fat bottomed girls - queen

Hey listen here,
Now I got mortgages on homes
I got stiffness in my bones
Ain't no beauty queens in this locality (I tell ya!)
Oh, but I still get my pleasure
Still got my greatest treasure.
Heap big woman you done made a big man out-of me!

Now get this!

Oh, (i know),
you gonna take me home tonight (please)
oh, down beside that red firelight
Oh, you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Get on your bikes and ride!

16 days. It's been 16 effin' days since I last updated. Honestly, that sucks. Well, I blame lack of motivation, lack of time, lack of sleep, and an overload of homework to cram in between school and the little spare time that I actually have got. Now I've got both time and a subject though, and thereby I return to the blog. I promise, or I at least hope that I won't stay away from it this long anymore.

Alas, the studies, yes... They are taking a lot of time now. And that's blasted, but what can I do?

Today: 8th of March. Two great happening are occurring on this day:
  • Me celebrating two months with Ems

  • International Women's Day

Not too much to say about first thing. Two months simply, and I met up with her a little earlier this morning. And I even miss her now, even though I saw her just a few hours ago. Well, in averagely 10½ hours I will see her again, and that's very good.

And to the next matter, the International Women's Day (I think that is the correct term for "Internationella Kvinnodagen"). And what is that?

Well, the International Women's Day, hereafter labelled as IWD for simplifying and saving my own energy is a day when women issues and equality between the sexes all over the world are to be given extra attention. I'm not sure if it's given as much attention in nations like e.g. India, Somalia, or why not USA, as in our very own Sweden. For some reason I doubt it. The Swedes are masters in the art to celebrate or recognize things that makes them feel responsible and good.

As you might have noticed if you're a regular reader of my texts, I'm not overly enthusiastic. I'm not bursting out of my shoes through the roof in order to levitate by pink clouds, which might be overly clear. And why? Why don't I want to celebrate a day for women, about women, and recognize all of their rights for one day and think extra of the big issues of equality?

One simple reason: Why would I? In what way would I be guilty to do that during this specific day?

I don't know about you other boys, guys and men out there, but at least I don't feel for being good against women during one day. A year according to the Gregorian calendar has got 365 of these. Shall the remaining 364 days remain as a patriarchy propaganda with women being oppressed?

Let's put it like this. I like women. Heck, I'm a heterosexual teenage guy. And I like one woman really much. A whole lot of my friends are girls, I'm talking to girls regularly and I can laugh just as much and well in the company of girls as in the company of guys.

I have never ever in my life treated someone in a different way because of their sex. And I doubt that I ever will (if I do, kick me: this doesn't include sarcasm, irony or cynicism, I want to spare my legs).

The IWD is in one way a big demonstration of the state of the feminism in the world. It's the women, and not the casual women but the rabid ones, the militant women that brings forward their aggressive messages. Men doesn't really have anything to say in the debate without getting labeled as either dictators, animals or lacking character.

Yes, now I am the one generalizing, but this text is mainly a way to show my opinion against the fanatical feminists that claims that men hit women, because it's in our nature. Wtf? In our nature? Come on. Is it then in women's nature to shop? No, it's something you choose. And no, I'm not putting an equality mark between these two, but note however: No woman in the world has a need somewhere deep in her mind to go shopping for loads of money. It's something they want to do, and something they might feel better by doing.

Men hitting women are basically the same thing. They hit women either because of the influence of some stim or drug, to feel better themselves, or simply because they feel for it. And of course they should have a few slaps in the face in order to wake up. Violence is never right unless when self-defending. The same goes for women hitting men though, that is neither more nor less justified, and anyone claiming the opposite should have a really good excuse for it.

I've also a few times heard the argument that "All men are pigs". When then kindly asking whichever girl it might have been why they think that way (don't ask me why they were talking to me at all if they would be correct) the answer is usually: "All that I have met have been that way, so I assume that all others are that way too." Is it really possible to say that without meeting all men in the world? I've only met one guy from Dalsland, and he was deaf. Does that mean that I can regard all guys (or people at all) from Dalsland as deaf? Of course not. get a grip of yourself, it's no good way to whine to proclaim the entire male population of the Earth as any sort of animal.

Yes, I might seem hostile, and I am. I am hostile at people treating other people in an unfair way because of sex, and for that part also religion, race, appearance or ethnicity, among other things. I despise people proclaiming the patriarchy, just as much as I despise the people that want women to rule the world and men to be the oppressed ones.

We are all humans for [insert word regarded as curse] sake. Is that so hard for parts of the world and its population to get?

All from me for this time.


Edit: After being informed by all-around English-pro David I have changed "International Women Day" into "International Women's Day". Thank you David, for contributing to a blog free from grammatical errors and typos.

7 kommentar(er).:

Alex said...

There is a big difference between feminism and and an equal society. Feminism is about promoting women's rights, and yes, women are more oppressed than men, of course, but people should be as equal as possible (still, we cannot change facts such as it being the women giving birth), it should just be the women having all what the men have. Equality goes both ways.
interesting with shopping and physical abuse as typical examples =P

And of course all men from Dalsland are deaf. I also happen to know that all women from Scania are tractors.

Ara said...

bah lol nubs women suxxorrrorz!!!11one!1eleven man rulezor

ems said...

Haha I saw the huge demonstarting thing in Lund...something about them not wanting to be 'pigor' I believe.
Yeah well I do agree that feminism has become a really negative thing nowadays due to a lot of agressive femistists and of course men aren't pigs. At the same time, it is a good idea to try and make the world a bit more fair since it is true that the world is quite dominated by men and in some cultures even frigging cows are worth more than women (nothing wrong with cows though :D)But well no just having one day for it isn't that good; it is better to always try and strive for it.
At the same time, in some other cases women have got an advantage (like who is gonna take care of children after a divorce) and yeah then we of course have to strive for making that more fair as well.
As Alex said: Eqaulity goes both ways.
Hehe male pregnacy!! like in the sims...
haha and I also agree with Alex on that physical abuse and shopping are rather interesting examples ;P

I AM A TRACTOR! :D so is Alex..she is a limegreen one ;)

david said...

It's sad that a special "women's day" in even needed. But in today's society, I guess it is, if not as much in Sweden as other countries.
Both sexes are equally important, and that is the way it really should be. yes, women do bear the children, but men are also a part of that, I'm quite sure you agree to that.
Insemination is possible, but I still haven't heard of industrially made semen, so the world would run out of that supply after time... Plus, boys would also be born, so a society without any males at all would hardly work.

Additionally, all scanian women are *not* tractors, it's just you =P

david said...

Holy cow, of course they are important as well!

My conclusion to this is that women must be:
1. tractors
2. cows (country-side spirit anyone?)
3. evil materialistic steam engine-driven pigs
4. Deaf
5. Feminists
6. (any combination of above stated forms)

lord Sfemen said...

true crhistian gives his view on the issue:

'all womnen ur faggpots u suckzzz!!!1111! teh Bibl3 tels us taht Jesos hcrits wuz male (chek liek evrey verse in the Newt testement) so aol men ar teh ownz and women suck ur al going to hell cuz ur women!!!!111!!!!!!111oneoneleven!!! I am Interphase!'

Now that he's said his, here's MY take on feminism:

... uh, people do realize that a "gender-equal" society is very undesirable, right? We should have society of "gender-equal power distribution." Let's face it -- females and males have different biological advantages over each other, and in SOME cases, a woman is not fit to do a man's work and vice versa.

Emma, name one culture where women are treated worse than cows, and I'll give you fifty crowns.

No woman is a tractor. Consider:

1. A woman is a human.

2. A tractor is not a human.

3. Therefore, a woman does not equal a tractor.

And why do I have the feeling that "evil materialistic steam engine-driving pigs" is a comment about my alleged sexual preferences?

Alex said...

Yes, we all know how you feel about steam engines =P
But hey, thing is that when it comes to an equal society, it should be equal when it's possible, which it isn't always, for natural reasons. But when gender has nothing or little to do with something, then yes, men and women should be treated equally.


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