romeo and juliet - dire straits

A lovestruck Romeo sings the streets a serenade
Laying everybody low with a lovesong that he made
Finds a convenient streetlight, steps out of the shade
Says something like, "You and me babe, how about it?"

"You and me babe, how about it?"

I might have the memory of an empty glass bottle from time to time, but I'm sure that at least a few of you readers have better memory than both me and the above mentioned glass bottle.

However, it's gone a week since I stated the folliwing in my blog:

Love? I'll have you a definition in a week.

Well, I guess it's been quite a week too. Tuesdays and Wednesdays aren't really friends of mine, Tuesdays are the worst ones. Two science-lessons in a row... Hoo-fuckin'-ray. Although I also had my last Drama lesson Tuesday, I got me VG as expected. I also got a very good comment for my CAS-diary, very, very good. And she more or less said that if I'd been there since the start I could have gotten a MVG... now that's cheering one up.

Well, as I said, a week ago I stated that I'd try to have you, my readers, a definition of the most peculiar thing in the human world: love, or as in Irish, [lu:v], which at least I consider more a charming word than the usual Anglo-Saxon one.

I can only speak from my own experience.

And even though that is a new thing for me it feels just as good. One week, two weeks, what does it matter? It's the fact that I today have someone to love that is the important thing.

Can onre really define love? Can one define feelings at all? It is like getting the question of how to define a colour.
Human bering 1: "Define green!"
Human being 2: "Er... the colour of grass?"
Human being 1: "'tain't no definition, you bastard you!"

Some thing simply aren't adjusted to the vocabulary of human beings. In this case, drawings are probably better, just as well as music. But still, the pictures one paints with letters and words can come to be so much more than the ones made with ink and lead.

Love, for the first it is something that you've got to be slightly lucky to experience. A tango takes two as you're aware of, and so does love. The most tragic, suppressing and above all desperate feeling there is, is the one of unanswered love. To feel attached to a person that doesn't feel the same is like trying to climb a mountain wall drenched in soap.

When one however actually encounters it, it's all different though. First the slightly awakening interest, only to have it escalate. For a while the two gets closer to eachother mentally, and feels together even when they're not even close to each other physically. In the end, there is a fork. Either the way where the two decides to leave it be, and let it pass.

And the other way being the one where two persons looks eachother in their eyes, and rather feels than says that it's for real.

Love is to think about a person every awake hour. Love is to long for someone every minute
of sense in a crazy world. Love is to every second feel your heartbeats and thinking that it actually beats for someone.

Love is a most peculiar thing. To feel and to believe, to care and to trust. To not only think, but know, that you would do anything for that one special person that is blessing you with her love. To, when you feel her head resting on your chest knowing that nothing in this world can be horrible or dangerous enough for you not protecting her against it.

To actually raise your head towards the sky and plead to God that even though you are a sinner and a heretic, even though you are a non-believer, can't He bless the one that you love and holding His protective arm around her.

Love is the sweetest thing on Earth, and the thing that can make even a humble human in a huge world feel like a king.

I know it's corny: I was born that way.

But I at least don't know how to describe a thing like this without being, or getting.

Wonderful evening yesterday. One of the most wonderful ones.

All for me. Tomorrow school, Lund, the world.


5 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

Definitely one of the better descriptions of love that I have read =) And I wanna add that love is also when it keeps feeling better to be with a person, all the time. I don't believe in getting over the first romantic phase, if you love someone, you won't stop feeling it.

Snuggles said...

True Alex, all true. Thanks for reminding me! :)

ems said...

Yes I don't think I've read a better description. Although knowing it is about you makes it incredibly special. Incredibly so :)

(8) There's a piece of you that's here with me,
It's everywhere I go, it's everything I see.

I love you <3 <3

mengan said...

Very beautiful indeed ^^ Especially for describing something as hard to define as love.

Lord Sfemen said...

/lu:v/ is inherently ugly, if you ask for my humble opinion. I hate the word to begin with, whether it's English proper /lav/ or fucking Spanish-style /loBe/. I just hate the sound of that word...

... Swedish, though, is worse. Forgive my bad SAMPA, but /Sel´e:k/ or something like that.


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