mr brightside - the killers

Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it's all in my head
But she's touching his chest now

I know what a few of you - if you're part of a certain sect in TX, USA - thinks: Friggin' gay band, stop listening to them or you'll turn gay yourself!
Reading this shite makes me not to say frustrated, but also slightly scared. "God hates fags; Listen to the music video here". I mean... what the fudge? What's happening?

For thou honorable people that refuses to read anymore of these sites after seeing what they contain, I can give you the content in short.

An American sect, another of many based in Texas, is pumping out their message to the world: God hates faggots, homsexuality is a sin and a choice, and homosexuality shall be fought.

Bullshit. Shoot me in the foot and send me to Lucifer, but it's plain bullshit and nothing else. This whole site is proclaiming hate and narrow minds, and honestly: It makes me sick. I honestly feel nauseous while reading it, but in a more or less angry way. If I one time would have the "privilege" to meet that Reverend Donnie I'd sincerely poke him in the eyes.

Just for fun, I'd like to present the following bands from the "gay warning-list" that I listen to:

Cole Porter
The Doors
The Strokes
Pet Shop Boys
Judas Priest
Rolling Stones
David Bowie
Elton John
Eminmen (if the twat is talking about "Eminem", then yes)
The Killers
30 seconds to Mars
Frank Sinatra
Nickleback (but ain't it spelled "Nickelback"?)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Panic! at the Disco
Elton John (really gay!)
Please observe that Sir Elton John is mentioned not once, but twice.

What does this mean? Am I gay? Am I going gay? Should my parents send my mp3 to the moon and kill my computer?

Tell you what, it doesn't mean shit. It's bullcrap. The only thing it states is that I'm listening to artists that some manic Christians somewhere consider to be... satanistic? Or gay for that part. Don't ask me how someone could proclaim among others Sir Mick Jagger or Eminem to influence homosexuality. And if they would, should we bother?

Before starting with the mainpoint, I'd also like to comment the totally horrible music video. That's the one making me sick, yes.

Sick with worry, sick with disgust. Sick with despise, sick with astonishment.

That blasted Reverend, that looks like a caricature, is more or less jumping around there plinking on his guitar and singing his foul message. I'll now give you the lyrics:

Mmmm ... yeah, yeah
(Rofl... is he moaning?)

Give me strength to fight temptation
Lord, lead me to your salvation
The Bible says as plain as day
With a man you shall not lay

Lord, you are my strength
Fill me with your love
Help me fight these feelings
Help me rise above

Lord, help them hear me and make clear my voice
'Cause being gay is nothing but a choice

God hates a fag
God hates fags
God hates fags
So if you're a fag, He hates you, too

Read the Bible and you'll be sure
To enter heaven, there's no back door
Righteous man, get on your knees
There lies no virtue in sodomy

Lord you are my shield
Sustain me through the fight
A shelter from the urges
And help me see the light

You filthy sinners should just let me be
'Cause Jesus my savior's the only man for me


Lord, you are my strength
Fill me with your love
Help me fight these feelings
Help me rise above
Lord, help them hear me and make clear my voice
'Cause being gay is nothing but a choice


Tell you what Reverend, fuck off. Just, fuck off. Go burn, jump down the Niagara Falls to feel the wind rushing through your hair, kick a bull in the nuts, try flying from Empire State Building. I honestly don't care, but I'd as sure as anything be happy if you'd earn yourself a Darwin Award for removing yourself from the planet in an utterly stupid way.

The thing that this song is implying is that if you believe in God and follow his rules, you'll have a nice time in heaven after you're dead. If you don't however, you'll burn in hell forever more. Which I think isn't really the way that most Christians believe, at least not the ones that I've met. In any case it doesn't sound as the vision of an all-loving God to me.

What is really the sin in homosexuality? That some men prefer men (to focus on the male part of homosexuality, that is the one that gets most attention after all) and thereby has anal sex by logical reasons? Simply that they're not as everyone else, but follows another way? Who knows, perhaps the Reverend got raped by a big muscular criminal sometime?

Without involving religion, homosexuality is something generally seen with sceptism in society. "Faggots", what are they really? They're humans, and nothing else. Men that likes to sleep with men and falls in love with men and women that likes to sleep with women and falls in love with women. Are they anything less worth just because of that? Are they not as much human as you and me?

What's next?

We can state the following: Male gays are seen with more sceptism than female ones, generally. Is it simply that Average Joe is afraid of the fact that they're taking it in the rump?

The fanatics says that sodomy in itself is a sin, and sodomy actually means anal sex in that case. Are all the young (and elder for that part) couples trying anal sex commiting a sin?

Is BD/SM a sin?

Is bondage a sin?

Is any sort of sex rather than a male and a female in a missionary, with both getting their orgasms at the same time, a sin?

Think about it, can we really define a sin? Of course we can't! Because we all have different interpretations of the world, and not all of us are religious.

So what can we do? We can wake up, we can simply realize that we can't judge people from what they are or aren't, but by who they are. Personality, deeds and doings. People are individuals, and shall be judged from themselves and nothing else. You can't judge someone without talking to him or her, at least not in a fair way.

Are we really so narrow that we can't accept that the person next to us doesn't get turned on the same things as ourselves?
To end, I'd like to quote two really good things that Koc said, while discussing this with me:
*When I sent him the link with the gay bands*
- Interstellar Tsar säger:
- Interstellar Tsar säger:
oh wait
- Interstellar Tsar säger:
Scissor Sisters,
- Interstellar Tsar säger:
I totally agree with that sect
- Interstellar Tsar säger:
What the fuck, The Doors?

*After having watched the music video*
- Interstellar Tsar
Sending him a mail would be fun
- Interstellar Tsar säger:
I'm a devout catholic, but when I look at the picture of David Hasslehoff (that
is hanging on my wall) I get this strange feeling. A feeling that makes me all
- Interstellar Tsar säger:
I rest my case and thank Koc for giving me a few laughters, even though I was quite pissed off by then, I'm cooling down now at least.
I hope I'm starting some kind of debate here: It sure as hell is needed. Take queries or opinions with a comment if you want to, I'll answer if needed or motivated.
Cheers, now go out in the world and love eachother!
I would also like to add that I do respect religions and religious beliefs, I however have a hard time accepting or for that part respecting when they are proclaiming against a certain group of people or encouraging violence, as well as times when it demaddnds or proclamis missionaring. /Snugglie

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Embryo said...


I'm still surprised that Hasslehoff isn't on the list though and what about Rod Stewart..

Alex said...

I don't think that people were meant to be homosexuals (reproduction aspect etc. etc.) but it does happen and if someone truly loves someone of the same sex and not because it's a fashion or anything, then I respect that. And as a Christian it really bothers me that a devouted man would write that God hates fags. God hates no one.
God loves everyone, so should we, regardless of sexualities.
I'm considering e-mailing him some names of Christian bands and see if he's stupid enough to put them on the "gay" list.

David said...

You know, that guy who wrote that is a "reformed gay", as he calls it =P
Naw, he needs to do something else, jumping off the Niagara Falls is not suicidal enough. Someone in my family actually tried that some 150 years ago, jumping off the Niagara in a barrel, and she survived (and so did her cat)=P

ems said...

well, homosexually occurs among loads of animal species as well, im sure everyone for example remembers the gay penguins at Central Park Zoo's.
So i dont believe being homosexual is a 'choice' and something one chooses for attention or whatever lame reasons some anti-homosexual people can come up with.
And well, as im sure most people are aware of i am quite an atheist...not that i have anything against religious people, not at all, i just dont believe in it myself. Therefore i dont believe god CAN hate anyone, since i dont believe he exist...
that site make me really upset and pissed off as well. We are all humans for crying out loud and should all be treated with respect.
and go Koc i loved your Hasslehoff comment there ;P

Ara said...


What I believe (not just after I read this but I have thought so for some time):


I with induviduals it varies but when it comes to people, I just don't know. And things like this just strengthens my thesis (it's a sect, not just one person)

Ara said...

BTW here is my mail that I sent him:


I just wanted to comment on your web-site "" and some of the things you have written there.

You claim that censorship exists in America and base it on the fact that your "music" video being removed from and your account being deleted on MySpace.
In Sweden we have something called "hets mot folkgrupp". You can try to translate it if you want, but it roughly means: "agitation against an ethnic group". This is exactly what you are doing and in Sweden you can go to jail for this.

It is perfectly acceptably to believe in whatever you want as long as you don't try to convince others (racism, for example). For example, you can found an religion based on that humans evolved from tomatoes. That is fine because you're not hurting anyone. But with certain beliefs, such as yours, it's punishable to try to spread it.
To make matters even worse you try to make it an religion and say that God doesn't love gay people, which is absurd.

If there is a God then he would love everybody, since we are his creation. Or maybe just everybody else, except you, because you misuse his name and lie. Please read the bible (which also has errors).

Oscar Wilde is your idol? Well, let me tell you something: He never stopped being gay; he even went to prison for it! He maybe stopped showing his sexuality but you can never be sure on what he feels inside. Especially you, can't be sure, since you seem to lack certain social or intellectual skills (such as understanding people and thier feelings, also known as empathy and the skill of thinking logically).

If you honestly believe in even half of all these so called facts which you publish on your website "" you are without a doubt stupid, narrow-minded and retarded. Please enlighten yourself in the way of thinking and stop inventing idiotic religions based on nothing but some stupid zealot's crazy beliefs.

The only thing that could justify something like you have done is if everything is sarcasm, a satire on all fanatic religious sects in the world. If so, you are an genious. But I think that's not the case, as such, I just feel pity.

Yours truthfully,
Araneya Olausson

Snuggles said...

You're the man Araneya.

If you'd happen to get an answer from this lil' preacher, tell me and I'll publish it! x)

Dardan said...

I completely agree with Ems... you should also remember that several species are borned bi-gendered. Now would these creatures of God be called Homo, or Fags or whatever? In second thought, bi-gendered humans would probably solve a great deal of problems, not the least being the fact that you'll never lack female (or feminim, to be correct) companionship.

But I must say, if the reverand really believes his bullshit, I feel sory for him, to have such a closed mind and not being able to see people as people, but blinded behind a veil of such idiocratic religious beliefs, that've probably been so beaten into him by his red-neck parents that he can do nothing else than spread his poison. It's just pathetic, and sad.

On a completely different note; this is my first post on anyone's blog, ever. Well, keep up the good work Snuggles, you're doing a great job :D

Dardan Serifi

Anonymous said...

This is lord Sfemen speaking.

I hardly feel like even taking up the homosexuality debate with any Evangelical Christian -- my battlefield, if one such could be said to exist, is the one ravaged by the IDers and the creationists, if you know what I talk about. For surely I, who delight in causing harm and pain, and who enjoy the brutal reality of this world (oh, and steam engines), would support devilution, no?

Nevertheless, he does regard the fact that it has been proved -- as far as I understand it -- that being homosexual is not a conscious choice. I believe most mainstream biologists (sans the IDers, but they can hardly be called "mainstream") agree on that 'gayness' (how I loathe that word!) is both a natural thing and an anomaly. A natural anomaly, that is.

However, Alex is wrong in her assertment of reproduction. A person who is homosexual can have children if he wants to, and the group of homosexuals in modern society is far too small to affect the overall evolutionary trends.

They are 'defective,' even though I am hesitant to use such a rash term, as far as their mental perspective of love goes, but they are certainly not unnatural, and fully capable of producing offspring.

Also, how'd you explain bisexuality? Someone who is partially 'not meant to be?' There might just as well be some, not as yet discovered, evolutionary advantages with being homosexual.

Hell, I need to debate, for some reason. Let of some steam (hee, hee).

(Fuck, Linus, it took me ages to find this page -- make it more bloody available!)

Anonymous said...

Lord Sfemen again -- I just forgot I had to add something. Hope you don't mind.

Bondage is never spoken against in the Bible, so yeah, a protestant priest, even a very devout one, would be able to engage in some hot steaming S&M without actually committing a sin.

Alex said...

That was a good e-mail Araneya, and Arthur, that is exactly why there can be homosexual people and I don't think that there's anything wrong with it when they truly do love someone of the same sex, I mean, the reproduction quote is more than fullfilled anyways.
And I think that this reverend had a hard time getting accepted by people and by himself, so he turned it around and went intolerant on others instead.
Anyways, this was a good post Snugglie, and people's comments are really fun to read =)

Alex said...

I just e-mailed this guy asking him to change the name to "Love God's way" with an apostrophe since "Love GODS way" suggsets that he's promoting a monogamous church.
I also reported the (Christian) band "BarlowGirl" as a gay band since their lyrics about not falling for the (feminine) ideals encourages girls to become more like men and eventually lesbians.
Let's see if he actually takes it seriously =P

true crhistian said...

i dont want to be rude but you are all going to burn in hell, togater with kalr Marx, Adolph Hitler and Vladimrir Stalin. can't u see that you are going against GOds wills and laws by liking fagots?! i feel trully sory for u.

the relgion of evilution is to blam for faggotry. u r al juts ateistsks!!!11

u need to reed the Bible. It has al the truts you need. for example u can reed levitkicus 18:22 or 20:13. this reverderrnd is a genius! ur a satanist.

bwt i dnot believ dat animals r faggotss! i beliv in cretionism not devilution.

Snuggles said...

Whoever wrote the above comment is a bloody genious, and should immediately have at least 15 minutes of fame.

(It it'd actually been someone real, it would have been 15 mins of silence.)

So please, step forward and earn your time in the spot-light! x)

Lord Sfemen said...

I have all reason for believing that mister "true crhistian's" post was a joke.


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