some say the devil is dead -- cruachan

Some say the devil is dead, the devil is dead, the devil is dead,
some say the devil is dead and buried in Killarney

More say he rose again, more say he rose again,

more say he rose again and joined the British army.

Well, Celtic heavy metal is always cheering up, of course. Considering the weather appears to make me chronically sleepy and that the whole world seems to have entered some collective low this evening it feels rather suitable.

Not much to report lately -- spent the weekend in the forest where I had little time to do anything else than take one walk and shoot in total 50 shotgun rounds. Yes, it sounds barbaric but no, I'm not hunting; I'm only exerting the oh-so-pleasant rounds powder and lead onto unknowing doves of clay. It is meditation in its purest form: load the gun; close it; fire away a dove; aim; steady; shoot; open the gun, take out the round and blow the smoke out of the pipes. Nothing exists around you -- no past or present -- no possessions and no religion too. It's you, the gun, the target and a trigger-happy finger.

I know I always manage to sound like a maniac when talking about shooting but hey, it's a waterhole. I'd do it at least once every week if I had the possibility.

School starting again tomorrow, bugger. Psychology test coming up and need to prepare for both High School Exhibition and Open House. After that a ton of essays damned all the way into eternity and then Christmas. Then driving-license, February break, revision period, exams, graduation, IB Diploma ceremony and then we are all catapulted out into real life. I am still not completely sure about what I feel regarding that; I do want IB to be over and I do want to get out into real life, but the question is what in the name of all that's holy I'll do next year, before going abroad. Job? Well, I need to find one and the economic crisis doesn't seem very beneficial right now. Studying? Yea, I'll study something at Lund at least, but I don't know what, where or when. I'll probably end up living at home anyway, to save money.

This doesn't seem as exalting as when I first thought of it. Ah bugger, it still feels to early to venture 'cross the sea as early as next fall.

I should do homework.


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Luftmensch said...

Things to do after IB?

For a started I'd suggest to go out into any open field and lie down in the grass for a couple of hours.

The only complications would probably be that it would get a bit boring after a while AND you might get run over by one of those huge lawnmowers :(

At least you'll die free (bonus: with a nice tan).

Either way, the future's been haunting me as well, and the more I think about it the more I worry about which gutter I will end up in D:

And by gutter I mean "completely wrong career-path".

Feh, decisions.

A year off is more welcome than ever, no matter how boring it'll get.
'tis enough time to dust off, take a deep breath and reconsider things \o/

But I'm only stating the obvious, ne?

Arthur-sama said...

So spake Arthur-sama:

We still think that mercenary might be a good idea. We heard that there is a new civil war in Kongo, so we might earn some quick cash if we go down there and kick some Bantu ass in the name of the government.


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