en söt liten flicka - lars winnerbäck

Hon är en söt liten flicka som vet vad hon vill,

men hon vill ingenting untan kompisar intill
Och när hon får lite i sig, ja då höjer hon sin röst
vickar på rumpan och är stolt för sina bröst
En söt liten flicka med framtiden framför sig
en stadens stjärna som knullar allt som rör sig
En söt liten flicka den snälla goda fen
som tror att man kan köpa vad som helst för stora bröst och bruna ben

People that haven't noticed that I worship the very Earth that Lars Winnerbäck walks upon are either confused, having their heads up in the sky, or they simply don't know me.

Therefore, this post will be very much in the signs of Winnerbäck. I mean, just look at the intro song... one of the real oldies that Winnerbäck wrote and played with his band Snoddas (and in which one of the members actually was Anders from Swedish comedy-series Anders och Måns) during his time at the gymnasium of Katedralskolan in Linköping. I guess he had an aggressive attitude against bimbos too.

I found a really good wepage about him, or at least about his works. Album covers, tabs, lyrics, everything. And it also featured a department with texts by Winnerbäck, and that immediately gave me an hour of escape from all means of science-homework.

One of the texts got to me more than the others (or I simply was too tired to memorize any more than this first one), and when I today read it again, I figured that I should share it.

Observe, Lars Winnerbäck is from Sweden. In Sweden, we speak Swedish. Thereby the original text is in Swedish. For internationality and great justice I have tried to translate it as good as possible though. So remember, the following text is written by Lars Winnerbäck, but translated into English by me.


"About pornography

When I made my sexual debut I got really turned on as soon as I got to see
a pair of separated legs. I got turned on by nakedness and breasts. I've
learnt how not to get turned on by that anymore. Not in the same way, at least.
Not with the same curiosity and excitement.

Now I see it every day at the store. After midnight on TV. On more than
every second tag on the internet. Every weak a little more, a little

We can't make pornography a question only for the women. We can't let the
porno industry think that there's only female feminists that wants to stop them.
That only women are affected. We are all victims. No one is longer

With tremendous speed and with a convincing power it has invaded our
homes. On the internet you can search for any female celebrity and find, not
only spread legs, but horses and eels and dogs and cats that are having sex, for
real, in close-up.

If you want to click it down a new pop-up appears with further close-ups.
There is no stop.

I am so happy that I lost my virginity eight years ago. Before TV1000 and
internet. When Fibban and Rapport where the only representatives on the subject
of porn. At least that I knew of by then. By then, porn was hard to get. You
couldn't reach the magazines that had a box of their own and almost looked a
little dangerous.

Me and a friend found a magazine in the woods once, and with big eyes we
looked it through, astonished of all the things that our Biology teacher hadn't
told us.

What we saw in the porno-magazine that day I can see all the time now,
without even trying. Without will and without any curiosity at all. My curiosity
has been taken away. The porno industry have replaced it with disgust.

It's got to be hard facing your sex debut nowadays. To be around 15 years
and be in a class with ten, twenty other guys. Hard to know what you really
want. Hard to know that anal sex doesn't come without complications. It looks so
easy, and is compulsory on TV1000. Hard to know if it's something you really
want or if it's just a sick invention from the porno industries.

Because the porno inustry have never told us that it's more fun to have sex
when you're in love. That the breasts never are as wonderful to touch. Porno has
told us about gangbangs and double penetrations. As if it was natural and
even cool. They have never said that it hurts, physically, but above all deep in
your soul.

I've been robbed of my curiosity without even being a consumer of porn.
It's sick. The porno industry has taken it away from me. The curiosity. That's
not fair! Get away and take your double penetrations with you! Get out of my
computer! I can't handle you. I don't think that anyone can. You have insulted
woman. You have insulted man. You have assaulted youth. You haven't even
spared the animals.

Lucky there's radio.

This is Lars Winnerbäck, in Transit, in P3."

Yes, it's actually just a coincidence that it happens to be written by one of my greatest idols. No matter who whould have written it I would have agreed (I guess).

To put all cards on the table: Of course porn can be nice. Heck, I'm a teenage guy. Of course I've watched porn. I don't deny that, that would just be stupid.

But what is really behind the whole porno industry, the whole industry producing movies where blonde girls with unnaturally big (and actually not at all sexy) silicon breasts are screwed in all possible positions according to a so-called script. Well, for the first one can state that most movies are keeping the exactly same schedule in terms of positions and such, as well as silly terms and lines that all involve the f-word in different variations.

It's not too creative, one can state that without watching it.

But the thing that is driving behind all this is a sick ideal that girls and women enjoy practically everything and that they are supposed to not only look but probably think like Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks in order to be good girlfriends and wives.

But to be honest, guys over all of the planet... of course a good-looking girl stripping her clothes of in a video might be hot, but I doubt that she can hold very many interesting discussions. And realizing that you're most likely no too intelligent when doing that takes the whole edge of it.

The ideals are sick.

The money involved in it are of sick amounts.

And heck, it is getting annoying.

Don't believe me? Check the papers any random day. News about Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Linda Rosing usually complains over something. If it's not that the government wants to take her kids since she's been a druggie it is that people only see her outside (no offense BB-Linda, but you were fucking on live TV; sometimes our reputations are only caused by ourselves). ALl of them are bimbos that not in any way makes the world a better place. They are representing a world of surface and weird ideals, and have lifestyles that some girls awe for without seemingly knowing why.

It is sick. Porno is nothing compared to love in real life.

Wisdom enough for today. Cheers to whoever uploaded the Winnerbäck texts, and is Lars Winnerbäck himself for unknown and irrelevant reason would visit this site: Thanks. Thanks for your music, your texts, and all that you are trying to say. You're the king.


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Embryo said...
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Embryo said...

What annoys me more is the fact that the "post sexual revolution era" has led to the transformation of every 10th word in the english vocabulary into a sexual innuendo.

(pie, muffin, salad. These are some of the many words that I've learned lately. The innuendo way of course).

As for the ideals set by the media;
I've gotten over the fact that there are people who will do their best to force us to change our views on certain things and make us think and like what they want us to. Rangng from politics to ordinary domestic life. From your clothing style to your music taste.
From your personality to your dreams. There are different "manipulators" out there.

From a group of well dressed men with cigars to your.. let's say over religious/protective parents.

(The statement above had nothing to do with conspiracy theories... No seriously, I MEAN IT)

We had the spanish inquisition, we had Pogroms, a cultural revolution and all that is left in my eyes is "the Playboy Inquisition".
"Think and fuck as we want you to do"


lord sfemen said...

embryo, about the innuendo stuff: that is how language works. Every spoken language has innuendos and dirty words and profanity -- why the fuck not use it? You cannot fight a language, even less condemn it for being "inappropriate."

Pornography has been around for as long time as the human race has. Fuck, it's been around even longer than the human race has -- chimpanzees and baboons have both been proved to enjoy a good wanking off while looking at ladies. A product of natural evolution -- just like rape and murder and incest and shit -- and not disgusting at all. Now, as I am an evil, godless secular devilutionist anal-sex-loving humanist communist genocidal wannabe Nazi Hitler lover who eats children, I do indeed think that rape and murder and incest are wrong... but I do not consider pornography a bad thing.

(Sorry, I woke up this morning mad at religious bigotry).

"Do onto others as others do onto you" or something like that is the basic tenet of humanistic moral. You are not responsible to some dude up in heaven when you're an atheist (or agnostic, or agnostic atheist, which is the correct term for my philosophical standpoint) -- your own moral obligation is not to cause harm to people or society, whether psychological or physical.

Does masturbation hurt you? I think not. Worshipping Odin? No, as long as you don't sacrifice or fight in ritual battles. Enjoy porno? No, definitely not.

I think run-the-mill porno actresses are ugly, I think anal and oral sex are "unsexy" and I think that Playboy is a stronghold of bad taste. I think love is a dangerous notion invented by silly poets and should be discarded. But I do not like porno, and I am not especially promoscuous, believe it or not. I just don't think porno is wrong or bad per se.

Alex said...

Well, as a response to previous comments, I do believe that a lot of masturbation and porn will actually hurt people mentally. It will in fact give people a strange picture of things and possibly make them feel guilty/dirty and also take time away from more reasonable things.

lord sfemen said...

... the fuck, if you excuse me?

Masturbation hurting people mentally? Were the crap did you get this information from? Those theories were, like, outdated in the nineteenth century. There is absolutely NO relationship between altered mentality and enjoying a good wank when no-one's looking. You can masturbate like shit -- granted, it's not good to be addicted to anything -- without ANY HARM AT ALL being inflicted on you. Hell, I could rub myself off three times every day for the rest of my life without it affecting my brain.

I have indeed masturbated many a time. At first I felt guilty, but I realised "what the fuck do I feel guilty about? I'm a bloody teenage nerd who couldn't score in a million years, so, heh, why not?" No, I do not feel guilty about doing it. There are worse things to feel guilty about.

Masturbation DOES NOT give you the wrong picture of things. I don't think sex with whoever I want to have children will involve me wanking off and her 'seeding' herself with the produced semen.

Secondly, there is NO right or wrong in sex, as long as both partners (or, fuck, all partners) are consenting. If someone likes to do it while dressed in leather, then let him or her do it that way. There's no big deal. Anal and oral sex? No problem. I do not feel for ramming my stick up someone's behind (or have it the other way around), but I sure as hell wouldn't care if other people enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

(Sorry, missed out commenting this thing:

And lastly, what is an "important" thing? Granted, porno might take some time, if you really love it and so -- but then again, the purpose of life is to live, not to please a set of unfounded morals or anything else, so are you really wasting time? I like linguistics. Am I wasting time when I construct my own languages? I like secondary world fantasy. Am I wasting my time enjoying a good book by Jordan, Miéville or Tolkien? And I 'enjoy' masturbating. What makes it different from reading fantasy or do conlanging?

PS: I am sorry for the fanatical humanist tone in this message, but I am becoming more and more atheist by the day. Also, it is quite late, so I am sorry. I did not mean to insult anyone's beliefs on these matters.)

Alex said...

Now, first of all, I wrote that I thought "a lot" of those things would hurt people mentally, which it does not seem like you interpreted it like. Second of all, if you have masturbated a lot and watched a lot of porn, and you end up having sex with someone and you discover that hey, you have so much experience of doing things on your own that this feels strange, then that is not good, and I think, of course I can't know, that that would be bad. It's better doing this than other things if you're too sexually frustrated of course, but controlling yourself is important.
And porn, seriously, working with porn is wrong, which makes watching it rather wrong. Then again, guys always will do it, but I don't think anyone should do it often, which I hope most guys don't either. And I do believe it's wrong, even if I know that it is bound to exist.
Btw, I'm tired and it's late, so some things might be weird, I dunno, I can't be bothered to read this before posting =P

lord sfemen said...

To put it in a less moralistic way: we have no idea when sex evolved, but it has been around for at least 600 million years. Every multi-cellular animal has sex in some way. Spiders have it, fish have it, sea anemones, well they do something akin to sex, monkeys have it and lastly, humans have it. The brain is a computer with basically two instructions: find food and find partner. Now, evolution does not care how I get my children, as long as I get them -- rape is as good as consenting sex.

I do not believe we should rape each other because evolution dictates it. Naturalistic morals are dangerous and invariably lead to social Darwinism. Nevertheless, what most people don't realize is that the human being is one helluva sex machine, and sex is quite "pre-programmed"; it seems odd to me that you get a bad idea of how it works just because you masturbate (like animals do) and watch porno (yeah, they do that too).

Now, you may not like this, but that's the way stuff works. Like I said, even an extreme amount of masturbation does not hurt you mentally (once again, you might become addicted, which is never good, but still) -- quite the contrary, it has been showed to raise the innate sexual awareness. This means that you're BETTER at having sex.

Why is porno so incredibly wrong? There are so much worse things in this world, and you complain about crappy movies with bad dialogue made by consenting adults, nonetheless. Granted, it is perhaps not the most artistic way to express yourself, but heck, it doesn't make porno "bad" or even "unnecessary." Hell, even some adult (married!) couples watch porno before having sex.

Snuggles said...

It's always wonderful being able to start a debate!

First of all: Yes, guys will always do it. For eternities. But I think that girls as well will do it for eternities (not everyone though, just as little as every guy will do it; generalizing is dangerous) but perhaps not as much.

And secondly, it's not the porn in itself that is bad, generally. Porno that is created with screwed messages and doubtful arrangements is despicable though. You can scar a person for life by tricking them into recording porno.

The really bad part of it is that it is everywhere. In the store, on TV, on a pop-up in my computer, in an advertising in my magazine, on my blog (haha, confess, you did look for it now!) and... everywhere. No matter if I don't want to see it, I still will get a pair of silicon jugs more or less staring back at me from the magazine in the place next to the counter.

But in else? Well, as Arthur stated, a wank has never hurt anyone.

Alex said...

Sure, it doesn't hurt people unless it makes them feel guilty, which it often does for several reasons. And still, I think that sex is for two people who love each other, but you can of course think differently and I know that a lot of people do.
however, like Snugglie says, the porn industry can scar people. And why I'm complaining about it? I'm not, I'm simply arguing against you because I do believe that it is wrong but it is in no way anything that I would focus at. If I were to complain about things it would be something that I would actually personally want to help change and actually personally care enough about.

ems said...

Late entry, I know. Anyways.
I gotta say that I don't really agree with you Alex when you say too much mastrubation and watching porn can be bad for you. I mean, what is too much anyways? People have all got their own different limits. I don't see see why it would hurt people, humans have been doing it for a long time indeed. If it wasn't nice, then why would people even bother? Sure, doing too much or taking things too far so one does not like it, that could be harmful. But, that won't really happen when it comes to mastrubation since we all know ourselves the best and will stop before that happens. (unless, of course, we are talking about an addiction which is a total different matter and bad indeed).
Also, mastrubating and having sex is not the same thing. Mastrubation is purely to please oneself, and it does not really have to involve a lot of feelings or such. Sex, however, goes deeper than that and would be to enjoy oneself together with another person; to fully trust one person enough to be the closest one can be with another,hence making it a lot more special.
This is why one can't get too much experience of doing things on ones own so that it will feel strange later when having sex; since mastrubation and sex can be such totally different things.
I don't really see the point in restricting oneself when it comes to mastrubation either; if something is nice and not bad nor harmful in anyway, then why make a bit deal out of restricting it, hence giving oneself guilt-feelings ? Now, I believe that would be more harmful.
Additionally, I am not really a fan of the porn industry since I think it shows a quite bad side of sex and well it isn't very sexy either watching people having almost perfect sex, doing totally advanced stuff regardless of peoples feelings and such. Ick no. That is just wrong and can scar people for life, definately.

lord sfemen said...

Let me throw around statistics, and some so-called embarrasing facts just for your information (wikipedia being my source, but this information comes from various journals cited in said encyclopedia):

--Most males under 22 masturbate one or more time(s) per day.

--Females under 17 generally masturbate one time per day (but not all of them). Almost as much as the men.

--Furthermore, the more you masturbate, the more sex you have. This is of course a positive trend in evolutionary thinking.

So, I doubt that, like, 80% of all males in this world walk around and feel guilty every day for wanking off when no-one's looking (or with the help of a partner). True indeed -- it is embarrasing to begin with, when you first 'discover' it -- but the guilt problem simply isn't there. I have done it many times, and I haven't felt guilty about it for, what, the last one and a half years.

Our culture is what makes it something to be guilty about. We feel a need to follow some code of proper sexual conduct -- and of course masturbation is a bad thing according to this. We, in the western world, base this belief on the Bible (however, the Bible makes no direct statement for or against it, as far as I know). It has been going on on this planet for perhaps more than twenty million years. Who knows? Maybe the dinosaurs also liked to stimulate themselves?

I do not agree with what you say about pornography but will not comment it (this holds true for both Emma and Alexandra). Pornography doesn't 'scar' people. I am, however, slightly irritated that you condemn masturbation that fast. Have you even tried it out? (J/K)

Alex said...

Hey, it's up to every individual, but I still think that people can do it too much, and sometimes not because they just want to please themselves but because they're sexually frustrated, and well, I wouldn't think it's a very good help against sexual frustration since it should, logically, stimulate people more. But hey, everyone chooses for themselves.
And yes, the porn industry can hurt people cause a lot of people are forced into it, and a lot of people discover porn to early and only see one side of things, just as already mentioned by other people.

lord sfemen said...

You've nailed it -- most people masturbate because they're sexually frustrated, and that's the way it should be. There are better ways to please yourself, that's granted; however, masturbation is very much needed because a LOT of people are sexually frustrated, and there's no denying to this.

It is a damn good way to treat sexual frustration. It's better than running around and cheating on, like, fifteen different girls at the same time, one'd think, eh? It's a damn good way to get rid of those pesky sexual thoughts when you're too small to go out and fuck people, or when you can't get laid anyway. I'd rather see that everyone in Sweden wanked off two times per day, if that diminished the rate of rape (it wouldn't, but one can always dream). It's a damn good thing to do when there's a lot of pressure on you in real time, since it is so... releasing. It's a damn good thing, generally. I'm not telling people to masturbate all the time; quite the contrary, the pleasure gets greater if you don't do it every day -- I'm just saying that there is NO fucking danger at ALL associated with it. Believe what you want, but science (and my own experiences) is on my side.

Who is "forced" into porno? Perhaps a small number of porno actors -- but the majority? No. And giving people the "wrong impression"? Definitely no.

Niklas said...

I've come to the conclusion through reading this post and all the responses that I now wish to go somewhere and vomit. It's disturbing in every aspect, and I say that from an unreligious perspective, but I'll leave it at that.


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