salvador - jamie t

From here to Salvador,
the ladies dance
To fill us reckless
sons with passions of the heart

This week has been tough, truly. Just take Wednesday: Six lessons, and homework for five of them. get what I mean? And Thursday evening I was writing my CAS-diary until 2300 hours, can't believe how I manage to just shovel things for the future all the time. It is nothing but imbecil and ruins my sleeping habits, which are fubar enough as it is. I need my eight hours a'night, otherwise I'm totally screwed the day after (that being if I do not take a bit amount of painkillers in the morning, which might have me confused with a junkie).

As you might notice I survived the week though. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing these very words on this very computer of mine, lost in the world of Jimi Hendrix (referring to the music that is, not the pills) and a British fellow fron Wimbledon by the name of Jamie Taluay, alias Jamie T.

This day has been spent cleaning, almost all the time and is thereby to be regarded as totally useless and despicable, and is now to be forgotten as soon as possible. I hate cleaning... But since I don't have anything else to do on a totally usual Saturday, I tolerate it.

Yesterday though, was very fun!

We, the drama-group, finally performed our play down in the basement: A play called "Who the F***uck is Snow White?", a parody of the well-known fairytale of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" that all of you probably, and sadly have heard about. We pulled it off actually, to my slight surprise. And not just that: I think we pulled it off quite good too! At least our crowd, on averagely 15 persons, were laughing. But I've promised myself one thing now, next time I get to edit the script I'll add real lines for myself, and not just improvise...

The drama theme continued, since the class were going to some kind of repetition of Riksteatern ona a play they are going to perform, The Maids by the classical French writer and dramatic Jean Genet. It was above all too strange to be expressed in words. Frenchmen will be Frenchmen, and have always been.

Since the theatre sort of... hrrm, took a long time, we got slightly delayed and thereby me, Arthur, Koc and Ems went for a walk in a Lund that seemed to have caught the spirit of the Spring, instead of going to language that we'd only have time for a very short while in any case. That was very nice, it seemed as if the gods had decided to show mercy to the poor town for the short while and let it and its inhabitants taste the sun and watch the blue sky again, if so only for a brief moment.

Only two lessons were left of the day, History and Biology. Now, History is and will always be fun, at least in my opinion. We're for the moment discussing the Industrial Revolution, and well, let's put it like this: We've got that kind of teacher that, when ten minutes are left of the lesson, asks:
Stefan: "So, Questions?"
*Noone raising their hand*
Stefan: "Okay, let's end for today then.*

And it is like that for almost every lesson. That's way better than when our Spanish teacher states that oh, there's two minutes left of the lesson so let's go through the text again! Baah...

I also once again survived the dullness of Biology, that we had for the last lesson. DNA, or for the moment RNA. Hurray? I understand it, but still not. It feels like knowing a bunch of Greek phrases by heart, without knowing what it means. I was not made for being a natural scientist...

And then a schoolweek of horrid workload was finally over! The PDP students fled the school fast, with a few exceptions that were going to Alex' place for the evening in order to have a movie night. Since she from the performance in the morning had props enough to put up Hamlet twice and a third of King Lear, Alex got a ride home. So thereby we helped carrying her stuff out from the school first, and then after shopping candy and crisps (with me paying) we took the bus to the bus stop by Gilleskroken and then walked the remaining 30 metres to Alex' place.

A few more joined in later, and in the end we were 12 persons: Me, David, Ems, Emma, Alex, Vix, Harald, Mengxian, Isabella, Koc, Arthur and Araneya. Food for the evening was, to noones surprise nor discontent, pizza. After eating pizza we, *surprise surprise* started watching the movie after having played a slightly weird game. the point of the game was that everyone sits in a circle except for one poor fellow that is in the middle. This fellow-in-the-middle is supposed to approach random person sitting in the ring and say the phrase "I love you baby, won't you smile for me?" in more or less any way \s\he wants to, as long as \s\he doesn't touch the victim. The victim is then supposed to answer "I love you baby, but I just can't smile", without laughing. If the victim laughs, the bastard is going into the middle.

Intellectual, innit? Well, anyways: The movie we watched was "Without a paddle". It involved Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, another main character with a weird name, a marijuana field, a Billy Bob Thornton with a beard and two fat pot-farmers that at one point stated that "The hills have gone gay". It also involved two beautiful, women with hairy legs. It was slightly over average, not bad but not that good either.

Other activities for the evening was playing truth or dare, spinning in the rain (and stepping in big water puddles), me and Arthur dressing up in togas of purple blankets (Alex dressed up in one too) and Koc managed to make a hat out of one of the blankets, and thereafter claim that he was from the Ottoman Empire. There was a pic taken of us three, I'll post it when I get hold of it.

Everything that have a beginning has an end though, which is quite logic. Harald and Vix left first, and then Ems left. After following her out and giving her a goodnight-kiss I together with Mengan, Isabella, Koc, Arthur, and Emma more or less ran to the bus to catch it, with David and Alex running after us in order to get to say goodbye. Now that must've been a sight.

We took the bus, slplit up more while we got of the bus, and more or less went in one direction each. The last one I said good-bye to was Koc when he got of the train in Burlöv, I logically stayed all the way to Malmö, and from there I went to Ystad. And then I walked through half friggin' town, and biked through the rest...

One heck of a day, I believe. Got to love it.


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ems said...

mm yesterday rocked :D just one question though, it might just be my extremely tired confused brain playing a trick on me but: 'we were 20 persons: Me, David, Ems, Emma, Alex, Vix, Harald, Mengxian, Isabella, Koc, Arthur and Araneya' um isnt that 12 persons and not 20?
i miss you. *hugs*

Snuggles said...

20? Dammit, guess I'm confused. 12 it is of course, thank you dear. *kiss*

Alex said...

Hahaha, I thought that too =P And Billy Bob Thornton!? Snugglie! That was Burt Reynolds! Shame on you =P Hehe, funny movie... Today was really fun, and yeah... lots of props for me (love you comment =P) and a lot of people at my place =D You guys were hilarious in togas and with Alex as a turk =P


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