för den som letar -- lars winnerbäck

Känner du hur längtan tar
Hur du sträcker dig och stretar
Bakom varje hög av sand
Finns guld för den som letar
För den som letar

Minns du morgonljus eller svärta
Ser du lampan slocknad eller tänd?
Minns du hennes brinnande hjärta
Blev du värmd då eller blev du bränd?

Newcastle Brown Ale might be among the better things I've drank in quite a while. Now that was truly, truly delicious, even when drank to beefs made of minced chicken with pasta.

With that worrying starting paragraph, I want to add that this is not the beer talking, despite me failing to resist the temptation to add a Kilkenny to the list of consumed beers this Friday evening.

There has been a lot to do lately -- schoolwork in the form of Extended Essay and TOK-essay plus various other things. I still need to read that bloody The Handmaid's Tale, despite having had the first twelve chapters spoiled by now. C'est la vie, I assume, but I will still cherish the day when I, and not IBO's list of approval, chose my weekend-reading.

Autumn's here for real. The winds are tearing at the buildings, the leaves have ended their yellow-phase and now entered the lie-brown-on-the-street-until-dissolving-phase. It rains now and then, the skies are grey and my mind constantly wanders off. There seems to be so much time spent on nothing in particular, so many hours and days spent on the bless and curse of public transport, alternatively sitting and wasting space, alone by the bleak, eternal shine of my computer screen.

I need a break from tradition and habit unless I will either flip out completely next year and spend the whole academic year roaming the streets of Lund in a gin-induced haze, occasionally urinating in the Botanical Garden, or just spend even more time by this ohsolovely desk, screen and den of mine.

Or I will just have forgotten it all by tomorrow again, as I tend to. Feh.


2 kommentar(er).:

Luftmensch said...

"[...] occasionally urinating in the Botanical Garden"

There are pieces of tagliatelle on my screen and that is all your fault.

Alex said...

hahahahahahaha...! Well, good to know you're prepared for student life and that I should stay far away from luftmensch if he's eating pasta.


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