hugger i sten -- lars winnerbäck

Jag dricker glögg med balkongdörren öppen inatt
och låter vinden komma in ifrån väster

som en virvlande vår, som en dansande storm,

som en galen orkester

Jag dricker ur mitt glas och alla dörrar är öppna
Det är dimma över mig och över England

I don't have any mulled wine and I haven't got any fog either, so I'll have to be content with drinking Belgian beer and having the windows open to be able to listen to the rain. Yes, it has started to rain again. Nothing to do about that but to stay inside and enjoy the sound of water trickling down the roof.

I'm longing a little to get up to the forest this weekend. It will be some nice and rather well-needed meditation, I believe. Me, a few long walks, the water, the trees, the sky. None of the sounds of civilisation, no interruptions from the surrounding world. It is hard to explain the wonderful thing about it to someone that hasn't experienced it, but it is worth trying.

In fact, when thinking about it I remember an episode that took place two years ago; my sixteenth birthday. By mid-afternoon I walked out into the forest with nothing but my cd-player, a pair of headphones and a notebook. I walked -- for once I didn't take the quad -- to the largest clearing, the part we cleared when we needed money to move to civilisation in 1999. I walked to the highest point and climbed onto a large stone, large as in three meters high -- it has most likely been lying there since the stone age.

Sitting there, watching the trees stretching in all directions around me, overlapping each other all the way to the horizon and at the same time being warmed by the late afternoon sun I felt all worries, problems and pressing matters float away with the wind. I scribbled a few notes in my notebook, but they were inconsistent and unimportant. No, the important part was the nature surrounding me, and the acoustic guitar in Winnerbäck's Elegi. With those two factors in my back, I felt that I could take on the problems of the present as well as the future.

A few weeks later I left Ystad for Lund and life has never been the same again. Even if there are no life-deciding matters to take care of this time, I am still looking forward to some lone-time with nature.


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Luftmensch said...

Go there next year (when nostalgia starts buggering you) and try to act surprised when you discover that stone-age rocks have nothing on humanity's desire to build new Espresso Houses :D

(yes, even on your private-owned land)


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