perjury and sanctity -- falconer

Your sins are not redeemed
by swearing perjury.
Your sense of self-esteem
has miles to go to sanctity.

Got home as late as 1930 due to a three and a half hour long ToK-planning with Alex at that Japanesy café next to school. The off topic-discussions stretched on for far longer than our planned pauses from the work, but likewise, we got things done. Constantinople is closing in, and we are leaving Friday morning. Hell yes, I say, although I will of course find a more civil phrase to express my joy to our host family. Some cultures don't seem to take too kindly on expressals of happiness that at the same time are rude.

Drumbeat, drumbeat... If there is one truly good factor of metal of various sorts, it has to be the pounding beat of the drums. Not the fast-paced and hysterical drumming of power metal though, but the times when there is a steady and clear pounding in the background. The chorus of Perjury and Sanctity, the finale of The Boy Who Wanted to be a Real Puppet. I do not know and do not care what chemicals it releases in my body, but it sure has an effect.

I've got psychology pages to read, and other things to do. I have a few ideas for short stories or feeble attempts at poetry. I have got a WL2 to write, and a Hamlet to read.

Lappri and sod it, I'll play Hearts of Iron instead.


2 kommentar(er).:

Gurg said...

It's gonna be fun! Yay!

Luftmensch said...

Psh, you haven't heard drums and beats until you've ventured into the realm of [expletive] [intensifier] breakcore.

Volume turned up and you got all sounds, lights and brains splattered all over the walls of your room! What a sight, Yeah! Yeeeah...

Music it is.

So, um, HAVE FUN!
Have a good time in ConstantISTANBUL :D


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