watching the stars - brolle jr

We’re only watching the stars
Heaven’s gotta wait
another year, hold on to your visions tonight
We’re only watching a dream
Oh, paradise will wait
another year, hold on to your visions tonight

I would want to work my reason of blogging-absence on me being busy lately. I can't however, since I haven't been busy. You know, having the time, but not really the will or the inspiration. If you have will and inspiration you always find time for it.

I have spent quite much time away from home lately, more than usual. It's primo school and segundo hanging out with friends on the weekends, so I spend averagely four-five awake hours a day at home a week, not counting Sundays when I'm usually home and just trying to get time to pass.

To leave the subject of my Sunday apathy, since it's nothing of interest nor worth discussing, once again want to mention that wonderful feeling of all of a sudden finding an old favourite song. When surfing around randomly, this was before all of a sudden clouds came from nowhere only to drop some white shite over the town (yes, it's been snowing again) I looked out my window and looked at the stars a little. All of a sudden it struck me, as lightning: Watching the stars! What was the reason that I hadn't been listening to that totally wonderful song for ages? I didn't find any answer, and thereby I downloaded it.

Now, a few of you might appoint me a terrible clod for downloading something that I now can reveal that I actually have on CD, but alas, I have my reasons.

Watching the stars happens to be the best song that Brolle's made. Thereby I of course want to share it with people I know, and the problem here is that most of them don't use Windows Media Player. They usually have the blasphemic program of iTunes (don't worry, I'm just kidding with you) and thereby it isn't possible for them to play .wma-files. And here comes the problem, if you rip a record into the computer via WMP you get them in .wma.

Thereby I downloaded Watching the stars, and the rest of the record, Paradise will wait, was ripped in good old spirit. Tracks like Sound of a drum, Hush Little Baby and Growing up too fast are tracks that actually makes me happy, I've got some memories from when listening to them. It isn't any masterpiece, it isn't Queen, but it's a good artist that gets me at least slightly nostalgic.

And now for something completely different, as John Cleese said before his desk exploded:
It's a jubilee! This is my 100th blog-post.

Yes, I believe I can count as a slight nerd because of that. Not that it would matter: The blog isn't really an online-diary for me, nor is it some specialized blog-crap that at least 50 people already are covering: No, it's my place for writing down my thoughts and such, mostly in order to keep the writing going. I'm happy with that though, and I'm grateful for the comments that I've gathered lately, it's nice to hear people's opinions.

I actually had a smaller thought with the choosing of opening song today see, on my way home form the bus stop I was biking as usual, listening to Sailing to Philadelphia by Mark Knopfler and James Taylor, and I happened to look upwards.

And the sky, the sky... Stained with stars, deep navy blue with bright-shining stars everywhere. I actually forgot that I was on my way home to a well-earned dinner after a relatively long day, and instead just stopped at the fork of the road. Still looking up, still unaware of the rest of the world.

That's the dangerous thing with the stars, when looking at them it's hard to let your eyes concentrate on a more relevant and conrete goal. I simply don't want to, when watching the stars I can dream away as far and much as I want. The longing for the unknown and unexplored is something that never will stop fascinating humanity, I'm convinced of that. It's our curiosity that has kept us alive for so long.

I think I stood there for ten minutes. My mp3 ran out of battery without me noticing it, and I got quite surprised when i noticed. I've got to have been really gone. I got up on the bike again (I had gone of it and stood by a tree instead, that also wihtout really remembering doing so) and biked home to get a good nice dinner of pancakes and bacon.

I don't think that anyone walked by. If they did they saw a dreaming young boy, watching the night-sky with longing eyes and a for every minute brighter mind.


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ems said...

Yeah stars really are beautiful :)I love them so much. Can't wait til it gets warmer. Then it shall be me, you hopefully, random grass field and of course the stars for a whole night :D Can't wait til that..
Nice song btw. I like it :)

ara said...


Interstellar Tsar said...

I watched the stars.

Then my parents bought me a playstation.

Alex said...

hahaha, that was hilarious!
I would watch the stars, but they usually turn out to be helicopters since the hospital is closeby and the streetlights from town clouds the stars =(

Lord Sfemen said...

Emma, I deem your wish impossible unless you go down further south -- the Mediterranean, perhaps. This is because:

1. If you want to be able to stay up all night without feeling a sensation of cold, it has to be in the middle of the summer.

2. In the middle of the summer, the sun hardly sets. Light pollution, if such words could be used when describing the effects of the sun, is too great.

3. Thus, it is impossible.

This dissertation assumes the following:

a) that you won't bring blankets or anything to the star-gazing event.

b) that you won't redress as it goes colder.

c) that you do this in Sweden.

I watch the stars from time to time, and then I think, 'shit, why bother about the stars' and leave it at that.


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