cruel town - broder daniel

Cruel town, it’s a cruel town
Cold people, cruel town
Cruel town, it’s a cruel town
If you fall, you stay down

Shitty day today. Boring day.
A Saturday that feels like a Sunday is bound to be bad. But however, except for cleaning and taking one heck of a walk I haven't done anything. Even the Xbox is messed up, now I remember why I haven't had the damned machine connected for half a year.
It doesn't get more encouraging that tomorrow seems to turn out the same. Blasted. Well, one good thing is at least that I might see Ems on either Monday or Tuesday, which is nonetheless awesome since I'm going to Denmark (Lalandia... yay) between Wednesday and Friday. Meeting her for a day would be balm for a bored soul, not seeing her for a week would be a smaller scale-hell.
However, I found something to do now; Sort my music. Yes, all of it. And then not just in the media library, but in the folders too. Example:


Shall instead be:
Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends - Overs
All following the model of "artist-album-song(-track)". The last one is however not acknowledged by me since it's completely irrelevant.
1500 songs, at least. Might get fun.
Well, I am now off towards the telly in order to watch Star Wars - Episode III on PPV, to cheer myself up a bit.

3 kommentar(er).:

ems said...

Naww boring days sucks so bad *hug*
And well, I would most certainly die of boredom if I started doing that organizing; hearing about it is bad enough.. *yes I have traumatising music-organizing experiences* >.< But I'm happy you it ;P
It will be nice seeing you soon :D :D

Alex said...

Nooo, don't die Snugglie!!!!

Lord Sfemen said...

I'm sick.


To be sick is worse than to be bored.


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