hold on to love - gary moore

You know you've got to
Hold on to love
If you wanna learn to forget your sorrow.
You've got to
Hold on to love
Like there's no tomorrow.

There are two things I'm not sure I'll ever be able to realize how I managed to live without. The first one is of course the tentacles, and the other thing is the deep guitar riffs and lyrics of Gary Moore, the musical Cicero of Belfast.

Nuclear Attack.
Victims of the future.
Wild Frontier.
Out in the fields.
Over the hills and far away.
Run for cover.
Hold on to love.
Johnny Boy.
Murder in the skies.
The Prophet.
Military Man.
Don't Take Me For a Loser.
End of the World.
After the war.

If you're a reader of this blog, you are here by required to get the above mentioned songs, listen, save and enjoy yourself in soulful guitarmusic together with a whole lot of anti-war messages.

You are never alone with friends and/or a boombox.

I'd like to thank my readers for the comments of my last blog post, the one where I more or less summaried the passed year of mine. A writer's work can never improvise without any sort of criticism, and let's put it like this: Reminders that one has got the finest friends there is, that is one hell of a motivation. Thank you.

This day will br spent with writing the short story for Swedish, and also changing the look of the blog. So if you'd try to read my blog during the day, and it just looks totally fubar, it's just me experimenting with the blog functions. Savvy?

I'd also like to add that the New Years story of mine (my last blog post, for the ones that didn't understand that completely) will be moved backwards in the blog to the following time: 00:01 1/1 2007. I like the symbolism of that, pardon me for the worldwide confusion this movement will create.


2 kommentar(er).:

Ems said...

Mm I would get the songs but it is just incredibly hard to get any Gary Moore songs, Limewire just won't let me download them :s
I love 'Over The Hills and Far Away' though, the one song of him I DID manage to download xD
Experimenting with new looks is always fun :D looking forward to see what the new look is like.
School tomorrow haha wiee i am sorta looking forward to it in a weird way xD Although the holiday was incredibly nice.
*poof poff* :)

Alex said...

I'll try to download them sometime, but I don't open limewire very often cause it slows down my computer ;)
Good look with the layout! And oh gosh, I can't believe the break is almost OVER! It's been so much fun and now it's back to school. Oh well, at least you tentacles are there =D wiiie


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