no surrender - bruce springsteen

'Cause we made a promise,
we swore we'd always remember
No retreat baby,
No surrender

D-day! Studying! Snuggles Café! Restoring the Byzantine Empire!

That concludes my day I guess. Not much real doings. I've got a friggin' biology test to study for, that is tomorrow, although I just... can't. There's like some barrier inside of me that says "Ssrew this, I'm going home" as soon as I open the book.

So what do you do then?

You start playing Europa Universalis and try to create an Empire, of course. Did fairly well, much better than my tries to invade France... a campaign that nearly everyone I know now has heard about quite a few times. A chaotic event that ended up with me being reduced to the English heartland, Ireland being Portuguese, and the French south coast being controlled by Denmark.

Yesterday my group didn't have any Physics, so me and Koc went out on an expedition t'wards Spyken. Hilarious, we stood there laughing at the place for a while, and then explored the neighbourhood. We first found a place called Spyken Frisör (laughter) and after that a Polish delicatess store, in which Koc stood talking to the owner in Polish while I was looking for something to drink.

After walking past a masquerade store (more laughter) we found a basement full of old records and CD:s. I've got a new favourite store in Lund now...

After school I went with Ems, Emma, David and Alex to Lundagård Café, my favourite place. Koc and Araneya walked with us for a while, but they didn't come to the café though.

No real new from the café. Same awfully nice shite, one could say. We discussed quite a few things, I stated that our Physics teacher is a bitch and that Hagar is crazy, very much laugther happened and at least two things that happened there are to be counted as "truly friggin' weird" on the classical "How weird was that?"-scale. In other words, everything was esactly as usual.

In the evening Alex' theatre group was going to have an improvisation evening, so after getting some food we went there. So with Alex on the scene and we others watching, we spent one and a half hour in the wonderful world/word of drama.

After this we went t'wards the station and I returned home to my hole on the South Coast again. When I left with the bus me friends gave me a very interesting goodbye-dance.

And the summary of this day is presented on the top. Over and out, radio silence, whatever. Now I'm going to eat, study (yeah...) and conquer Macedonia (Yeah!).


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Alex said...

The French southern coast being controlled by DENMARK is just so hilarious!
Hmm, I think the weird things at the café were partly Emma's and my fault =P
Thank you guys for coming to the drama thing, it was weird of course =) Hehe
And that was not a dance! We were just waving goodbye! (this time you did notice us though =P)

Ems said...

haha it was like a dance alex :P but yeah it was mostly waving goodbye.
The drama thing was really funny hehe. ARLÖVS ZOO!!! rofl. (although the teacher completely dissed södra sandby by REFUSING to let it be in the play. god that sorta says what a håla it truly is :P)
And it was so funny at the end when he said it was gonna be julmust and your face just really lit up snuggles :P
hehe well take care and i'll cya tomorrow ^^

Alex said...

I was watching Snugglie's face right then just cause I knew what the reaction would be, haha =P

Velko (macedonian) said...



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