sailing to philadelphia - mark knopfler

Come up and feel the sun
A new morning has begun
Another day will make it clear
Why your stars should guide us here...

I hate Sundays. Always have, prolly always will. It's so totally dull usally.

Not that dull today though, we've had one heck of a storm here. Up to 39 m/s out on Österlen from what I've heard. Now is that fubar? Totally. Although extreme weather rocks, noone can deny that. Spices up this place of non-happening a little, huzzah!

The thing that blows though is that it means that I couldn't meet Ems as decided. Alright, I would find whatever god is responsible for the weather, kick his nuts and demand a weather change for the better, but I can't find the bastard in the yellow pages. And well, even if I think that I could go to Lund, Skånetrafiken doesn't really seem to conclude.

This morning I decided that I during some part of the day would go to ICA, buy loads of candy and drinks, and then park myself in front of the telly in order to watch The Aviator. Guess what? I didn't. Why? Well, ICA has more or less been blowing away, these winds are mental...

Ain't it interesting, what a connection yet barrier a language can be? The connection if it's a lingua franca, uniting the world under one tongue, or a barrier if you don't understand it. Example:

I've downloaded a few Hungarian songs lately, inspired after I heard the song "Girl With Pearl Hair" (something totally different in Hungarian, of curse...) by Hungarian progg-band Omega. So I found some songs by a fellow called Egészséges Fejbõr (pronounciation? You've got to be kidding me), one called "Attila" and one called "Oh Magyarország". Now, I don't know much Hungarian, but Magyarország means "Hungary" anyway. Nice, melodic songs, one of'em was from a concert where a whole lot of people sang in choir...

After some research it turned out that it was Hungarian skinhead-music. So much for international understanding.

For something completely different: Love? I'll have a definition for you in a week.


Post scriptum: Here's the toga-pic. Enjoy.

4 kommentar(er).:

ems said...

hahaha oh god i am STILL laughing. that whole: 'Nice, melodic songs, one of'em was from a concert where a whole lot of people sang in choir...' and it turned out it was Hungarian skinhead-music thing just made me crack up so bad...
and then i see THAT picture and oh god. 'har ni fest eller' hahahaha and you and arthur and koc and and... well i cant say anything other than: priceless :D
I cant remember the last time i laughed so hard. infront of the computer, that is. hahaha

David said...

Yeah, it's been quite windy today, I can agree to that...
It really felt like it was a bad idea to go outside today, perhaps because of the hurricane warning =P

Challe said...

Like the pic! ^^

Alex said...

Yeah, being outside biking in this weather is not the best idea.
And Hungarian skinhead-music, hahahahahahahahahahaha! That *is* friggin' hilarious! And wiiie, toga pic! =D


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