wild frontier - gary moore

I remember my city streets
before the soldiers came.
Now armoured cars and barricades
remind us of our shame.

I can happily announce that the blog is turning international today! Mostly because of my nowaday program, the PDP on Katte, but also since I'm awfully tired of the swedish language and everything swedish, really.

The day started early, in short. More exactly att 05.34, according to GMT+1. That's because my bus leaves at 6.30 (even though it's never there until 6.35) and if I miss it, I'll be half an hour late for class. This commuting will kill me...

First lesson this morning was drama. Our teacher explained to me that since I've sort of missed half of the term, she'll probably have problems giving me a fair grade. So she recommended me taking the art in next term instead, but I kindly explained that half a grade in drama is probably better than I'll ever get in arts or music, so I stay.

I don't think I can tell any more details about the lesson, since most of it probably got a "For our eyes only"-stamp. Anyhow, the P.E. afterwards was pretty horrible, since we spent most of the lesson in the gym. I hate gym-training!

Well, then lunch, and after that my first lesson in spanish. I found my way, wonderly, or probably because I followed Sophie up. Then I, for some reason, let her borrow my history papers, since the test was the next lesson.

Anyhow, I survived the spanish and also the history test. I've got it all figured out; if I did well on the test, I'm in favor for the teacher. If I screwed up, which isn't all to unbelieveable if I did, I can just blame the fact that I'm new. It usually works.

We had biology for last class, can't say that I learned that mush, we mainly put names to different parts of a cell. I bet you can really hear how I jump up and down by joy for it? Well, chemistry's worse. The bare fact that one of the first things I were told my first day was that our chemistry teacher was... without definition, says pretty much.

Afterwards I walked to the Central Station, I walked the first bit with Sophie, whos buss left from the stop by... that street which I don't really know the name of. Anyhow, I got on the 16.23 bus today, that was comforting. This. Commuting. Will. Kill. Me!

And I've only been here for three days...

Tomorrow it's saturday, and I'm meeting T'res sometime after one o'clock. Wiie! Now I just need to find something to do for saturday night.


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