildings. I think I'll search inspiration there in the future, it might prove useful.

Tomorrow it's back to school, and back to my 75 minute bus. Is it woth it? It is worth it.


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