nothing to lose - gary moore

You never stop for a red light
You never even try
You're on the wrong side of midnight
Too fast to live, but too young to die

Ah. Gary Moore, guitar riffs, a voice of one of the greatest artists ever to get from the Emerald Isle out in the big, dangerous world. He's a good company after returning from one of those days that just seem to start in order to end again.

You know the feeling, some days you wish you never got out of bed. Just lying there slightly dead to start with, feeling incredibly tired and definitely not wanting to go out in the cold, get the bike and then get fast as hell to the bus stop in order to not miss the bus and thereby be an hour late too school. No, commuting ain't fun and never will be, I knew that when I started and I know that the shite will continue as long as I want to get into town at all. And since I do want that, the Line 6 it is.

It's these afternoons you know. A few times going to the café after school, but apart from that it's the Line 6 home, eating, some time on MSN and then sleep. Only to repeat the procedure of waking up and being in a hurry to the bus next morning.

Yes, I lack discipline. And yes, I lack good things to spend my casual time with, apart from when I get to see the others. That is incredibly nice, and is one of those things that lights up the whole week.

But the rest of it, the rest! It gets so incredibly dull so incredibly fast nowadays. I don't have any activities or anything, I only stay at home to chat, sleep and eat. Which lowers my mood even when in school, since it's nothing I'm that happy with.

I can't move, I've more or less accepted that. What else can I do? It can't really come up to question 'til I'm 18 at least, and there's the end of that discussion.

When others do things in the afternoons, different activities, going downtown with someone to eat in town on the evening, hanging out for a whole afternoon with people, spending time with the ones love...

When others do that I board the Line 6 to get home and to once again get locked into my own sphere of non-happening.

Yes, I am a total whiner for the moment. One of those days you know... Luckily people seem to stand me anyway. That's nice.


2 kommentar(er).:

ems said...

well we all have those days. of course i like you anyway <3
it isnt true that us others all do a lot of exciting fun stuff in the afternoons ;P mostly i just take it easy.
And as you stated, nothing really to do about it. It isnt that fun for me either but hey atleast we got time in school and im sure there will be oppurtunities after school aswell :)
Besides, it could always be worse...atleast you dont live in kiruna and gets here in an airplane everyday. Now THAT would suck ;P

Ara said...

I play computah games:D


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