ta undulaten - martin stenmarck

För jag har det bra som en man någonsin kommer att ha det
Luften är fri och jag älskar att va de men du, ge fågeln mat
Ge undulaten mat

New blog-domain, as most of you might notice. Otherwise you are either a new reader, suffering from amnesia, blind, or simply slow thinking.

Today went from a long day of hard work to a day where half of the time was spent relaxing in some way. Cancelled Spanish, no Physics for Group B, and more or less voluntarily Swedish lesson due to the lesson being spent reading Ondskan, which I'm already finished with.

What is the deal with using a whole lesson for reading anyway? I mean, people are able to read outside of school too, aren't they? Well, guess I shouldn't be so narrow-minded: most people actually don't have a 75 minute bus ride where it's most enjoyable to read a good book.

It's still cold as the Finnish version of hell.

Yes, in Finland, at least in old times, the vision of hell was a placed constantly covered in ice, cold and barren. Slight difference, and I guess it's more horrible than the inferno that we're talking about. But who knows, it might be my frozen brain talking and longing for summer.

New day tomorrow, thereby I need to be off.


2 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

Yeah, I had all six classes...

Dovie'andi said...

Yes, and in the entire nordic mythology too =P
Yes, winter should start in December, not late January...
Hehe, I like your new domain name, fits you alot better


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