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There's another brazen day,
things kinda move that way
Good Lord above, now he don't have to fuss
not for good hardy people like us

The reason for an all to abruptly finished blog post yesterday is that I ahd to flee to my chemistry test.

Yesterday was mostly about that one thing: The chemistry test. And as usual, everybody (except for Arthur) seemed totally freaked out. Velko might have been most freaked out. w came up with the theory:
Velko: Like, in chemistry, positive and negative connects, and that means that if you think positive before a test, you'll do negative, and the other way around.
Linus "Snuggles": Alright, then we'll check the most freaked out person, that's you Velko, and the least freaked out, that's Arthur, and we'll see who does best on the test.
Velko *nervously, almost jumping*: Heehee, yeah sure. It is like with relationships, guys are always negative and the girls are always positive.
Linus "Snuggles": And guys always ask girls positive questions, to which the girl's give negative answers.

Yes, I guess you get the drill. I got home early too, I was home by 1623 hours, the earliest since... God knows when.

Johanna contacted me via text message yesterady too: The matchmaking progress might be working. Which leaves me with a slight dilemma... Since if I happen to find someone probably needs money, and at the same time i MIGHT need money for a certain trip in december. I need to know how it'll be about that, and soon.

I also "killed" me computer yesterday, cleaning it totally and re-installing Windows. A hard work getting the shite working again, and my Internet connection is off for some reason, and by that I'm sitting by me dad's computer now.

In a while I'll take the bus into Lund to meet the others, but before that: Breakfast!

Now, you all have a good friday people.


2 kommentar(er).:

Challe said...

Do you speak english or swedish during breaks? I mean, the IB-students I know speak swedish... I was wondering because of the quote.

Aleeeeeeeeex said...

I made you breakfast darling...!

(You need to see "She's the man" Snuggles, considering that the first thing we actually said to you was "do you like cheese?")


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