we're gonna win - bryan adams

We're gonna win
Forget about a draw - were gonna score
And then we're gonna get a few more
Maybe another one just to be sure
Well make ya' look just like an amateur
Until the final whistle it's a war
And then were gonna pick ya off the floor
We wanna hear the crowd really roar
Ya - were comin, in were, gonna win, win!

There are a few songs that can be divided into the true cathegory of "Anthems". A magnum opus of a genre or a topic, a song that defines something only by its pure sound.

This cathegory is of course highly personal, the anthems are decided upon our own experiences. I, for example, associate Watching the Stars with the book The Shining, I think of a specific street on Jersey when hearing Working on the Highway or, to a smaller part, Wind of Change, and I associate the song Heaven with the love of my life.

But heck, some songs are self-written into the cathegory. Summer of '69 is the typical summer-song, so to say, and (Everything I do) I do it for you is simply one of those songs that nearly everyone at least have heard about, if not listened to.

Yes, I mention an awful lot of Bryan Adams, this lil' Canadian. Together with ice-hockey and maple syrup one of the best things that have ever popped out of the big womb of Canada. Guess it's an unusually cold womb, but if it's enough to create persons like Bryan Adams and Wayne Gretzky and... whoever more famous person there is from Canada that isn't a model nor a hockey-player, I guess that it's just fine like that.

And why do I mention him so much? Jeez, the man is the symbol of 80's-music! Just look at his haircut on the cover of Reckless, the man is an icon! And yes, I do happen to like his music a whole lot.

I spent yesterday at Em's place, after first breaking my bike and missing a bus (that came to the bus stop right when I left: by then, it was 12 minutes late), averagely the same time, missing a train in Malmö and waiting 40 minutes for the bus in Lund. As soon as I saw her though, I forgot about the fact that the sky was in a pale shade of grey and just enjoyed being alive. There's not much people that has that effect on me. She has though, and that's a reason to love her. Or maybe it is because I love her? All of a sudden my innocent little blog post has created a complicated query for me. That's probably bad.

Tomorrow I'm going to Denmark, more specifically Lalandia. Wonderful. Well, I've heard they've got somewhat good cafés there. That'll be nice. It's better than sitting home playing a malfunctioning Xbox or a computer with a video-card beyound saviour.

As you might've noticed if you're a regular reader of this blog, I guess you are around five persons, I haven't blogged in a while. This is due to either boredom, exhaustion, being away from the computer (in e.g. Södra Sandby) or spending time with trying to fully understand the phenomenon of torrents. I guess I still haven't realized their full potential.
The world is yours...

Well, I am off now in order to sleep. Because if I don't, it will be harder to get up. And then I will be cranky in the morning. And that might have other people being annoyed. After a while, I will be thrown of when driving outside of Copenhagen. And due to the cold weather, I'll get a cold. Then I won't be able to speak clearly, and have to whisper. And we all know that the one that whispers lies. And then I'll go to jail. And in jail I might get into bad business and doing drugs, and then I'll die.

So yes, I guess I should be off to sleep now.

Cheers, see you on Friday!

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ems said...

Hahahahaha that last part made me laugh a lot! ;P yes sleep is goooood, and I don't want you to end up in jail because that would seriously suck.
Hum I'm very tired.
Btw,is it just me or is the song title incorrect? I mean, it doesn't match with the lyrics. I believe the title should be 'We're Gonna Win' (See, I do read the lyrics part ;p)
And Bryan Adams is one of the few artists we both really really like :D Which yes does make him very special. His songs are awesome and well, quite a few of them reminds me of you in some ways...'Heaven' most of all :)
Have fun in Denmark, or well as much fun you can have in Lalandia, go fikaing a lot! :D (k)

Alex said...

Lalandia sounds fun =) And we'll see you on Saturday! Oh, and dw, we'll find a way to throw you out of a car sometime, just cause to see if you actually *will* end up in jail. MOhahahaha. It's late. I'm tired. Don't get eaten by the evil kitten in a Santa hat I associate that last part with!

mengan said...

Haha, Lalandia. Brings back memories from a class trip in 6th grade. It involved goats, lots of goats. It was fun anyway ^^ Have a good time there and say hi to the goats from me!

David said...

I haven't tried out torrents, and probably won't. The file sizes are just too big, even if that can be nice sometimes to get many songs at once. I stick with what I have, 'cause it works, hehe.

Sorry about that text message you got earlier, which you very appropriately answered "wtf" to. Alex did appear to be having fun with my phone, counting the amount of laughter. But oh well, it was fun anyway...

Alex said...

I just have to add that my guess was that you would write "wtf" =P And I didn't let david know what I wrote at first, mohaha. Just wish I could've seen your reaction...!

ems said...

hum I got a veryyyyy strange text message as well ;P But I was hyper so I laughed a lot at it hahaha :D :D
I miiissss you guys. Good thing I'll see you soon :D

true crhistian said...

rependt know u sinners or ur al en d up in hell it is teh wsill of the Lrod!!!!!!! lol i caent beliv ur sp stupid to blog is sinfull...

... who am I actually fooling with that nowadays? Ah, well, lord Sfemen here. It was years since I visited Lalandia last; don't remember much at all, sadly. Anyway, your statement about the X-Box clearly points at the superiority of for example PlayStation. DIE, CORPORATE BASTARDS AT MICROSOFT!

Alex said...

I miss you guys too, but tomorrow it is ;P


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