howl in the jungle - the mo

When things are boring me
I recall a melody
To howl in the jungle

Wednesdays are painful. Painful in that slowly chewing way that sends you home mentally exhausted.

Know what some people told me many months ago?
"Don't change to IB! You won't have any life left at all."

Well, I do qualify as IB-damaged since I spent half the night reading homeworks in bed instead of sleeping. Well, homework and messaging, which still counts. No matter how many lessons we have though, I've still got a whole lot more and funnier things to do (hey, I have got funny things at all to do) on the little spare time I've got left. Irony of fate? I truly believe so.

Well, I've gotten a few comments about the last blog post... And no, I don't intend to keep it secret, so I can without any problems actually confirm that me and Ems now are together. And does it feel good? Good is too small a word. I feel happier than ever, at a frequency I though was impossible after the wonderful New Years Eve.

I'm happy that I've got you.

Well, today was slightly painful as mentioned. Six lessons, and homework to five of these. I skipped out on the volunteerly math test in Geometry though, didn't see any reason in doing it, getting a bad grade, and getting down because of that. So thereby: Screw that.

This commuting bullshit is also getting annoying. Other people do things on the afternoons: I sit on the bus.

Well, guess it's me and Araneya that are doomed to the fate of the commuter. [Insert curse of own choice here]!

Movie night on Friday, more or less as usual. Totally wonderful, also that as usual!

We've got two new guys in the class now. One of them happens to be from England. He's an Arsenal supporter, but he seems nice anyway. The Swaziland guy still hasn't arrived though.

Argh, I need a café-visit. Soon.


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Alex said...

Yeah, I did the math test and it sucked, which is making me feel kinda bad, hehe. Oh well, today really was a tough day, I mean, I even dozed off between two classes ;) hehe, those things happen. It could always be worse ;)
Oh, and movie night works at my place on Friday =)

You and Ems are really cute together =) wiiiie!

Ems said...

I'm happy I got you too :) *hug*
And you did get a a café-visit very soon since we went fikaing today :D wieeee. It was very nice. Although arthurs drawing of me was ahem..interesting haha. I am a sorta monster apparently. Hum hum. Not sure if I should be insulted or amused ;P
Tomorrow's movie night will be very nice indeed. Looking forward to it :)

Alex said...

Hahaha, friggin' hilarious drawing! And my rubber duck got was put in it =D *Alex happy*
Yeah, movie night will be fun, wiiie =)

Jing said...

I'm truly happy for you, Linus. You deserve it!

Wish u the best of luck.


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