cannonball - damien rice

Stones taught me to fly,
love taught me to lie
Life, it taught me to die,
so it's not hard to fall
When you float like a cannonball

For once I've got time to blog, so then the question is, do I have the energy? Yes, the writer that dwells somewhere deep within scream for artistic attention, and the blog is the closest I can get to that for the moment.

The last few days have been pretty hectic. Much to do in school above all, and it's getting harder to get up in the mornings for every day that passes. Although you've got to make the most of the hand you're dealt, I don't have any realistic choice. I need to get in there, I want to get in there, and I do get in there. It's just to keep on going.

I'm tired now, dog tired. I was up late, too late for getting up at 05:30 in an easy way at least. I managed and survived that however and sat on the bus writing the book log all the way in to Lund. As usual, might be added.

Bleh, I don't really know what more to mention. I've been to café quite a few times the last days, and yesterday I noted that I don't have any money left. How awfully thrilling. Well, I go there anyway, it's a nice environment.

And yes, I do have other things on my mind to, for the moment it's the whole matter of UWC. To do it or not to do it? That's the awfully complicated question.

Well, going there or not, I'm not sure that I'll get in of course. Ems was kind enough to remind me of that :)

I'm almost dead now, and since I'm totally sure that you want to keep on reading the one and only blog-of-Snuggles, I'll go recharge me batteries.


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Ems said...

yeah i know what you mean...i feel that tiredness too. Maybe it has to do with our 'new' schedule and yeah all the energy it takes being at school. Although, you do have it a lot worse than me since you get up so very early every morning...
hum and abut the UWC, I didnt mean it in a mean way haha. It was more like a help, so that you didnt take it for granted that you would get in (although i do realise it sounds a depressing :P) however, i have no doubts that you can do it. dead tired and ill soon be off to bed. Nice blog-entry though ^^(as usual)and ill cya tomorrow


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