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Career opportunities are the ones that never knock,
every job they offer you is to keep out the dock
Career opportunities, the ones that never knock

And the unison singing of Mick Jones and Joe Strummer can always cheer one up, needed or not.

You know your generation is fucked up when people know the names of Britney Spears Children, the name of at least two of her exes, and can say more than five sentences about Paris Hilton - but they don't know who Joe Strummer is. It's an effing tragedy.

And so life goes on into a holiday well-needed. The last weeks have been tiresome and included a lot of work and the future bears more schoolwork in its bosom.

It feel good listening to The Clash. They remind me of a time when there always seemed to be something to fight and oppose or protest against. What do we have today? The most radical thing I can do is to support the cutdown of the A-kassa, which I actually do. And that doesn't feel too rebellious.

I know, I am such a sucker to find something to fight for. Something to fight and burn and bleed for. Goddamnit, I am imploding in all my safety and residential area-predictability!

I am aware of the fact that I am very obstinate when it comes to this. But until I get going with a good writing-project, allowing me to escape into and create happenings which I wish happened in my very own life I am afraid I won't be any funnier. At least not on the blog, which I know you all so faithfully follow, read, and comment. :)

As ever,

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true crhisitan said...

u sinner u wil all butn in hel so repnent now and dnot cut down on teh "a kasa" or whatever u called it. that sinful as wel -- lol, see Levitkikus 5:23 or Judges 1:12. no, see u sinners later cuz i wil be watching u from heaven wen u burn in hel prasie teh lrod!!!!111

Salyut said...

Y'know, I was going to leave some witty comment here regarding your restlessness. But after reading the true christians comment... Man, he has a point...

Gülümek said...

Hilése dasín muyeécimi. Jaa u dáfa ótam. Hilése dasín taswíir móoltirmi. Qhus goocila. Til áala báyam. Áalji dukóoshqëlchuma. Déeshqälcar äsíir mänumo. Baldá púsimi.


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