i don't like mondays - bob geldof

Tell me why
I don't like Mondays
I want to shoot
The whole day down

Quite bad day, nearly lousy all through. Blesch.

The reason that I haven't blogged lately is that my computer has gotten invaded by the trojans and their damned horses. It only starts a neat blue screen saying "Windows har stängts ner för att skydda din dator" - which translates into "fuck off". After many tries to get it back to life, and also slight necromancy, me and me dad gave up and left it to push up the daisies under me desk.

Since last blog entry, I have among other things done the following:
  • Been to Alex' place for the first time
  • Gone ice-skating two times
  • Frozen averagely seven limbs off in the "winter" cold
  • Celebrated the start of Chanukkah
  • Played Kenickie
  • Played Elwood Blues
  • Played John Cleese in Monthy Python's "The dead parrot"
  • Consumed an unknown amount of julmust
  • Failed to do a graph on a calculator
  • Stated that a frozen mamooth is a better teacher than our Physics teacher
  • Used a whole day with writing a lab report in biology
  • Uncountable fikas
  • Watched 1 hour and 4 minutes of Notting Hill
  • A bunch of other stuff.

Get the point? I've also been busy.

And soon it is Christmas, that is a slight sense of panic. Christmas gifts... bah, I need time.

On Thursdays we'll celebrate an early Christmas at Ems' place in Södra Sandby. Since me buses are fubar I will take the train. So Thursday night I'm going to Malmö! Yay! Blast...

All for today, got things to a'do now.


2 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

Yay! Snugglie's blog has come back to life!

Ems said...

wooho you've updated =D i love reading your blog.
'Consumed an unknown amount of julmust' err i dont think we want to now how much xD hahaha.
Well about the whole xmas gift shopping, i know how you feel gaah. Im gonna do some shopping tomorrow though, since I end at like 11 :)


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