a kind of magic - queen

It's a kind of magic
The waiting seems eternity
The day will dawn of sanity
Is this a kind of magic?

"This song is a tribute to my medicines"... Na, not really, but that medicine against the coughing is... niiiice.

I've most likely lost my mind since I decide to stay at home and cure my illness on a day without any Science-lessons for my part. If I'd stayed home tomorrow instead I'd have missed in total 145 minutes of Biology and 75 of Chemistry, not to mention a 80 minutes long Maths-lesson in the morning.

The fact that I couldn't speak this morning was however convincing enough for me to realize that I should get some rest. The following fact that I was also sneezing, not able to breathe through my nose and at the same time coughed my intestines up didn't make it better.
Yes, I am a fucking whiner and I'll try to stop with that for now.
However, the day's been spent in glorious Ystad in either the kitchen, my room or by the telly. I started the day with going to sleep again, which was both nice and utterly well-needed. Then I've... cleaned, cleaned more, read the paper, read a book...
Ah yes, I also watched The Cider-House Rules by Lasse Hallström. Totally wonderful movie, just like every Hallström. For my part he is without doubt the best director ever from Sweden, with titles like Shipping News, Chocolat and the masterpiece What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I gotta get those movies someday. Collecting ftw.
I saw the sunset when going shopping at ICA. Some day when I'm slightly more deep I'll write something about this one of very few beautiful and good things with my hometown.
I've also spent some time putting some pics into my picture journal. I suggest you take a look:
Totally painful Tuesday tomorrow... Maths, Biology x2 and Chemistry. Lucky I have Swedish at least. And it doesn't matter as much since I'll get to see the other fellows in any case. And that's good. That's always as good.

2 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

yeah, those kinds of Tuesdays really suck... Hope you'll feel well tomorrow, and fika is a good remedy anyways =P

ems said...

wiee drugs! ;P
Being at home relaxing is always nice. Especially when one is sick. *hug* Although i still dont get why you were CLEANING out of all things to do...
meh tuesdays...well...FIKAING TOMORROW! :D :D wohoo
*poff* (f)


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