sunday bloody sunday - u2

And its true we are immune
When fact is fiction and TV reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die

Yes, I choose to quote a song like this today. A somewhat melancholic, dark and sad song from another great music export from the Emerald Isle. And one can say what one please, but well; U2 has definitely reached greater success than my favourite, Gary Moore.

I actually try to have some meaning in the songs and quotes from the same that I use. To have it symbolizing something that's happened during the day, or whatever the blog post might be about, or what I'm thinking of or feeling like at the moment. Believe it or not, but I actually try to say something with these introductions. Just thought you should know. Now, back to the show.

We had Civics today for last lesson. That's nice. We actually had a smaller argument down in the basement (PDP-land), since a few people seemed to be tempted by the thought to skip Civics in order to get a long afternoon instead. Me and a few others quickly despised the thought as totally unreasonable: Civics, together with the two History-lessons a'week makes one being able to stand the horrific hours of Chemistry and Physics and slightly also Biology.

However, Civics also manage to hit my mood downwards sometimes. Not the subject itself, heck no, and it's not the same way of being down as when sitting in the back of the Chemistry classroom, trying to stay awake even because of the sound of the air-conditioner, a boring teacher and a totally dull subject. No, more the mood of "What the bloody is happening to this planet o'ours?". Some things are just too much.

Yes, some things. Examples?
  • Pictures I saw from the Vietnam War. Yes, way back in time, but still something that shouldn't ever, ever be forgotten.

  • Russia's terror in Chechnya, that's been for the gods-knows-how-long, and that doesn't seem to have an ending. And dammit, don't even try to report from it! Remember what happened to Anna Politkovskaya of the Novaya Gazeta, murdered outside of her apartment. There's something rotten in the state of Russia.

  • Iraq. Iraq, Iraq, Iraq... What where they thinking, the USA, when they invaded it? Hopefully of the oil, because if they really intended to create a permanent state of peace and calm, and revive a working and democratic state of Iraq, the fellows in the governing group's got to count as all too overambitious and obsessed with their own abilities, not to mention as a bunch of quite sorry losers. If you've got to experiment with countries, why not keep to your own?

  • The current situation in parts of Africa. After once again being reminded about the genocide in Rwanda of '94 (that by the way is portraied in the movie Hotel Rwanda, on of the best movies ever made and a movie that changed my way of looking at the world totally) and also listening to stories about Idi Amin, the psychotic dictator of Uganda that had enjoyments like feeding alive humans to crocodiles and walking into classrooms and shoot down every single pupil just for the fun of it, I'm quite desillusionated. Not to mention that nearly all of the problems in Africa (or parts of Africa, to be correct: not all of Africa has problems after all) has its roots in the aftermath of the European colonization.

  • The Gulf War, China's occupation of Tibet, the guerilla wars in Kongo, Sri Lanka, the chaotic situation in the Middle-East...

Listening or reading to this kind of things could probably make a whole lot of people to feel totally hopeless and wonder why we even try and want to keep the world in one piece. Is it really worth it? Is it worth to keep a hell-hole like this, when we can't (or at least doesn't seem to be doing) something better of it but just makes it worse?

The damn do I know, I'm just another slightly messed-up teenager trying to find his own way in life. But then again, what if the way of the reformer actually is my way? What if I should follow my instincts and go into international politics and dedicate my life in trying to make a difference for the world, trying to make at least some place a better one?

It is a thought, but nothing you really find at AMS.

I do however enjoy this Earth a whole freaking lot, and as an international citizen I of course would appreciate if people would please stop destroying my home planet. After all, we don't have that many to choose from.

Difference people. Difference. We are the generation of tomorrow (I sincerely doubt that I have any readers that are older than gymnasial age, if I would have I apologize and kindly asks you not to send Russian hitmen after me because of this o'horrible mistake) and we are the ones that can do something about a planet that's bad, and that seems to be in a quite negative trend.

I don't know what we can do, I'm not Martin Luther King or anything alike. Infact, I'm quite pale. But that's the good thing with being able to talk, and if not, to write: You can discuss it with people and compare their experiences and thoughts to you' own.

I am quite assured that we can do something if we just get somespirit into it. Y'know? Noone can do everything, but everyone can do something.

By this time I am slightly unstructured, so I believe I'll return to the subject when I'm more awake some time.


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Alex said...

Yeah, world's crazy. And don't get me started on the Rwandan genocide today =P I talked enough in civics, ehum. It's so friggin frustrating how people say we should learn from our mistakes and never repeat the holocaust. But hello, the frequent use of the word "genocide" should tell us that we haven't learnt for our misstakes, even if it's in another part of the world we still have responsibilities.

ara said...

PDP is the difference:P United we will change the world! Divided we will destroy it...

Snuggles said...

Am I the only one that gets slightly terrified of the thought of a united PDP ruling the world?

Alex said...

There's just one things to say to that:

ems said...

hahaha oh god an united PDP ruling the world... now THAT is awesomeness :D :D

David said...

Well, even though the PDP'ers are the best... =P
We should let maybe some other people get a little share of the world, perhaps Mongolia?


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