brothers in arms - dire straits

Now the suns gone to hell, and the moons riding high
Let me bid you farewell, every man has to die
But its written in the starlight and every line on your palm
We're fools to make war on our brothers in arms

To start with friday, we had drama as first lesson. We mostly rehearsed different things, and since I'm not sure how much I have the power to tell, and at the same time feels a little for being an ass since I hate sundays, I won't tell you very much.

We spoke about grades however, and since I'm relatively new here (I've only been here for two weeks as you know...) I'm stuck with a G. That might change however, since me and Velko probably are going to do something especiale. That might be fun.

We had basketball on P.E., and it sucked pretty hard really. I'm at least five inches short of being able to like basketball. I believe we won one game however... Ah Christ, ain't anyone here able to play football? And then I mean football-football, the game where you kick at a ball with your foot. I refuse to say the s-word...

I still haven't got any food card, so I wen for kebab at Lundafalafel. Very nice actually.

Other lessons for the day was a cancelled Spanish-class that was spent together with Ems, Emma N and potentially someone more in the library, a history class that was pretty ok, and a boring biology class. Cells, cells, cells, if I ever happen to come across a cell I'll strangle it.

So after school me, David, Ems, Emma N, Alex (Alexandra that is) and Mengxian went by bus to the glorious metropolis of Södra Sandby, i.e. Ems' place. We started the evening with eating apple pie, a truly good start.

After eating the pie we got introduced to Bob by Emma, and after that the phrase "It's a fucking milk package!" was repeated by me an un-countable number of times. However, both me and Bob survived the evening, at least for this time.

Our activity for the evening was to watch a movie, so the next happening was "Get six persons to choose one movie out of averagely 300". Eventually it came to be Johnny English even though everyone except for David already had seen it. That didn't really matter though, and we had fun watching it.

There is an explanation whye some of the pics look weird though. Alex's the one taking the pics, and the display on her camera is sort of broken. So thereby she was taking photos manically, without knowing the result. Quite fun, actually.

From the left, Alex, David, Mengxian, Ems and moi, with Emma N taking the photo.

By averagely 21:30 we went out, since my bus was leaving for Lund by 21:49. So we got to the bus stop without (very many) accidents, and when I got on the bus I noticed that me bus card for some stupid reason doesn't work after fridays 20:00. So I paid the 12 crowns to get to Lund, said goodbye to the others, and left.

When I got to Lund I had a nice problem in front of me; for the first, I needed money for the bus home. For the second, I didn't know where the cash machine was on the Central station. I figured that sincie it is a station though, there's got to be one here. Pressbyrån and all other places of mine were closed, so I went in to a restaurant and asked two not all too sober gentlemen 'bout the way.

I got me money, and then spent a whole lot of time sending text messages. You know, fifty minutes on a station and after that seventy-five minutes on a bus can get pretty lonely. So me and Anna had this really nice conversation. She's a nice girl, I miss her actually.

Another person that I miss is Linnea. I need to talk to you someday soon now honey, it's been all too long.

And as my last stand I demand a great snow storm in this part of the country.
(I'll write about saturday another time, since there is nothing interesting to say about this sunday anyhow).


2 kommentar(er).:

Anonymous said...

well that's some... interesting pics :P

and johnny english was good. although it took quite a while to choose it hehe

well I'll cya tomorrow snuggles....BOWLING!!! yay ^^


Alex said...

manically taking pictures? =P
Haha, well, okay then, I guess that's true. But they still turned out okay...

Bowling tomorrow! Wohoo!


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