en kungens man - mimikry

Ja herrarna blir hjältar, och folket det blir dömt
Och vi som ser hur allt går till får veta att vi drömt

So, for some reason I forgot blogging yesterday. And perhaps that is good, since my blogging is getting a little manic for the moment.

Yesterday was above all a long day. A very long day. Our first class, English, was cancelled so all of a sudden we had loads of free time. I used this time to finally get me my food card-photo taken. It was a really weird start of the day, because on the next lesson, maths, I felt extremely tired and hungry. And that was still our first lesson, and we had yet another before lunch.

Spanish is quite okay here, my teacher is a lot better than my last one. She's also come to the conclusion that me and emz might be "a little too good friends to sit next to each other" during those lessons. Yes, that can be misunderstood probably, but apparently we don't work anything during the lessons. Depending on who you ask, of course.

And then something totally typical; wednesday noon, I'm hungry as hell, and for the first day I've got a food card. So far so good, but what is the food for the day? Soup! Blasted soup!

Since me, Emz, Emma N, David and Andreas were on the computer science monday afternoon, we had a huge gap. So me, the two Emmas, and Dardan and Araneya went to Café Lundagård for a little fika. That was nice, even though Dardan and Araneya were supposed to be on a lesson. But come on, computer science? It's so basic it's tragic. No matter what, the café is nice and the time there was nice. The only remaining lessons for the day were Swedish and History, which equals fun. At least a little. As Stefan, our teacher said;
"You don't need any boose tonight, after a long day in school everything's funny!"

The definite quote of the day. After school me, David and Alex went to the café for studying, me thereby slowly executing my economy.

The bus ride home was as usual in most ways. I spent most of it reading and talking to Linnea on the phone, since I've figured that those 80 minutes on the bus can get quite lonely.

I need an answer, and soon! This waiting is freaking me out.


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