telegraph road - dire straits

Then came the mines - then came the ore
then there was the hard times then there was a war
Telegraph sang a song about the world outside
telegraph road got so deep and so wide
Like a rolling river. . .

I do without much doubt consider "Telegraph Road" as one of the best songs ever made. When the guitars, the bass and the drums reach total unisonity and Mark Knopfler sings the line "telegraph sang a song about the world outside" I can't do anything but smile and enjoy a pure masterpiece, something that together with Money for Nothing and Brothers in Arms has to be considered as the magnum opus of both Knopfler himself, and Dire Straits as a band.

Our new schedule seems to be at least slightly fubar. Every second Tuesday afternoon will be nothing but painful for my poor mind... First Biology, then Chemistry, and then Biology again. I tell you, it's bleedin' silly. I don't even care about it, and then having a whole afternoon with it? Urk.

We've got snow here. And lots of it. Bloody, it's not supposed to be snow by now! Snow my Christmas equals very good, but this time a'year it's only disturbing and a slight safety risk. Not only the risk of slipping and not only humiliating but also potentially hurting yourself with the fall, but also that your walks over the weirdly shaped schoolyard of Katedralskolan might get suddenly interrupted by flying projectiles of compressed, frozen rain.

All for today, I've got English-homework to do, and a promise to myself to actually take my studies seriously from now on. Or at least try. I don't want to end up with a G. I'm sure I will get it in some subject anyway, can't tell which though...

It doesn't matter that the grades in PDP doesn't really count. I want good grades, if not else for my own sake. To actually show to myself that I'm as good as I'm supposed to be (comparing to earlier standards, that is) even if it's a completely despicable subject that I don't care about at all.

A G feels like a failure, simply. I'm not afraid of many things at all in life, but one of the things I am slightly scared of is failure. Personal failure on any level, and to in the end be nothing but a nobody, someone that simply flushed his education down the drain. And it doesn't matter if it's just a crappy Biology test, it still feels like a failure. And it will still make the slight shame burn inside my mind.

As I stated two paragraphxs ago, enough for today.


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Challe said...

You should be happy that you have snow at all in Skåne! And I understand your view of the G....

Alex said...

Snow = White, sparkly, sledding, beautiful, snow balls = FUN
Ice = Slippery = Ouch.

ems said...

yeah studies are important :)and getting a G isn't all too nice. Well, atleast one can learn from it, and yes this year isn't all that important either. But I understand what you mean about personal failure and that :)
i agree with alex, snow can be fun but ice is hell XD bleh im sick of winter already; be gone!

Ara said...

I just wanted to comment on that you have this entry labelled "IB-damaged" (among others).
So my comment is:


David said...

Snow balls are evil (if you're not the one throwing them)

Ice is unbearably slippery and painful to fall on...
IB-damaged är vi allihopa! :P

mengan said...

I still don't get how anyone can NOT like snow. Snow is what makes winter winter. It also gets cold as hell, but you can't have everything ^^
And araneya and david's comments cracked me up xD


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