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The main thing of the morning was that the bus was late. This was since the 399 towards Ystad had like... slipped of the road, and was thereby vlocking half the road. Wonderful, but it didn't really matter to me in any way.

I was in Lund by nine, a little irritating since we doesn't start 'til ten to ten. So, I picked up three free (three free, hihi) newspapers and perked meself reading in the basement. Well there I helped a fella out with one thing to, but that's not public I guess. ^^

So then for the first lesson we had handball on P.E. I met up with Velko by the gym, and then managed to survive one and a half hour of this... stupid (?) game. I didn't have the ball very much though, I mostly ran-ran-ran.

Not much more to tell for a while. Food in the cantina, bought some candy, managed to get to the fourth floor with Arthur and Emma for our Spanish without dying totally. And our Spanish-teacher kept on her campaign for making the students work tith others than people they know... That's fun though, I love me Spanish class!

Remaining lessons was English, Biology and Computer Science. English was interesting, we had this theme about school shootings. Biology was fun, just because. And Computer Science rocked, since it was cancelled because of malfunctioning computers. Or, we cancelled it during the lesson because of that...

Which led to me, Ems, Alex, David and Arthur going to Gräddhyllan for a short fika before going home.

I've also spoken to Jing today. No trip this time at least. Another time, another place...

Cheers, I'll see you tomorrow!

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ems said...

yay im the first to comment ^^

David said...

Yum, chocolate cake with whipped cream...

Alex said...


David said...

jag är ett läskig monster, ge mej en kaka!

ems said...

scotty doesn't know!!
*random comment*

Challe said...

What happned to the image that you are blog-addicted?


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