cover me - bruce springsteen

The whole world's out there just
trying to score
I've seen enough, I ain't gonna
see it anymore, cover me.

So, been a bad blogger yesterday, and didn't write anything. How bad of me. Anyhow, the day started like most other days, up early, taking the bus almost even earlier, and then arriving in Lund 75 minutes later.

Okay, so these buss-tours sucks donkey-dick. But it's worth it. For the first I prefer the buses in front of the train, bigtime. And secondly, it takes me to a place where I once again have got the ability to smile. I know it sounds completely dorky, but I enjoy this place here, and I enjoy the feeling of a new city.

I'm not sure if I remember that much of yesterday, really. It was raining, and the first lesson was P.E. at Högavallsbadet. Unfortunately, I couldn't participate because of... well, the damn do I know.

Anyhow I didn't participate, and neither did Sophie or Alex Koc. So we went back to school to sit in the library, where Sophie was... studying maths I think, while I and Alex were discussing the freemasonry and stuff. Very much conspiracy theories, it's a wonder I managed to survive the day without freaking out.

The upcoming lessons were in following order Spanish, English and Biologu. The Spanish is quite fun actually, I've been talking a lot to these three people whose names I sadly don't recall, but they're nice anyhow.

On the evening I had this totally weird discussion on MSN together with Alexandra, Dardan, David, Emma and Mengxian... And I won't mention anything more about that.

And then for today. The day started once again with rain. But this time it was bigtime, especially when I got to Lund. The streets were more or less flooded... And then this wonderful morning continued with our maths teacher being half an hour late because of some UN-happening in the aula. And if we had been informed of that, I could have taken the bus an hour later or something. Total crap. After the maths however, we had swedish with the slitghtly antique and confused lady that is our teacher. There were a few presentations of foreign languages, first japaneese and after that vietnamese, and finally polish were Alex Koc tought us to say thing like "We blow everything up", "You look like a goat" and stuff like that. You probably get the level of it, I've today decided that polish is fun.

I've also decided that I'll do a shorter presentation about russian after the holiday...

We've also had drama today. Of course, it's all confidential and I can't give any details, but what I can say is that it was fun. Arthur and Maria was pure comedy, especially... This drama class is probably hurting my brain, but I can live with it.

After that we had this huge gap on like one hour and forty minutes (in IB-measures, that IS much) that was spent in the library. As usual, of course. At first, me, Sophie and Emma N sat by ourselves, Sophie still studying her math (and indirectly reminding me that I'm tragically far behind in the mathematics) while me and Emma were reading. I found this ol' book about swedish criminals and read the chapter about my potential relative, the old dynamitard Harald "Bildsköne" Bengtsson. I just love those histories, and even though I'm not as sure as my grampa that we're related to him, it's still kind of cool.

So after a while we joined Dardan, Araneya, Mengxian and Emma E, also in the library. After starting a smaller chaos with my mistake with showing that I had a double Daim, Dardan and Araneya went away and it was me and the girls left, as usual. So we got into these deep, philosophical questions...

"What if nothing really exists?"
"What if the things I see look totally different to somebody else, without us knnowing it?"
"What if the world's falling with the sun downwards all the time?"
"What if the world's upside down?"
"What's up and down anyway?"
"What if the whole school is made of cheese?"

I'll stop there, You just see for yourselves.

Last lesson was BIOLOGY! I bet you can all imagine how I'm really jumping up and down, thrilled to get to learn the mysteries of the nature.

Truly, biology's boring sometimes. In some weird way, me, Sophie and Emma managed to have fun anyway. Not just have I been proclaimed "evul", they've also started worshipping the Carrot Man.

Well, after biology class, I took the bus home and here I've sorta just existed. haven'tdone anything important, really.


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Alex said...

Haha, this was long ago, I'm "Alexandra" and Ems is "Emma...vad hon nu heter i efternamn" =P


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