el condor pasa - simon & garfunkel

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail,
Yes I would
If I only could,
I surely would

Yesterday was... well, not entertaining, but at least I got to stay in town and avoid the freakin' bus.

The day was spent mostly at the VIP-room in Österporthallen, the one belonging to IFK Ystad. The area of discussion was "Ungdomens Hus", the... youth-house, or whatever; how's it going to be arranged, what's going to happen there, et cetera. The whole day was spent in that spirit, and I also got to be in the paper, Skånskan.

After this little event I went with Joel and Beata to Snuggles.
Joel (about the cookies of Snuggles): That's not a cookie, it's a fucking pie.

Nice afternoon however. After being on the café, I went with Terese to Österportstorget to get my bike, and then we stood there talking for like an hour or so. Nice, and also I'm going to see her on Saturday.

And the day today has been pretty random, mostly. Took the bus by 8:30, no extraordinary thing there. Had civics for the first lesson, where I got my history test back (even though Dardan had checked up my reult yesterday).
Stefan: This is REAALLY really good considering the circumstances, the others had two weeks and you had an evenning, this is reeeeally good.

Cheers, Stefan. Well, after that we had lunch so I went with Dardan, Araneya, Jacob and Ben to eat falafel and kebab. Not all too bad really, better than the school cantina.

The most part of the remaining gap I was talking to Alex Koc (we have three Alex's in class, and by them one Alexander and two Alexandra, see) 'bout Europa Universalis, and goofs of that... Pretty nerdy perhaps, but anyhow; second lesson, chemistry with Hagar. It was completely boring, to no surprise. We learned how to use the "Lewis Structure" when writing about ions. My very own opinion was that it wasn't all too useful.

Linus *pointing finger to Alex' head, shaped like a gun*: The only time I'll have any use of this is if a north-corean terrorist attacks me, puts a gun against my head and screams "Draw HCl using the Lewis Structure NOW muddah-fukkah, or I'll blow your brains out!" And what are the odds of that happening?

Last lesson was maths. Me, Emms and David had a hell of a time.

As you probably notice, I'm God awful tired now. Movie night tomorrow, see you at saturday.


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